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Romeo's Saxon

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by nagashino, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. nagashino New Member

    Hi All

    Well, it's been some time since I waved a paintbrush in anger, so I needed to get my butt in gear and get something finished. This is Romeo's second Saxon, and I know it's been done a whole lot better, but I kept it simple to get it done.

    A bit yet to do as you can see. Have myself an idea for the shield.

    Oils, with acrylic on cloak

    Your comments and critique are much valued.



    nice green pants....


  2. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Phil

    Sweet figure mate, good colour contrast on the cloak to tunic, cant wait to see this one finished

  3. megroot A Fixture

    Looks great Phil,

    One question. It is possible that the pictures are not so good, but in my opinion i think the paint on the cloak has stripes. Is it possible that you used to much paint.
    Is it the pic, excuse me for my nitpicking.

  4. Bluesking Active Member

    He looks REALLY good Phil, look forward to seeing him progress.
  5. Roc Active Member

    Hey Phil, I echo what everybody else said, very nice work so far. ;)
    What kind of ground work do you intend to put put the figure on?

    Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to your next step.

    Roc :)
  6. nagashino New Member

    Thanks guys

    Your comments are most welcome.

    Marc - I'm inclined to think the striped effect is partly due to the photography. I only have a mediocre digital camera with no macro, and I struggle to get decent shots. Blowing them up x4 doesn't help. I mentioned the cloak is acrylics - I think I could have done a better job in oils. Next time, eh!

    Rocco - thanks you for your kind comments. I'm thinking of a simple base with maybe fallen leaves.

    Dave and Stephen - thanks for the feedback. (y)

  7. Guy A Fixture

    He's looking great Phil.........I like your idea of a simple groundwork.
  8. rej Well-Known Member

    Hi mate, its so good to have you back behind the paintbrush, angry or not :lol:

    My only nitpicking :( is maybe adding some more highlights to the top edges of the leather belting, giving them that stand out look........ also re the "stripes" on the cloack if there is "need" for correction, you should glaze the entire cloak with the basic colour........otherwise its a pleasing rendition where you managed to subdue all the colours........


    Ray ;)
  9. Pete Wenman Member

    Looking sweet Phil

    Can't wait to see it finished

  10. Roy New Member

    Hey Phil...I like the look of this guy so far, my screen ain't so big, so I can't make out any stripes....personally, I really like the colour combination you've got going here, and I like the cloak being dark, it really suits the subject...the only thing that looks to stand out is the trousers, but I probably speak too soon as I guess you'll darken them with some weathering or similar effect to accompany your groundwork...good luck on finishing him up mate.

    All the best....Roy.
  11. gary New Member

    Hi Phil,

    If the colors are close to the screen images, you've done a great job on reproducing a faded madder. The green pants are actually very close to a couple of dye colors I've gotten with my experiments... the best way of describing them is almost a chromate green... the dye color is just a bit greyer in tone, but very close to what you've got.

    Nice Job on the colors!

  12. nagashino New Member

    Hi All

    Ray, Roy and Pete - many thanks for your comments. Ray, I took your advice on the edges of the belts, and it looks a lot better - thanks mate!

    Gary - I appreciate your comments. We have a neighbour who is into craft textiles and she uses all natural ingredients for dyeing. The colours I've used are as close as I can get to some she has achieved, including the "zinc-chromate"!
    I have a thing about colours and what would have been possible to reproduce during this era.

    Thanks again guys - more (better, I hope) pictures follow as the job progresses


    Phil (y)
  13. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Phil

    Are you going to Letchworth and will he be finished by then... :)

  14. nagashino New Member

    Hi Dave

    Letchworth - that's Sunday 30th isn't it? If so, I regret I won't be able to make it as we have a family thing going on. Have to be the North Surrey bash 3rd Dec.

    Cheers mate


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