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Completed Romeo Models - templar knight

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by merlino, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. merlino Well-Known Member

    I guys,
    This is the next news from Romeo Models..................

    :ROFLMAO: ;) :cool: :) (y)

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  2. Tarok Active Member

    From which period of Templar history is this Brother Knight?
  3. Edorta A Fixture

    Absolutelly brilliant, Angelo. The painting work is perfect, the parchment ant text are superb. You show here a moment of action, it seems that can hear his voice shouting an edict:. ¿Por orden del señor alcalde, se hace sabeeerrrr!:lol:

  4. DEL A Fixture

    Usually a period I like and certainly the pose and the scope that the vellum sheet gives is very attractive. But! and it might be me or the photo, the mail looks a bit 'soft' and 'chunky' whereas the sword looks a bit 'lightweight'.
    Would really need to see this one in the flesh.
  5. Baron Active Member

    WOW! Moment of action caught just brilliantly! And painting is excellent (y)
    Llllove it!!!
  6. debrito A Fixture

    Excellent Angelo...(y)
    I had raised this matter in another forum and would like to ask modellers and painters here WHY many Medieval Crusaders figurines has a very well shaved clean face ? I am not an expert at all, but it seems that they should have some beard....:rolleyes:
  7. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Templar knights usually wore 'forked' beards to distinguish them from the Saracens who had full beards. They also refrained from bathing, thinking sweat an honest smell!

    Nice figure.

  8. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    Clean shaven Templar? No,no,no!

  9. megroot A Fixture

    I like this bust very much.
    Maybe i gonna put one in my grey army.

  10. Sergey Savenkov A Fixture

    Bella pittura Angelo!
  11. renarts Active Member

    Neat coincidence that Masterclass comes out with the 75mm full Templar figure reading a scroll and this bust doing the same thing. They'll compliment each other nicely.
  12. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Beautiful bust. I really like the fact that it's not static.

  13. Glen Active Member

    This figure is perfect. I can just hear the announcement:

    Templar: By order of the Master, you shall bring your gold to us and you will not be harmed!

    Voice: Don't forget the silver!

    Templar: Excuse me?

    Voice: The silver! Don't forget the silver!

    Templar: Oh, yes! Quite right. By order of the Master, you shall bring your gold and silver to us and you will not be harmed!

    Voice: Food!

    Templar: What!?

    Voice: The food! We're hungry!

    Templar: Don't you have food?

    Voice: No, we ate it. It's been a long day...

    Templar: Very well then... Food! By order of the Master, you shall bring your gold, silver, and food to us and you will not be harmed!

    Voice: Wine!

    Templar: What!? You're still here...?

    Voice: Wine... or beer.

    Templar: Wine, beer? My God man, this is a religious order! This is a time to praise God for our victory, not spending all night getting drunk and heaving over the battlements!

    Voice: Trust me, sir. The guide book says to not drink the water; otherwise it's a night of the 'Saracen Squats'.

    Templar: Oh. Well, I suppose... By order of the Master, you shall bring your gold, silver, food, wine, and beer to us and you will not be harmed!

    Voice: Some women would be nice...

    Templar: Bloody hell! What part of RELIGIOUS ORDER do you not understand?

    Voice: Well, sir, it's been so long and some dancing would be nice; the squires can only take so much. Some girls would be great. Strictly voluntary of course...

    Templar: ...of course. Wait, what was that about the squires?

    Voice: Nothing, sir. I was just thinking about the men, sir. It's been a long campaign and siege; the men could really use some R&R. A few days to relax, gather their wits, and they'll be right as rain. And... ready for more Crusading!

    Templar: Well... the welfare of the men is important; mind, body, and soul and all that.

    Voice: Exactly, sir!

    Templar: By order of the Master, you shall bring your gold, silver, food, wine, beer, and women to us and you will not be harmed!

    Second Voice: I don't want a woman.

    Templar: What the f...!? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?

    Second Voice: Squire Percival, sir. Everyone calls me Percy.

    Templar: Oh... You're the...

    Voice: Now sir, Percy worked just as hard as everyone else on this victory. We don't judge.

    Templar: We don't Judge!? WE DON'T JUDGE!? ARE YOU INSANE!? This is an ARMED RELIGIOUS ORDER! JUDGING is what we DO! To EVERYONE! ALL ... THE ... TIME...!!

    Voice: Now calm down, sir; remember your blood pressure. It's just that Percy, like eveyone else, has needs and, well, we do have lots of prisoners. Maybe some could be spared?

    Templar: We are God-fearing religious men on a Crusade! A CRUSADE! We do NOT use prisoners THAT way! We execute them!

    Voice: Oh, yes sir; quite true, but Percy needs to blow off some just as much as anyone. We wouldn't want him to feel left out, sir. It's bad for morale.

    Templar: Blow off... All right. Very well SQUIRE Percival, which one do you want?

    Second Voice: Umm... you, sir.

    With apologies to, and admiration of, Monty P.
  14. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    Brilliant Glenn.

    To be pedantic he shouldn't have fingered gloves, only mittens allowed - stops 'em biting their nails!

  15. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Reading these threads I see I have a lot to learn about Templars and (recovered German Russian tanks) :lol:

    Regardless, it is a cracking paint job (y)(y)

  16. Christos Well-Known Member

    Good painting and very interesting bust!!
  17. amomfaretos Active Member

    Angelo fabulus painting,also the papyr!!!!(y):eek:
  18. mao A Fixture

    Grande Angelo!!!! (y)
  19. Robert Laclavik Active Member

    Great paintjob on a wonderful bust(y)
  20. Christosjager A Fixture


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