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Romeo Models - New Releases

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Guy, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    Ufficiale dei lancieri Bosniaci
    Scultore: Maurizio Bruno
    Pittore: Daniele Petrucci

    !cid_4C3AC195-F1AB-41CA-A7B7-6E3C9ADF8C1B.jpg !cid_70A3F32A-403C-43FD-9A5E-2AA3CAD97465.jpg

    !cid_C371525A-0581-4D84-86DF-BD89A0ED2D75.jpg !cid_ED25C8C6-E74F-41BD-832E-DF3395B84700.jpg

    Scorcio di molo marittimo antico 80x80
    Scultura e pittura : Stefano D'Antonio



    Romeo Models web-site
    click here

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  2. theBaron A Fixture

    The Bosniak officer is a pretty figure, but there were some questions raised about details, on the HZ-Forum. One was that the uniform is actually one that obtained at the end of Frederick's reign, not during the Seven Years War.

    My own question was whether the guidon is accurate, because I wasn't aware that the Bosniaks carried them, or any other kind of flags. Does anyone happen to know?

    Still, it is a nice figure, and it wouldn't keep me from buying it.

  3. MAB Well-Known Member

    Hi Brad
    Thanks for the compliments.
    The subject is entirely correct is the uniform that the flag ..... was born just a mistake in writing the date ...... in fact the correct date, not 1762, but 1786.
    We also enclose the plance of reference.
    Please advise you friends of HZ-Forum on the issue.

    Saluti MAB

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  4. Einion Well-Known Member

    Lovely little figure. And that base looks great, very adaptable to different periods too.

  5. Luis R. Active Member

    According to Osprey's MAA Frederick the great's Army: cavalry, what that officer is carrying is not a guidon, but a lance. Even officers of the Bosniaken were armed with lances, though their pennants sported a more ellaborate design than those of the troopers. Officer's lance shafts were white while the trooper's ones were painted in a black/red spiral pattern.

    It's a beautiful and IMHO accurate figure. Let's hope Pegaso release a Bosniak trooper in their striking red summer uniform in a near future!
  6. theBaron A Fixture

    Thanks, Luis!

    I asked about the pennant, because of its size. The only images I've ever seen that depict the pennants show them as smaller in size, similar to the pennants the Imperial German cavalry used on their lances. But admittedly, the images I've seen are all modern pictures or sketches, for example, in the plate in Osprey's "Frederick the Great's Cavalry", and not contemporary images, or photos of any surviving examples. But I can see from the picture that MAB posted what the pennant intends to portray.

    As I said, it wouldn't be enough to keep me from buying the figure, it was just a question I had. I think the sculpt is well done, and I like the pose, too.

  7. conny Active Member

    here is the correct uniform of a bosniak officer 1782:


    The pictures is out of the book from Prof. Dr. Bleckwen, his whole life he have study the prussian army and publish 4 books about the prussian army.
    And this 4 books are the bible for all collectors or intrested people about the prussian army.

    A officer have never had a lance in his hands and no sash on his belly belt and the fur cap must be hollow inside.

    And realy good picture of a bosniak during the SJW

  8. theBaron A Fixture

    A followup--I picked up this kit at the Artist Preservation Group show in Gettysburg this weekend, I'm very happy with the detail, all other questions that have been raised notwithstanding.

    And in addition, Conny, vielen Dank für die Bilder, die helfen unheimlich viel! Ich glaube, es mangelt an Details und einige Fehler sind vorhanden in dem Osprey-Heft, „Die Kavallerie Friedrichs des Großen“, besonders was die Bosniaken betrifft.


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