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Review Roman Optio from DG Artwork

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Its always been my pleasure to share releases with you and I am lucky enough to be able to do the latest release from

    The release was announced here on PF http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/dg-artwork-new-release-for-july-2016.79226/ and of course on social media also.


    Those that were lucky enough to go to Euro this year would have had the pleasure to see the actual box art painted by Alex Long who rightly IMO was awarded a Gold so well done to him .

    The subject depicts a soldier called an Optio in full combat pose bearing down on an unseen enemy.

    But what was an Optio ? ..... A trusted soldier , long serving , acting as the 2nd in command to the centurion and carrying a long staff to keep men in check when needed , he generally had no different equipment to the legionary (often the mail shirt as well as the segmenta) apart from a fore and aft crest with feather on each side ..these were often removed in battle , it is said that they also wore a special ring denoting their rank status.

    Books of course are many here are some from my ever growing library!!!

    rb.jpg rb0.jpg rb2.jpg rb3.jpg rb1.jpg


    r0aaaa.jpg r0aaa.jpg A0.jpg raa0.jpg
    R0.jpg raaa.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets see the resin

    Details of the release :

    Title: Roman Optio 1st Century

    Reference: DG75F001

    Scale: 75mm

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of parts:

    Sculptor: Dae-Hyeong, Kim

    Box Art: Alex Long (Underground Miniatures)

    Received in a nice strong cardboard box with a colour picture on the top of the single figure and on the back 4 other views of the painted piece.
    DH 001.jpg
    Contents were held in clear bags and enveloped in a bubblewrap envelope providing good protection to the parts in side .
    These parts consist of : Main figure ( less right lower leg) , right leg, 2 arms , head , crest , , sword scabbard , sword blade, dagger and a base.
    DH 002.jpg

    Main Figure.. remove a small amount of resin to fit foot to base , casting line on left leg and on lower tunic, slight flashing under arm
    Arms...Sword arm has a former to remove as well as a small resin plug
    Right leg...Remove casting remnant from under sandal
    Scabbard/Dagger/Blade...Small casting piece on each to cut away
    Head...Small excess resin from helmet underside
    Crest...Fit to helmet top

    Overall thoughts on prep needed ...simple to do but be careful fitting the blade and crest

    Lets look at the parts first ...

    The Main figure.. the figure is in a strong and powerful action pose showing good movement in all areas ...I can only imagine what it must have been like fighting in this armour. The armour is well sculpted with good undercuts with nice decoration on the shoulder pieces , sharply worked , chest pieces are also showing good undercuts and with nicely detailed ties in bows at the front and the back .
    The belt also has some good detail on it the groin protectors are flying over the legs as the right leg is raised up , these pieces sit well .
    The under garment has good folds both under the arms and the lower parts
    Looking at the leg , this has good muscle work and a nice shaped calf , the left foot is wearing a great bit of sandal work , all the details are there , you could almost undo it!!!.
    DH 004.jpg DH 008.jpg
    DH 003.jpg DH 005.jpg DH 006.jpg DH 007.jpg DH 009.jpg DH 010.jpg
    DH 011.jpg

    DH 013.jpg DH 012.jpg

    The Head ...depicted wearing the typical helmet of the period with cheek pieces being worn down with a tie in place , nice work on the details here , at the back we see the small handle , the helmet shape is very good particularly at the rear and nicely in scale .
    Facial work is minimal as most is covered by the helmet itself , but despite this we have good facial work , the teeth are showing , gritting together in the heat of battle.
    Around his neck we have the scarf with fit of the neck to the main figure being very good.

    DH 023.jpg DH 024.jpg DH 025.jpg DH 026.jpg DH 022.jpg

    Helmet Crest... worn fore and aft as I said the texture is very good with the framework it sits in well shaped , the fitting to the helmet is easy but I would perhaps think about replacing this with a wire , if not then be careful !!!

    DH 027.jpg

    Arms/Right Leg.....the arms are holding the sword handle in the right and the shield handle in the left one , fit of both arms are really good , with both hands showing good finger definition and both looking like they are actually gripping .
    DH 018.jpg DH 019.jpg
    The Left leg again deserves the same comments of good shaping and very clean fitting to the main figure , the sandal again has the same level of details seen on the other foot, you might want to add the nails seen on the bottom of the sandal.
    DH 020.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. mortier A Fixture

    Thank you for the next good reviev of a good looking figure
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  4. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the remaining pieces

    Sword Blade/ Scabbard and Dagger ..all have a nice bit of detail on them correctly shaped the scabbard is empty of course , with good decoration on it similar to previous ones in releases , fit of the blade is simple to achieve but you will need to slightly enlarge the hole in the actual handle . Fit of all are clean and sitting well to the resin .
    DH 021.jpg

    Shield... This was slightly warped on the review piece but easily solved by careful use of a hairdryer ( much safer than the hot water method) , the overall shape is very good , edges are protected by ironwork , there is a good central boss with the main shield being plain giving the modeller a blank canvas to paint as he choses. On the rear we have the supporting pieces , with the centre of the boss ready to receive the handle , fit is easy and looks very good when in place
    DH 016.jpg DH 017.jpg

    The Base ...consisting of raised groundwork , suitable textured , there is a cut out ready to receive the left foot .
    DH 014.jpg DH 015.jpg

    Final Thoughts
    Another good release from DG Artwork , well engineered with the fit being very good indeed , minimal prep is needed , another good addition the the DG catalogue , lets hope we see an enemy for this fellow.
    I am sure some might say " another roman" but its a popular period for subjects which sells as I am sure this will/has done.


    Thank you to DG Artwork for the review piece

    And special thanks to you all for looking in

    For more information why not visit the website at


    email : dgdmodel@gmail.com

    or PM them via PF .

    Finally some pictures of the superb box art by Mr Alex Long .....ENJOY

  5. ometz Well-Known Member

    Another fine review. I've had my eye on this figure for awhile now and, although not my normal area of interest, your review has convinced me that this is a must buy.
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  6. Alex Long A Fixture

    Great review Nap, there will indeed be an enemy rearing his head soon. Watch this space.

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  7. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Excellent review Kev well researched too.
    There is another site of interest here:


    Website of the Roman Military Research Society
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  8. swralph A Fixture

    I enjoyed this great review Nap:).
    Keep them coming..
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  9. MrBMB A Fixture

    I hadn't seen this figure before and I prefer 75mm to 54mm in this era, might have to pic this one up
    Nice review and pics
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  10. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Nice review
    Still don't understand why Historical resin stuff can't do what the fantasy stuff does , IE abolish casting blocks
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  11. ometz Well-Known Member

    As usual, a fine review. This is one of my favorite figures of '16.
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  12. lancer115 Active Member

    Very informative article,great to have this information in advance of purchasing this kit...John
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  13. Helm A Fixture

    Agreed Ron, there is more than what I would call minimum prep on this figure IMO.
  14. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Excellent references for a very well produced figure in an action pose. It would be nice to see an Imperial Italic, rather than the Imperial Gallic, helmet from time to time. I'm due to start a 200mm Centurion soon and your references will be most useful in addition to my own. Interesting to see that the underlying tunic colour is visible through the mail.

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  15. Red Five Well-Known Member

    Looks great!"and is a little more than the l I've made a few of those Lorica segmentatas and belts full size in the past. A great figure and build.

    One very minor point. Romans wore their wealth and an Optio would have had tinned or silvered brass fittings on the belt and gladius scabbard. Most finds have evidence of posting. I used to silver plate my own with a battery charger and silver nitrate.

    The scabbard strap should not have a fastening catch. What is sculpted and shown on a lot of older books is a horse harness fitting. This was a misinterpretation made years ago and often repeated.

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  16. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter


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