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Roman Centurion

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by Eraldo Sciberras, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Eraldo Sciberras New Member

    Roman Centurion painted in acrylic . i used a mix of silver printer ink and black oil paint with a little liquin like my friend Brian suggested ;) for the armour and added brown for rust and weathering . please comment how i can do better next time as i am a newby :[

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  2. Piotr Gonczarek Active Member

    Hi Eraldo,
    If you ever wanna try also different technique for armor, this is what I do (Im really satisfied with results, but I admit there are sooo many approaches to painting realistic armor , it makes your head hurt;))..First , I paint it in black Vallejo, then cover it with Vallejo Silver liquid (alcohol based) (or Gold ,depending what type of armor u want) - its good to remember that this paint dries extremely quickly. Then its time for oils -to darken the armor -I use Ivory black mixed w/Burnt Sienna and do dry tapping around edges of armor (this is easy to remove if you dont like the initial effect and start over .Then I wait for one day for oils to settle and get dry little. Then I use Testors enamels for highlights -for silver its Chrome Silver , for gold -Bright Brass. These ones are for extreme highlights and should be drybrushed in little amounts in places where light will be strongest, but dont overdo it , its easy to forget yourself with them , cuz theyre simply great for hilights. Cool thing about these enamels, they can be mixed with oils as well, and you can get great mixes like that.
    Anyways, there are no wrong approaches, the most important thing is that youre satisfied with results:),
    Take care,Piotr
  3. DaddyO A Fixture

    Hi Eraldo - really nice paint job. :)

    The armour looks great (I've used barrel armour, (in a re-enactment group), in the dim and distant past and it has the right kind of subdued sheen that worn, but un-polished iron has. What sort of printers ink did you use? Litho?

    (Sounds like Peter's technique will give a great effect too . . . .choices, choices) :happy:
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  4. Eraldo Sciberras New Member

    Piotr , your ideas are valuable indeed and I shall try to use your method next bust .Thank you so much .
    I had to darken a bit the armour as it was still looking a bit shiny in those pictures and am now happy with the contrasting result .
    Thanks DaddyO for your nice comments . Barrel armour is a good option too . The printers ink I got some from a printing press shop - not sure what make it s but it turned out great for me . One problem it really forms a scortch in the tin when not used regularly so you have to throw away most so dont buy a lot of it . Thx all
  5. Indy Member

    I really like it and will try your method for the amour on a future figure.
  6. Eraldo Sciberras New Member

    Thanks Indy . One more tip - When the surface of the ink dries and forms a skin/scortch, do not remove it all butsimply just pierce a small hole in the middle and fish out what ink you need from underneath the skin. This way no new skin is formed again and no waste of more ink :) Good luck with the new figure .
  7. Joe55 A Fixture

    That's a sharp piece of work Eraldo (y)!

  8. megroot A Fixture

    Excellent paintjob.


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