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Open Book "Roman Cavalry Officer" - Young Miniature Review

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Guy, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. JGREEN A Fixture


    Dude, what the hell is your problem? You really are full of yourself, arent you? Yet, at the same time, so insecure. Actually, I DIDN'T question your qualifications. If "sounds like you have some knowledge of the period" comes across to you as implying you dont know what you're talking about, that's just your own insecurity.

    "I was just stating my opinion - that's all. Thank you for allowing me to do this - so kind." As for you being condescending, here's a good example.

    " . . . I would not dream of reviewing a WW II figure - precisely because I know damn all about the period. I could review such a figure but I would then state that I was only talking about the technical aspects of the model (sculpting, animation, mould quality, fit of parts, etc) and that I could not vouch for the accuracy of the figure." Really? So, what would you do - label it "open box" or something like that, having already explained that "open box" means that you're just showing what the kit looks like, how it goes together, etc.? Great idea!

    "If you are happy with Mr. Young's work, then good luck to you, Sir! It's your cash. Perhaps you can explain why, if he is such a 'highly respected manufacturer", he can make 'a few errors' - one of which was an attempt to pass off a not-very-good (actually, it's little more than a toy') Spanish 'souvenir' as a piece of Roman equipment?" Did it occurr to you (I doubt it, as I suspect you have very little social awareness) that the sculptor of that piece may be reading this thread? You know, it's a small community, those of us that sculpt and paint historical miniatures. We should try to encourage each other, and offer criticism in a constructive manner. You, on the other hand, come off as a derisive jerk - which was the one and only point of my first post.

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  2. Caratacus New Member

    Now, Mr. Green - I would greatly appreciate it if you did not send me any 'private' messages. If you have anything useful or constructive to say to me, then please do it publicly. Then we can all see what a rude little man you are. You have blown a trivial observation on my part into a very nasty exchange. I'm sorry for you - rational or restrained polite discussion seems not to be one of your 'social skills'.

    To get to the nub of your other offensive remarks (both private and public). You don't know me at all. To my knowledge we have never met. Yet, you seem able to psycoanalyse me from the distance of around 5,000 miles! Remarkable skill - but then you are an American, so I suppose it goes with the territory. No, I take that back - I have many friends who are American (so much for your claim of 'social isolation') and they aren't at all the self-opinionated little twits who cannot take any form of criticism that you seem to be. (You see, I can be rude as well - it isn't very clever, really. Rather boring, in fact).

    Actually, I wasn't being condescending - just sarcastic. There is a difference but then these are big words, so I had better excuse you I think. And 'sarcastic' is precisely what your comment about "some knowledge" conveyed to me. You see, it's the presence of the word "some" that does it - it belittles. "You sound like you have knowledge of the period" would have conveyed an entirely different meaning and one which I would have responded to in an entirely different manner and perhaps have avoided this rather pointless exchange. You also seem to have contradicted yourself. If the 'point' of your first post was to convey that fact that you thought I was a "derisive jerk" (I have been called worse things, mostly by small children), then it seems that you were implying that I didn't know what I was talking about. Hmmm?

    So, 'Open-Box' just tells me that there are so-and-so number of parts and they fit together OK? And the use of this would be? (OK, I can readily see that this would have some minimal use). And yes, I do hope that the sculptor of the piece has been reading this thread. He might learn something useful that will aid his sculpting of figures in the future, perhaps in terms of the necessary research that is required before starting a project?

    Er, no. I am not 'insecure' (yet more cod-analysis?) I live a pretty full and active life, as it happens. I don't sit in a garret room in front of this one-eyed monster all day, eating pizzas and drinking cans of Coke. This (modelling) is my hobby - it's not an obsession. I don't even concentrate on the Roman period (Napoleonics, Scottish Regiments, British Indian Army, etc.) I also go to concerts, sing in a choir, paint water-colours of flowers, dig my garden, walk my dog (no, that's a lie - she's far too old for that), read science-fiction novels, talk to the wife, eat my food, drink my drink and go to the lavatory! Or is it that you are worried that I may know more than you do? Does this mean that it's YOU who are 'insecure'? See - it's a silly notion, which we can play at all day if you like.

    Oh, and BTW, "Caratacus" isn't really a pseudonym - it's the Latin version of my nickname when I was in school - Caradog - and is what my Latin master used to call me (he gave us all Latin names, odd but then he did speak Latin fluently, so I suppose .....) Just a bit of fun, really. (You understand the concept of 'fun' - right?) I use it here and in other places because I do not want any confusion with my professional life. I don't really expect you to understand the need for this - but please just accept it as fact, I'm not 'hiding' from anything (again with the insecurity?)

    As far as I know, "Dude", I don't have "a problem" - other than with rude people from across the Atlantic. Please, in the immortal words: "Get a life". Oh, and BTW, if we ever did meet, I would be quite prepared to buy you a drink and sit down and talk through our little 'problem'. Who knows, you may even get to like me, and vice versa! Now, there's an offer you can't refuse. Free booze!(y):)
  3. JGREEN A Fixture

    I want to thank you for continuing to prove my point! That last post just drips with your sense of intellectual superiority. Also, I find your thinly veiled sense of superiority over Americans interesting. Oh, and by the way, it is possible to know what one is talking about and still be a derisive jerk.

    I know everything I need to know about you from your posts. And no, whatever your name is, I'm pretty confident that I would not "get to like" you.
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  4. Hans Member

    OMG, this discussion makes it hard to make any historic remarks. :confused::thumb down::eek:
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  5. Tommi A Fixture

    Hello Dr Mike Thomas

    Many thanks for the information and contribution that you have made to this thread. I am pretty sure that you are quite knowledgeable on the subject of the Roman Empire and its Historical accuracies as you are working at the Roman museum at Caerleon.

    Reading through your posts there are some interesting points but I did find your manner a bit abrupt in some of the content of your post.

    For a start the item being reviewed is not listed as a figure and that can be clearly seen, it’s a bust.

    “July's release from Young Miniatures brings us a fantastically detailed bust of a Roman Cavalry Officer”
    My second points is,

    POSTED BY Caratacus
    I must admit that I am tired of seeing uncritical 'reviews' of figures that do not address fundamentals and which display a lack of knowledge of the subject matter by the reviewer. Everything seems to be concentrated on how the figure 'looks', i.e. just the quality of the sculpting.

    Sample castings off figures and busts are sent to us for review purposes. The review normally covers what you get in the box, the quality and fit of the parts, customers that would like to purchase some of these kits like to know what they are getting before they part with their hard earned cash.

    It is impossible to be a knowledgeable historian for every figure and bust that passes through our hands. I think it is unfair to knock the reviewer
    (Guy 500+ Kit reviews) based on historical inaccuracies of a figure or bust when all they are doing is spending their own time and effort taking photos and writng the report to bring us up to date information and a look in the box of new manufactures releases.

    Any constructive and non offensive criticism is most welcome and can help in many ways with painters, sculptors and manufactures so please can we calm things down now and progress the thread on in a more civilized manner.

  6. pipetrepid Active Member

    guy, great kit! thanks for the fine review. bill
  7. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks for the review Guy,i will be purchasing this at EURO now i've seen the box contents.

    Brian (y)
  8. boswell New Member

    caratacus states "Cavalry officers did not wear a muscle cuirass - they would have been armoured with either mail or scale armour (try riding a horse encased in a rigid armour like this)." sorry but cavalry have been wearing rigid amour for years my old regiment (The lifeguards) wore amour captured from the french at waterloo and still wear it to this presant day were the romans so soft that they couldnt take a bit of discomfort over protection ?
  9. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    HI Guys

    Caratacus ,J green and Guy the "innocent"

    Reading with interest the ensuing melee , so with Gladius in hand ,thought
    I would jump in with a couple of Cohorts.

    Remember Guys this is a hobby which is laden with inaccuracies and fiction
    regarding ancient history, we have Russel Crowe, Sean Connery and a couple
    of actors guised as Hector and Achilles ( where the hell is Spartacus) sorry I
    meant Kirk Douglas, the figure, bust or whatever you wish to call it reviewed by Guy, is as usual a fine piece of sculpting by Young miniatures and yes it would be nice if they could get away from the hollywood look and do there homework,I suppose you could paint this anomaly in many ways, so why don't
    you guys get out the paint brushes and see what you can come up with "just for fun":):)

    NO Malice
  10. bunnie666 New Member

    Well, I have read some interesting posts but this one was great for a Monday wake-me-up. Ours (hobby = passion) is made up of all manner of enthusiasts; from the beginner to the noted experts but all share one common goal... to enjoy the hobby. If I were sculpting a 5 meter historical figure and then cast it in bronze, sure I would spend weeks and months on research (note - this would be a professional project with it's implied requirements for historical accuracy and overall finish). The point is, we sculpt and paint these little jewels for our own satisfaction and relaxation. So please ease up on the critical stances, and figure in some manners.

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