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Roma Victrix! Our new release on In Motion Creations

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by InMotion Creations, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. Hey community!

    Soooo long since last time we show you some news, but finally we have some!
    After releasing "The Ambush", our 75mm diorama that features a duel between a Conquistador and a Jaguar Warrior, we jump to the old continent again to show you "Roma Victrix!".
    This is our new Ancient Duel that place us in the battle of Teutoburg, where the legions of Varo met the germanic tribes commanded by Arminio.

    We receive great feedback and support from past customers with the Ambush. But we wanted to improve our product so we research for better 3D printing and better cast, so you can enjoy the best experience possible. And, in this scene, you have some scenic elements to complete the ambience of Teutoburg, with great details as the small nest with eggs hidden in the tree. Life is made of tiny details!

    Before showing you the 3D sculpt and the incredible box art from Sergey Popovichenko, I want to thank you again the support and kind words we received from Planetfigure.

    Best regards, and hope you enjoy Roma Victrix!

    Roma Victrix!
    75 mm figures
    High quality resin
    Custom collector box

    Pre-order till 1st of August, at www.inmotioncreations.com
    Don´t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to stay tunned for news and promotions! :)





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  2. Babelfish A Fixture

    Nice duo and a popular subject which I'm sure will do well for you.

    The groundwork is great as well - in fact if that were available separately I'd buy a couple just of that! Unless you're into 1/35, there's very little ready-made scenery available to buy for figures of any size/scale. It's a real gap in the market.

    - Steve
  3. Redcap A Fixture

    That's a very nice duo and I was going to buy the Centurion figure as a single, but EURO 15 post to the UK for the single small resin figure is a deal killer on this occasion.

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  4. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Ahämmm - Roma Victrix? At Teutoburg Forest...?


    But apart from the title a wonderful vignette!

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  5. We have never thought about scenary, as modelers usually make his own. But definetly we will think about it.

    We are negotiating with our shipping company to improve that area. If you are signed up in our newsletter, you will receive news soon, and we hope you purchase our centurion then :)

    Thanks Martin. Obviously is tittle full of irony! :)
  6. JuergenS New Member

    I also paid 15 Euro Postage to Germany for this model, In my opiniom very high postage cost within the EU.
  7. sd0324 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I think it's meant as irony Martin, it appears bad things are about to happen to the Roman declaring Roman invincibility....


  8. We are trying to improve this. If we achieve it, we will offer a compensation. By the way, our system found a failure sending you the emails, can you check if your email is correct or send me a private message with it to check it myself?

    Thanks a lot for your purchase and support.
  9. Good news!

    We have extended the Pre-order till 10th of August and...we have lowered the shipping cost a bit. All of you that have purchased on pre-order will receive a refund according to the new cost, :)

    And we have also some pics of the cast that I hope you find fantastic, :)



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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi there

    Really good to see you announcing the release , nice pairing .....just seconds before the barbarian attacks

    Nice detailing on the Romans awards

    Sure this will be popular for you

    Thanks for sharing


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