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Roll Call Kit Needed

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Lastroundup, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. Lastroundup New Member

    Hello All

    Old Painter but new member is looking for the old 100 mm Resin Roll Call kit of a 10th. Lancer in India sculpted by Bill Horan.

    Will pay a good premium over original price for a new in the box complete kit. Can pay with Pay Pal.


  2. Robin Active Member

    I don't remember Bill sculpting anything for Roll Call. They did a 10th Hussar, and a 16th Lancer.

    I think TheLost Battalion has all the molds which they are releasing when they can, though up to now the Roll Call ones they have released have been the worse ones from the range. Perhaps give them a call.

  3. Lastroundup New Member

    It`s in his book on pg. 21 as " the Author`s Roll Call...etc " so I thought he did the Sculpt, but perhaps your correct.

    I`ll send Darla an EMail , but I suspect they didn`t get that one, as well as many of the other outstanding R.C. kits.

  4. jasonballamy Member

    Richard, are you refering to the 10th Hussar that is on page 21 of Bills first book?
    If so this is a 120mm Roll Call figure No 8403 ( Dream Catcher No DC 16174) sculpted by Maurice Corry as all their figures were.

    Here's mine

    You will have to contact Darla at TLB to see when it will be back in production

  5. Lastroundup New Member

    That`s him, they didn`t have it at MFCA, where they brought the whole line, I`ll give them a buzz.

    Thanks !

  6. jasonballamy Member

    They bought all the remaining kits (mostly the unpopular ones) and the masters/moulds, just about all the existing kits have now been sold so it may be some time until it is recast.

  7. Robin Active Member

    so where did the good ones go then?

  8. jasonballamy Member

    Robin the good ones had already been sold and were not part of the stock (dream catcher cast) that TLB bought as I understand it . They did buy ALL the masters & moulds so the whole range should be available in due course.

  9. Darla New Member


    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "all the good ones" but I DID buy roughly 500-700 (I lost count!) of the masters encompassing the old Roll Call, Fort Royal Review, Imperial Gallery, Chosen Men, Belgo (just to name a few!) that Dream Catcher had bought previously. I have items ranging from ancient/medieval to Napoleonic to Civil War to WWII to Present as well as in scales from 1/48th to 200mm. I am a one woman operation and am getting these all back into production just as soon as humanly possible...even I deserve a life outside of my work! :)
    I have spent many "man hours" sorting through the masters that I received and have pieced together quite a few of them. I hope to be through ALL of them by the end of the year. I am trying to re-release these kits as indiscriminately as possible though by mixing up the scales and eras as I go along. Some are going faster than others I'm afraid.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that if everyone just has a little patience (in my case ALOT of patience!) sooner or later everyone's idea of "the good ones" will be back on the market once again.
    If there are any in particular that you are looking for though please let me know as I may be able to find them for you amongst the multitude of pre-cast pieces I have lying around my shop...though no promises as even I don't know what is all there as of yet. :(

    If anyone has any questions on what it is I do or do not have please feel free to contact me directly.
    Darla Meyer
    TLB Miniatures
  10. Robin Active Member


    In all ranges there are figures that are btter than others in amongst the Roll Call ( we'll use that for an example) there are some absolute classics, the two ensigns for instance, there are some not so so good ones. You will I am sure know that a company does not sell even amounts of figures of the ones it manufacturers. It would make sense to me to sell the better ones from the ranges you have first or at least get these into production.

    Maybe you could ask the modellers here which ones they would like to see.

    We all deserve a life outside work, who said you shouldn't have one, my comments were that the better models were yet to come, to get the ones that sell back into production first rather than the ones that don't makes more sense to me and a better use of your time.



    Oh and Ps theres more than me in this thread maybe you should aim your comments at us all rather than just me.
  11. Darla New Member

    Robin (and all),
    I really wasn't "aiming" anything at you....just answering your question as to what happened to some of the other figures.

    I am quite aware that some kits sell better than others...I didn't have to be in this business long to learn that! BUT, I also know that not everyone has the same idea as to what is a "good kit". For instance, you obviously lean towards the Napoleonic era...nothing wrong with that at all...others may feel that my time would be better served working on the German WWII figures or the Civil War figures. All I was trying to point out is that there is NO WAY for me to please everyone at once but given time everyone will get what they are looking for.

    Alot of people are aware of the mess I received when I bought the Dream Catcher line but many don't know so let me explain to everyone so that we all know why the kits are being released so sporadically. When these masters were sent to me from Belgium they were sent in three shipments and each one was worse than the one before it. There were boxes lost, misdirected and just plain never sent. That was bad enough but things got worse when I actually OPENED the boxes that I did receive. They had thrown everything....metal pieces, resin pieces and even the masters... into grocery bags and stacked them one on top of another several times over with nothing in between them. Needless to say alot of the masters were completely destroyed as well as many pieces just plain lost! I have been working on having these all repaired but that takes time and money as you may well guess. I have also been trying to track down original kits to use as masters so I can get these all out faster...that too takes time and money.
    I would love to be able to take a poll to see what everyone would like to have re-released first, but when it comes right down to it, things will get back in production as the masters become available to me and not a minute before. I'm sorry if this doesn't meet with everyones approval but that's just the cold hard truth.

    Now, back to work for me!

  12. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Dear Darla, hope this message finds well,etc.

    If I can chip in with my thoughts - as if they're worth anything - I in particular would love to see some of the Roll Call 120mm mounted stuff back again. I say this becasue when it was out, I didn't feel confident enough to attempt any of them. I remember they did a Polish Lancer and I think, an Inniskilling Dragoon. I for one would be an eager customer for both!

    After reading the above, I appreciate you're up to your neck in it, so best of luck girl! Sounds like you'll need it!

    All the best
  13. Darla New Member

    Thanks Anthony for the encouragement! :)
    And, you may be interested to know that for the last few weeks I have been working on the mounted kits from the old Roll Call line and am in fact getting close to being able to set molds for a couple of them...as well as some from the other lines I purchased. I will post here on the planet as soon as I successfully get them re-released as well as having them listed on my website. If all goes well I should have some ready by the end of July.

  14. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Darla, I'm clearing space in the display cabinet already.............

  15. Evan August New Member

    Reminds of an experience I had with ebay once. When will people figure out that it is NOT smart to throw $100 worth of loose resin parts in plastic bag, then throw it in a box? Needless to say, I was not impressed (Fortunately the damage can be repaired). I do appreciate you taking the time and effort to get some great figures back on the market. I missed a few of these as they were no longer available when I got seriously involved in the hobby (wasted too many years on planes) :lol: I'm sure I'll be a regular customer when these things are back in production.

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