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Robert The Bruce, Finished (Almost )

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Jim Patrick, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Well, I have been doing something albeit not much of anything lately. There is still the leather suit under the chainmail, inside of the shield (the cloth portion) and the sword handle to finish and going back and outlining evrything. I'll also fix anything else along the way I screw up. Without getting too much into how "I" see knights and how "I" feel they looked back then, I opted for a very dirty appearence. I used Hardy's pictures ( (y) thanks) for reference and clearly, we can all see that my painting is no way near his ability. But, it's mine none the less. I also wanted a cold/snowy scene so I did that too. Not too good at snow still but it'll get better on the next figure with snow. I'll have this at Mastercon in a couple of weeks at St. Louis. Hope to see a lot of the "planet" members there. Well, look at the pics and any comments or suggestions you guys have for me to improve, send it my way. I NEED THE HELP! :lol:

    Jim Patrick






  2. KeithP Active Member


    I think you have done very well with this piece. I very much like the heraldry and face. I think you have captured Robert the Bruce nicely!

    I like how you have weathered is lower legs and the armor to tie in well with the ground work.

    What did you use for the snow?

  3. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Jim,

    Don't sell your self short man, it is a very nice piece you have painted. The weathering and the feel of the figure is top notch. You also pulled the heraldry off very nicely. Looking forward to see this one in the flesh at MasterCon.
  4. jaime Member

    I think is excelent. Colour face is a very good job. And I think the snow looks real.

    Thank you for sharing your work


  5. Roc Active Member

    Jim, fantastic work,well done my friend.

    You're ability is as good or better than any one on this forum, your weathering adds that touch of realism that makes it look natural. (y) This your best figure yet.
    What's next ?

    Keep up the good work and thanks for defending our country.


    Roc. :)
  6. Guy A Fixture

    Fantastic work Jim.......looks alot better than the pics you emailed me. I am glad you went ahead with the snow......looks so real.
  7. mikec55 Active Member


    Great work. That'd be a centerpiece in my display case. I don't know if you've answered this or not but was the heraldry done free hand, decals, or etched at the factory? It really sets the figure off. Unfortunately, my free hand technique makes everything look like Picasso's doodle pad :( so I'm always impressed with anyone who can make a lion look like a lion. Great job!

  8. Hardy Guest

    Great work Jim as always. :)
  9. Johan Well-Known Member

    Jim, that looks very nice (y). I love the way you handled the yellow and how you made the surcoat look "dirty". To be honest, your Robert the Bruce could have stepped out of a Rick Scollins illustration.
  10. Hyades New Member

    Hi Jim!

    Very nice work! He looks great to me! I'm especially impressed by the yellow tunic - I feel like when I work with yellow, it turns into a neon yellow. Ick. I also really like your base with the snow - very convincing!

    Curiosity: how do you paint the plate armor? I'm trying out some different techniques and it'd be cool to know how you did it. Thanks!

    Again, great figure!

    aka Hyades
  11. slaj Well-Known Member

    Jim , I love it. That weathering looks very good and real. Well done

    Stephen Mallia
  12. Brad S Member


    Looks great! I really like how the clothing looks weathered, the freehand of the heraldry and the overall composition of the scene. I agree with Anders, don't sell yourself short on this piece. Keep up the good work!

    Brad Spelts
  13. Jim Patrick Active Member

    WOW! :eek: Where do I start? I had no idea you guys would like this figure. Honestly. I was thinking maybe I took the weathering too far for "accepted standards". Meaning most painters say not to take your weathering too far and seriously, I was thinking maybe I did this time. As far as the Lion emblem goes......I can't accept the praise for this freehand painting job. Sorry. The Lion is carved into the figure thus giving the painter a "guideline" for painting. For the snow, I used Andrea's snow. Kinda expensive for the amount you get but very convincing (at least I thought so). I simply put some dilluted white glue on here and there, then applied the snow. I shook the excess off then that was it. Nancy, the armor was first applied with a basecoat of Gunze Sanyo Steel. Once dry, this was buffed with a papertowel. After this, I did something a little different. I use SnJ Polishing powder. I put a little on a terry cloth and begin rubbing it in. I am completely happy with the results I get with this technique.
    Brad, Stephen, Nancy, Johan, Hardy, Mike, Jaime, Roc, Anders and Guy, THANK YOU ALL FPR YOUR COMMENTS AND ENCOURAGEMENT !

    Thank You All Again,
    Jim Patrick

    Oh yeah, I forgot. If you don't have this figure in your collection and enjoy painting finely sculpted figures, get this 70mm figure. It is one heck of a piece and fun to paint (y)
  14. Franco Active Member

    Hi Jim,

    All I can also say is very well done. I cannot add any comments to ways to improve your painting as your standard is far higher than mine.

    However I do have a question or favour to ask - could you do a small SBS for the groundwork - from building it to painting it - it looks so very real.

    Ciao for now and wel done
    Franco :lol:
  15. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    I can only say that I agree with the others. Truly a great figure. The yellow is outstanding. I look forward to seeing it in a few weeks.


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