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Rifle brigade, Sevastopol 1865

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gforceman, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    My Sevastopol figure is ready, so here are some pics. It's a 54mm resin casting by the Spanish Latorre Models. It's painted completely in acrylics, only for the "dusting" I used some Mig Pigments (Europe Dust and Gulf War Sand). The base is from D.M.C. designs, where I also bought the gabions which are Armand Bayardi resin castings.

    All hints, tips, remarks and critism are more than welcome.






  2. RobH Active Member

    Hi Gino

    I think he's come out really well! Especially like the groundwork and the gabions look superb. Having read your templar article in MM, I appreciate your base even more. Eye catching and very original. Thanks for including a full picture of the base as well.

    Inspired me to start mine.

    BTW; resin? mine is white metal!


  3. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Hi Rob,

    The figure is indeed a white metal one, but the gabions were in resin. I'll try to be more precise in the future.


  4. RobH Active Member

    No worries Gino! Just wondered if there were different versions out there! Stranger things have happened!

    Do you like the MIG pigments? I like them a lot!

  5. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Outstanding work Gino. I like how your whole setting compliments the figure. Great work! Soooooooo, what's next?

    Jim Patrick
  6. jitch0t Member

    Great looking job! i really like the whole scene with the base and gabions!
  7. Pete_H New Member

    Looks good, Gino. How did you go about painting the green jacket?
  8. megroot A Fixture

    I like it, I like it,

    Heel mooi Gino (Very Nice Gino). But i have one question. His elbows are dirty, i suppose he is leaning on something when he fire's the gun. But why are his knees not dirty. Because i think they must be dirty to. When you lean on your elbows on that spot, you have to kneel because you didn't do that, you fell.

    I like the base.
    Are you coming on the club 29. And please change the route on the map from Antwerp.
    The close everything on R1.

    Greetings Marc.
  9. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    thanks for the nice comments, it's really appreciated.

    Hi Marc,

    His knees are as dirty as his elbows. Because of the yellow-brown colour of the pants this isn't that obvious, but believe me they are dirty! I'll try to be there the 29nd.

    Hi Pete,

    I had a very hard time with the jacket, especially to do the high highlights. Here are the mixes I've used.
    Base: Black (Vallejo950) + Flat Green (VA968)
    Highlight: base+ sunny Skintone (VA845) later + Ice Yellow (VA858)
    Shadow: Base + more black. Final shadows: pure black.

    Hi Jim

    I'm now painting on the following figures:
    Panzer grenadier officer (Hornet)
    Waffen SS Panzer grenadier bust (Harton)
    Russian Tanker (Alpine Miniatures)
    Vignette with two Russian soldiers and a Puma turret.

    Cleaning up:
    Musketeer (andrea)
    Hitetie (Fontegris)
    Knight (Pegaso)
    Janissary (Athens miniatures)
    Erik the Red (Beneito)

    I don't know if all will be finished, as I often start something for myself and then have to take a break because I need to do a figure for a client to never return to the figure I was doing for myself!

    Hi Rob,

    I like them a lot and use them in different ways: To represent dust I apply them dry and then go over it with a little bit of turps to fixate them, for wet mud I mix it with Vallejo acrylics and I also mix it in my groundwork so I don't need to paint it anymore. I have even seen guys who dillute it with turps and then spray vehicles with it to dust them!


  10. megroot A Fixture

    Oke Gino,

    I'll rest my case. thought that it was something like that, but i didn't now for sure.
    Still it is a beauty and someday i see it in 3D.
    Please bring some bases on 29 when you come.

  11. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Good work there, Gino!

    I especially like the look of the beard, hair and the socks.
    The socks must have been hard to paint?
  12. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    Hey Gino,

    A really nice job. I like the whole setting. It sounds like you will be really busy painting.


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