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Reworked 1:5 border reiver

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by pinsel, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. pinsel Active Member

    this was an old project dusting in the shelf.i painted it 5 times never was happy and stipped it always again.then i did not look at it for years.but the image was interesting to me even more when the Carl Reid Borderer came out.
    problem was the head of the bust.round like an mellon the strange hair the beard ect.
    i was after an more realistic face.so is first placed the head in an slight angle.then i removed the hairline in front of forehead.then i resculpted the odd looking hair.the mustache got more realistic ends.
    but head did look still like an potatoe.so i used an sharp model knife.i removed at the cheeks some material and tried to create an more realistic facelook with ridges and folds ect.then i createt eyebags and some sharp wrinkles around the eyes.
    at then end i remowed the too wide beardseam and made the sides much thinner.so i could now try to create an more rigid and interesting face.
    while its now finished from the face the whole rest must be repaintet.the furfringe was remodeled with some milliput because the orginal was to faint.
    i can live with it.the orginal was simply impossible to paint for me with an realistic look.this looks more like it.and the bust was not to expensive so i took the risk screwing it up.

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  2. Meehan34 A Fixture

    That was some serious work but he turned out nice.
  3. 1969 A Fixture

    Markus definite improvement on the original, you done well with the alterations to his face and he looks much better now with some nice features and a more realistic look.
    Look forward to seeing him painted.


  4. gordy Well-Known Member

    Well done Markus! (y)

    Funny thing you say about altering the angle of the head. The producer of that kit is NOTORIOUS for refitting and altering the subtle angle of figures and busts and ruining many of possible great figures. Unless the sculptor has keyed the parts, the box art was always destined for looking like a mannequin!
  5. pinsel Active Member

    dear collegues which dropped some lines thanks
    well gordy maybe this and the habbit to paint anything with an brown tarnish ruined lots of otherwise figures. looking at the boxart might have done the trick for many.surely in case of the brilliant bust series of napoleonic generals,which if painted adequate look gorgeous..
    well this day i again struggled as low class painter with the tricky object.
    while yesterday i was happy with the face today i was nagged again by doubts.problem is in this big scale heads begin to look humanlike.my painting had to harsh contrasting and looked too cold.so today i tried to enhance this effect with oils.its looking much warmer and i think this might do the trick.maybe until tomorrow....even if i freely admitt that always my expectations in head are fouled by my mistalent in bringing it on the figure.
    well with the passion of an saint i fiddled around and its getting better an little.still there are some spots which have to be redone.
    blessed are those which have talent for me and others its an long way to tiperary.would it be not figuring,in an other hobby i would have long stopped to torture me.
    happy modelling

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