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Review French Revolution Set by MMM

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by megroot, Apr 19, 2020.

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  1. megroot A Fixture

    Here’s my review on the recent Carl Reid sculpt “Defeat of the old Guard” released by Gordon/Ross Mitchell. Hope it will help all that are interested in buying this (and other) releases to make the right choice since this release is only for the very advanced

    Being triggered by the topic in the Figure News section here:https://www.planetfigure.com/thread...rew-carl-reid-mitches-military-models.212445/

    I decided to buy this set for €185,-. Not cheap but since the set contains a canon and five figures I thought it would be worth the wile.

    The set comes in a cardboard box with black and white picture of the assembled set in primer paint instead of, what is most common, nice boxart

    The set contains :
    - Canon parts ( two wheels, carriage, barrel)
    - Base
    - 5 plastic bags with figure parts
    - 1 plastic bags with swords, rifles, pouches, a bucket, a powder-box, a part of which is purpose is unknown, 4 sticks of different materials of which I think they are canon cleaning tools, 2 hooks and 4 barrel-cleaners.

    2020-03-01.jpg DSC00403.JPG DSC00404.JPG DSC00407.JPG DSC00412.JPG DSC00413.JPG

    Since I was one of the first buyers getting the 3rd rendering I opened the box with high expectations.

    Unpacking the canon my expectations vanished. Oval and crooked wheels, a crooked barrel with large casting seams, crooked carriage…..

    I did have pictures of the crooked items but, after posting here on PF I deleted them from my computer. I found the miscasted products in my trashban so I made some new pictures. Hope somebody can remember the first pictures.

    Most of the figures look acceptable at first sight. The powder box lacks detail, the sticks are crooked but can be fixed using a hair-dryer…

    In the mean time I got several mails/pm’s with PF-members having the same experience.

    Since Ross/Gordon Mitchell are well known members and post many of their releases on PF I instantly mailed them about what they had sended me ( and others ).

    They didn’t hesitate a second and sended me new wheels, a straight barrel and a good carriage. Now, that’s what I mean by “customer service” but, unfortunately they sended me two right wheels instead of one left and one right.
    Mailed them not again because I’m done with it. I cut the spooks and glued them otherwise into the rim. Cut of the hands from the bad parts and glued them on.

    The second set of (new) wheels and carriage lack detail like bolts and rivets. The set also misses hooks and towing materials.

    The five figures have a lot of seams, flash and need a lot of sanding, grinding and putty to get a decent fit. Details aren’t too well. Some cuffs have three buttons, others have two. The ammunition pouches have “holes” due to air bubbles in the casting process.

    May this review be help to improve the casting -and control process and may it also be a warning to members. Paying €185 one might expect a good product and thought the seller/caster is willing to replace bad items this should not be ‘common practice”. I have received a lot of mails/PM’s from other members having the same experience and, in my opinion, where PF does not support recasters they should show more criticism towards bad casters. To me this is the reason why, after 16 years, I’m probably leaving PF. That depends on the reactions from this review

    So far for criticism.

    I only have to say this at the end: It is not a stab in the back for MMM.

    I want to warn all that not everything that you see on this forum is what you get into your mailbox.

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  2. Martin64 A Fixture

    Hi Marc,

    thanks for this honest insight. As we have already exchanged our views about this kit I don`t want to repeat it here once more. I just checked for the thread where you posted the contents of the kit you received and noticed that the entire thread has disappeared:eek: .
    I understand that the thread was locked after some tense postings but I am appalled that the thread and all the information - good and bad - about the kit and Gordon`s great customer service but not so good quality control has obviously been deleted.(n)(n)(n) Is that kind of George Orwell`s 1985-experience or PF???

    Due to the loss of the information I just briefly repeat that my kit had similar shortcomings like your`s but the current result justifies for me the in some ways extensive efforts to get it done.

    Cheers, Martin
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  3. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Have you ever been in a bistro/restaurant or cafe when the waiter/waitress asks you how your meal is? Although it is at best mediocre you do not want to cause upset and say that it's fine. You just decide not to go there again. The upshot is that the eatery loses business without knowing why. It is much better to be honest and give your opinion, hopefully politely and tactfully.

    There's no reason why you should leave PF. A review is just that. I have had some negative comments about my work. It doesn't mean that I stop posting or leave the site. Some of the criticism I consider justified, which helps for the future, some of which I disagree with but accept. We are all of us entitled to our opinions and provided that they do not incite violence, should be free to express them.

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    This is Marc's look at the resin in which he had some issues....these were all actioned by both Ross and Gordon well and in a very positive way

    Casting is not easy .....good customer service even harder and that's what was seen here GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE

    Please PM me if needed ...the matter has been resolved

    I will delete this if necessary

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  5. fogie A Fixture

    Let me say straight away that I don't actually have a dog in this fight ( I have held the strongest
    reservations about Carl Reid's sculpting abilities for years, and therefore never succumb to buying
    any of his stuff whoever the producer may be - silk purse, sow's ear, so forth ) But I agree completely
    with your view that 'bad' casters should, where necessary, to subjected to justified criticism - without
    resorting to personal abuse of course. Naturally, you must follow your instincts about whether you
    remain a member here or otherwise, but I earnestly hope you continue to offer the rest of us your
    customary useful and balanced views in the future.

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  6. Pilgrim53 Active Member

    Should never shy awayfrom an honest critique; provided it is done constructively. With the price of figures these days and money it is essential to get a feel for who we should buy from!
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  7. Grod A Fixture

    Hello Folks

    I feel that I have already answered these points as honestly as I possibly could in an earlier thread started by Marcs' friend Hans. At the risk of repeating myself I would like to reiterate what I have already commented on;

    I alone was responsible for moulding, casting, packing and shipping this project and therefore take all the blame associated with the bad/faulty castings sent. I became aware of the fact that I had shipped out
    faulty parts and in particular the wheels. When I became aware of this I messaged individuals who I had posted the kits to asking them to check the contents and offering to send out replacements. As a manufacturer my only course of actions when customers are not happy with the product is to either replace or refund , I can do no more. I have also taken on board the comments regarding checking of parts prior to shipping and will pass this on to the manager and deputy manager of the packing department - me.

    With regard to your comments Marc you initially made contact on receipt of the kit and indicated that the figures were 'stunning' but required replacement wheels. I sent you replacement cannon parts and on receipt you responded to me that you had 'checked them with your callipers and looked very good'. These comments seem to fly in the face of what you have written subsequently and I have drawn my own conclusions as to the reason for this. I leave it to others to make their own minds up.

    As mentioned I covered all the issues you have raised in an earlier vitriolic thread which was closed by the moderators. Despite what you have said to the contrary I get the distinct impression that you are using this to extend the earlier thread in a further attempt to discredit me. So be it, I can do little to prevent this and feel that it is pointless for me to comment any further as once again I find myself in a no win scenario.

  8. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Been watching this thread with great restraint and not getting involved with the main issue.

    But if anything is clear, one thing stands out . Private messages should remain so and if they get abusive you can always hide all content from a particular member

    It really is bad form to make public someone's message made in confidence and not the mark of a gentleman which I hope we all are.
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  9. fogie A Fixture

    Probably best to call time on this one before the moderators apply the nuclear option again....
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  10. Bournouna Active Member

    ( I have held the strongest
    reservations about Carl Reid's sculpting abilities for years)

    Are you kidding? Carl Reid is one of the best sculptor in the hobby, if not the best.
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  11. fogie A Fixture

    Perhaps if he stopped making disproportionate long arms and 'rubber' knee and elbow joints, I might
    rethink my views....

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  12. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I have held back from commenting on the two threads concerning the Revolutionary set but have been surprised at the attitude of some modellers I had until now held in some regard.

    I have only purchased a couple of Gordons Figures in the past mainly because I have an allergy to Resin and clean up becomes quite dangerous for me. I say this because in spite of this I have the utmost respect for Gordon as an individual. He is one of the nicest people on the circuit and has done a huge amount to advance the hobby. Some of his Kits will become collectors pieces in years to come especially the multiple figure dioramas which by their nature have not been produced in huge quantities. This has been achieved by adopting an affordable price point by managing his own casting. By his own admission he is not the best caster in the business but his kits are produced to a standard and price point that is satisfactory to most competent modellers. The growth of his business and sheer volume of kits produced over the past few years surely are testament to this. In spite of the enormous numbers of kits produced, to my knowledge this is the first time that his product has been criticised on the forum

    He has been most generous when asked to assist with club Auctions, Raffles and supplying free of charge bits from kits when asked if someone wanted to change a head or needed something to replace a part missing from a kit perhaps purchased from another marque in the distant past. In my case it was a cartridge case in 120mm. He gives generously of his time and has quietly assisted a good friend of mine in difficult times.
    In view of this I have been uncomfortable with the criticism levelled at Gordon on these two threads which has been verging on vindictive and not in keeping with the normal dictates of the forum..

    It seems to me that Gordon has acknowledged that this particular kit was not checked out sufficiently before despatch.
    He has offered to replace any parts which are unsatisfactory and apologised for the error.
    He has offered to refund if requested.

    "What else do you expect him to do" What do you want? I haven't seen any answers to that question so far!

  13. Bournouna Active Member

    "He has been most generous supplying free of charge bits from kits when asked if someone wanted to change a head or needed something to replace a part missing from a kit perhaps purchased from another marque in the distant past. He gives generously of his time ."

    You can't ask anymore of Gordon. I don't know the man personally, but having helped me numerous time, I think he's fantastic.

  14. megroot A Fixture

    THis is my last activity.

    Its all about the kit.

    Bye, stay safe and healthy.

    Thanks for all the years.

  15. malc PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well said Keith and Joel
    I agree with what you have wrote.

    Now as I said in the other thread...

    If you are going to stash the kit in the attic in a big box.... don't.

    Send it to me I will do it with pleasure..

    P.S just received my NEY kit.... excellent as all the kits I have received from Gordon.
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  16. Bournouna Active Member

    Marc, I'm a little perplexed, you're leaving the PF forum because members did not react the way you expected , about your kit comments. This does not make sense to me.
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  17. Nap A Fixture


    A good idea there ...nuclear button is close by

  18. Nap A Fixture


    Agree there ...no need to leave whatsoever ...

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  19. Redcap A Fixture

    PLUS 1 to what Keith says so eloquently and pragmatically;

    • Gordon to his great credit has stuck his hand up and said the kit was not as it should be and has offered and supplied replacement parts and also, offered as an alternative, a full refund to ameliorate the situation for you and those others who were affected.
    • Gordon has publicly apologised on this forum to you and anyone else affected (and taken individual responsibility) and knowing what a smashing and passionate bloke he is in the hobby, he will take steps to address it for future releases.
    Which leaves the obvious unanswered question - What exactly are you trying to (constructively) achieve or do you want to happen here by trying to breathe life back into this corpse of a topic..?
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  20. malc PlanetFigure Supporter

    If someone is not happy about the response they got rather than the response they want well that's life suck it up and live with it.

    Nap do us a favour and nuke
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