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Resin Or Metal, That's The Question?

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by housecarl, Nov 23, 2012.


Do you prefer metal or resin.

Poll closed Dec 3, 2012.
Metal. 23 vote(s) 39.7%
Resin. 35 vote(s) 60.3%
  1. MCPWilk A Fixture

    I suspect that the quality of the casting is irrespective of the material, but more down to the quality of the master and the mould. David Grieve's early figures were cast in white metal to a very high standard. I prefer up to 100mm in metal, and over 100mm in resin. I am uncertain as to the longevity of resin when compared with high tin content white metal. A poor resin casting has to be binned, but a poor white metal casting can be remelted and re-cycled. White metal figures usually do not come with large casting blocks, nor do they produce noxious dust when filed/sanded. White metal can be polished to give a good rendition of the real thing, and may be better for weapons and armour as a result.

    It is however easier to work on and convert resin figures. It is easier to strip the paint off a white metal than a resin figure. White metal is now more expensive, both as a casting material and as regards postage.

    I suspect that quality is quality regardless of material.

    Happy modelling,

  2. Funky50 Guest

    Metal For me...why does resin even when straigtened slowley revert back to its original shape...Hmmmmmm
  3. Funky50 Guest

    Jesus.... just saw my spelling..... these night shifts are really messing with my ability to speaiael properly
  4. yellowcat A Fixture

    Resin is OK for bust and some figures, but I prefer metal.
  5. balder PlanetFigure Supporter

    Voted for resin. I hate working with metal.
  6. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi all,
    Mikes comments are very interesting,
    David Grieves figures were certainly high quality in metal but I can honestly say that having cast both in metal and resin from his masters, resin brings you an exact copy.
    Having compared new resin casts next to his original metal castings I think many who have painted one will be surprised how much detail is actually lost from Master to metal cast and pleasantly surprised in resin. That in no way is intended or takes away how superb David's figures and casts were as is plain to see I have a huge respect for David and his work, I am just emphasising that with the change of materials and technology today resin produces an even more accurate cast and closer to the master. I am sure that in 2012 David would be using resin as at the end of the day any manufacturer wants to use a material that provides the most accurate replica of the master possible.
    Best wishes
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  7. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I meant to add that I personally do still like and paint metal figures. The differences I mention above are probably more noticeable when viewing the master next to a cast. If I have not seen the master as is the case when purchasing, then I have no direct comparison and as with many modellers, I am usually more than happy with the product. This of course is from a personal and a a hobbyist point of view and not as manufacturer.
  8. Einion Well-Known Member

    Have to plump for resin; as long as it's properly degassed and they engineer the rubber properly I'm a happy bunny. Especially for larger scales or anything with a hefty single casting, just no comparison with metal.

    Much as the dust with resin issomething to be careful of I've come to hate how dirty sanding or buffing metal is.

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  9. xt thunder god tx New Member

    I like metal figures. Resin figure are so flimsy and can break so easily. Not to mention resin dust and clean up can be messy. I also like the weight of metal figures.
  10. taffjones Active Member

    I do like a metal mini pure because of the weight and to me it feels like you got your moneys worth, but I have to go resin. I just think the quality is better and I think painting is easier.
  11. housecarl A Fixture

    Not a lot in it.:shifty:
    Thanks again for taking the time to comment and vote.
  12. stu A Fixture

    Devils advocate time,,,

    So metal is heavier, the detail is softer and its generally dearer to buy a metal figure.

    Resin is lighter, the detail is greater and they are generally cheaper to buy.

    Resin dust is hazardous, but metal dust isnt ????.

    Resin is brittle and breaks but metal doesnt ???

    Tips for those who like resin,

    Dont create dust by filing, use a sharp scalpel and scrap the mould lines off only sanding where necessary and wet your figure/part first so minimising the dust.

    Purchase a set of xuron clippers http://www.shesto.co.uk/Hand-Tools-...1/p1630/2175B--Track-Cutter/product_info.html , these will get rid of most blocks from kits unless the manufacturer uses those massive vats for poring into, the ones that look like a lake. They save a lot of time, I use them all the time and its what I use to desprue the figures before you get them.

    Resin dust is inert, just like any dust its probably not good for you, so wear a mask.

    I liked resin(you can probably tell)

  13. polyphemus Well-Known Member

    I fully agree with Stu re the Xuron clippers. These are intended to cut through model railway (railroad) track and slice through resin without any problems.

  14. lauoli17 New Member

    Resin, resin, resin!!
  15. krom1415 Member

    Resin unless its ~ (GW finecast, popularly known as failcast.)
  16. Stelios Demiras A Fixture

    Dear friends,
    Even I vote for metal I think that in some cases such as in big scales and busts will be better to have resin. In addition if you are a diorama builder in 1/35 it will better to have resin or plastic figures. I think that both materials must be keep using them for figures. As for 54mm, 75mm or 90mm I prefer metal even for mounted pieces. Perhaps the horses and the bases it will be better to be in resin if we are speaking for 75mm or 90mm. For bigger scales definitely resin. As I built dioramas and vignettes in the past I had seen all these in practice. I think that most of you will agree.

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