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Regarding Reviews

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Guy, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi Again!

    I think this great forum are one of the most friendly places about figure modelling I ever meet in web.
    Thanks to Planet figure (Gordy), and all of you guys to let me be part of this "family".
    I spend more time here than with my own blog:)
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  2. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Lots of feedback, mostly positive.

    Firstly, congrats to anyone who has had the courage to do a review. It really does open one self to opinions from all comers.

    Secondly; there have been(and often are) additional comments on reviews, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. However, they are (usually) focused on the subject being reviewed, not the reviewer.

    Doing a review, for the benefit of others, does cost time.

    Our lives are already time scarce, with the needs of loved ones, demands of income,, and the general business of keeping life together.

    Devoting time to the hobby-bench is a often a trade off. Devoting that time from doing figures to reviewing figures, takes away more time that could have been spent on your own pleasure, rather then the information for others.

    While I do read reviews, I still exercise my abilities to think and choose for myself. If I do reply to a review, I keep my comments on what I have observed, and what I think. And am prepared to change my thinking if others can show an error in my logic.

    the best part of reviews, is not only a preview before some one commits (or not) to a kit, is how it seems to spur the manufacturers to continue to lift the standard.

    Guy, and others, I'll add my thanks to those others here.

    To others who post on reviews, it's good to see the manners are still there, and the focus is kept on the review subject.

    Without reviews, many budding figure companies would not exist, nor would the establsihed ones be able to promote their product.

    Or worse, we would have only a few big companies doing their own "reviews". with no independent voices to say otherwise if a figure was good, had fit issues, etc.

    Lets keep reviews going, give collective thanks to reviewers (and those who add their own observations), and stay respectful of others.

    It what keep pF my primary modeling club.

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  3. custer760 Well-Known Member

    Sorry but I only just saw this thread and decided that I must add my 2 cents.I appreciate Guys reviews very much because I have the chance of seeing what is in the box before deciding to buy an article.As Guyputs a hell of a lot of time into taking great pictures and deciding which ones to use for publication here on Planet,I also see the contents of the box really close and can make a decision on a purchase !!!This decision is my own !! As my mate Carl rightly said "We are all adults and can make our own decision regarding sculpting and casting" If I dont like the look of a figure then I wont buy it.It is the same as the judging at competitions,everyone has a different opinion !!!! Some people live with the opinion of others and some gripe .I believe very very strongly that most of the critiscism of Guys reviews is JEALOUSY because he is getting freebies and they are not !!!I have worked on the Trade stand for my mate Frank Konetzke at Frank Miniatures for years and let me tell you,if I published the names (which I will not do) of those people who have told Frank and myself "how well respected their opinion is recognised in the figure community", "and if we gave them some figures for free then they could give us a review on their Site", "and of course it would be positive for us", and all just to get their hands on a couple of free kits !!!
    Keep up the good work Guy...I for one really appreciate it.
  4. figuresong New Member

    During 6 years, your reviews was very good helper and adviser for my works and business.
    Your reviews are to liaise between a lot of modelers and manufacturers.
    I think, its very important role for both sides.
    And Guy, you did it very well.
    I'm sincerely thanks a lot to you everytime.
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  5. yeo_64 Active Member

    Like Tony, I, too, have realised that pF has become much,much more than just a on-line forum for figure modellers, becoming instead a virtual figure modelling club for the world's figure modellers :D ! I'm from Singapore and we actually do not have a modelling club per se, much less one dedicated just to figure modellers alone, so visiting the "planet" is my one and only resource to "hanging out" as it were with my fellow modellers ;). So, keep up the good work, Guy and Gordy, and may the "planet" eventually grow into a "real" modelling club somewhere in the future (y). Cheers !
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  6. Einion Well-Known Member

    Guy, your reviews here don't need to be defended and I'm sorry you were put in a position where you felt it was necessary. I haven't seen that any detractors have exerted themselves trying to do better, in fact it would appear most just simply couldn't be bothered, given there was nothing holding them back from doing their own!

    The amount of time and effort you've given to doing these should be obvious and any benefit you get from putting in the work is something you've earned.

    With historical models, the reviews I'm most familiar with are those in Military Modelling. And quite frankly, yours work much better for me because they show me what I want to see. Not only do we get to read your reviews more regularly (and for free) they show closeups of the actual castings, and plenty of them, which is far more useful to me than a description of the casting quality and fit of the kit, along with any brief notes on historical points, accuracy, scale issues or whatever that the author feels qualified to give and can fit in the space allowed.

    As far as how you get the kits for review, it's long been my understanding that you are sent kits directly by the makers. This is actually the norm for any recognised review source, which you clearly are now; if they were unhappy with what you did with them - and I mean that in all ways - then they wouldn't continue to send 'em. And basically if you're lucky enough to get sent stuff to review once you're done doing that you can do what you want with it since it's your property.

    Nearly everyone knows that the reviews in magazines are likewise from kits sent in by the manufacturers; the thing that I presume is not so widely appreciated about them is that these freebies are a means to generate revenue, both directly and indirectly. This is a quid pro quo arrangement that both sides are obviously happy with so why should it be any different with you?

  7. Marcel Active Member

    Guy, I couldn't agree more than what is said by others that you are doing a terrific job with your reviews. As you said it are many hours that could have been devoted to painting and building. And the free samples is the least that could have been done to compensate for your time in my opinion.

    I have been reading a lot of these post here on PF and TL. I can only say that I'm a bit disappointed in persons criticizing your work and the way it's done. As some comments mentioned that a more in deep review would be more appreciated I think (and you mentioned it also) that this is hardly impossible to do in a limited of time. To know if a piece is historical correct would be nice, but how many of the buyers bother? And secondly who has all this historical knowledge? Another point could be if the anatomy correct and the pose. Again you need some knowledge and who wants to criticize other sculptors work. I don't see it happening. When I started in the hobby I was only buying the figures I liked and hoping not so much work was needed to glue the figure together. Your reviews were always helpful with the pictures. Nowadays I always have a look at the sculptor and company and I know more or less the quality of the figure.
    So Guy continue the way you are doing it I think you do a wonderful job. And it's appreciated by many of us.

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  8. JammyBee New Member

    having done a few reviews myself (of figures I bought) I know how much work goes in to what you do. I find your reviews very useful and do not think you need to change a thing
    Keep on Reviewing
  9. jcichon Active Member

    I actually enjoy your reviews and look at them often. Now do I wish some reviews had glaring mistakes in equipment or uniforms but I cant expect you to be an expert in every uniform or time period. I wish I got freebies!!! I dont hate you for it and am a little envious myself!! As for the other "forum" where this came up, I used to post a lot there but have learned that unless your one of a select few members, you get little or no recognition for your work. I'm not saying I want platitudes or "awesome job" on every kit I post but it's nice to see that people will at least acknowledge your work and point out mistakes you have made in a constructive way. This is just another reason I frequent the "other forum" anymore. And you can throw a few kits my way if you want!!!! I say keep posting your reviews. I appreciate them!
  10. John Bowery A Fixture

    I also think that your reviews are great. I am of the generation that does not believe in opening a box and taking the kit out and maybe bending it up putting everything back neatly. That is also why I dont buy an open boxed kit in case somebody borrowed a piece that was maybe missing from their kit. Unless the open box is priced accordingly. So your reviews allow me to see exactly what should be in the box and how well it is sculpted and cast. This allows me to buy the kit with confidence if it is a kit that I like.
    So please keep those reviews coming.

  11. Jeff Active Member

    Wow . How did I miss this thread for so long. Okay, might as well give my two cents.

    I think the out of the box reviews are very helpful and informative. We sometimes hear about a fit problem in a review but it is better to actually see what the problem is then to just hear about it. If it is overall a good kit and the subject is something you love then that fit problem might not actually scare you away, but it is nice to know about a possible fit issue before buying the kit. For me it gives me time to solve the problem in my head which always makes for a quicker build.

    As a manufacture (I am one of the partners in Kings Road Miniatures) I do not mind giving kits to reviewers. It is nice to know that if I do give a kit away that it will get reviewed. So far I have been pretty lucky in that all the kits I have given have been reviewed. But I do know that a bad review is possible. If I have done the best kit I can then that is just part of the game. Noting ventured nothing gained. So to speak.

    On the subject of what is done with the kit after the review will I would love to see the figure painted and not just stacked in gray army out in the garage. So if the reviewer passes the kit along that is fine with me. Even if he decides to sell it that means it does not become a dust collector. If the review is finished then what is the harm. In its way it has already severed a purpose for me and the reviewer.
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  12. gordy Well-Known Member

    Thank you Jeff for a manufacturer's perspective and thoughts. Promotion is key for us to sustain our hobby and art. (y)
  13. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys,
    Sorry been away for a while , I have read all the comments and would just like to say that Guy is inspirational as a reviewer and the person that has pushed me into reviwing on PF (and other sites I add) , I learn from Guy and hope that my reviews are also of value.

    Reviewing can be at times very difficult to give an impartial view , this is where pictures help immensley .As I have said to many modellers I meet at shows , my reviews will always be impartial and honest , yes there are things that will need doing (cast lines/better presentation etc) , it is as others have agreed better to give a full presentation to let the members look in the box before considering buying a piece ....an on line catalogue as such.

    The figures I review are in the main ones I have bought myself and I have no problem with that , I have received ones from companys though , I am not out to get "freebies" from anyone , its hard enough for manufacturers anyway in our hobby .

    Reviews are at times very consuming but like Guy I immensley enjoy doing them ..I read all of Guys in partiicular so well done to him.

    Why do I do them ...simple ...I want to bring new products to members attention in a impartial way and I for one welcome all comments that are posted ..allows me to improve .

    Great thread


    PS pm me if you wish
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  14. gordy Well-Known Member

    Well said Kevin, spotlighting releases via reviews or openbox also gives members a chance to discuss the piece in greater historical detail.

    Any commentary trailing reviews containing corrections, if any, to inaccuracies on a piece are valuable for future builders of the same piece.. providing sources are cited.
  15. rheath Active Member

    Re: Regarding Reviews - A review of Guy Herrick.

    LOL, I like it !! - very well said and I echo the thoughts of all the positive responses here, have always enjoyed the reviews you post here and that goes to Tommi Worton too - WELL DONE LADS, KEEP IT UP !!
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  16. rheath Active Member

    Hey !! don't forget about us Fig mods down here in Sudie Afrique, we are also in the hobby a' kid, only a handful but we're still here.lol
  17. pinsel Active Member

    well i for my part do not need an review on an young bust.,if you have bought one you know that they are good you look at the boxart and you know if you want buy or not.
    but i have nothing against them.of course its fine to get an kit for free for making some pics.even if one has only clean them up in some way,i want not comment how long it takes to clean up the parts and making pics of them
    others paint up their figures masterly.and make masterly pics of them.and they offer others their wonderfull artwork here to let us have fun looking at them and chit chat about them.
    when i see an figure masterly painted i get appetite to buy it.and so this masterly painters bring clients top the companies as well,because other people i think might react the same like me.hey that looks great i want have one-even if i can not reach this level of painting.and those poeple if not doing BOXART MIGHT GET THEIR KIT NOT FOR FREE,veen if it brought more cleints to the company in last end
    i do not want to be understood here wrong.i do not envy you this kits,you are the man to the manufactures so be it.
    but for me an painted figure is much more an buy or buy not criteria than pics of the single parts shown.
    and you must be aware that you might be called not fully NEUTRAL in your oppinion if you comment figures from companies which did sent you over the times 40 kits or more.
    one could say you want not make them angry if you write an comment not fully positive,because they might not sent you anything more.AND AGAIN I DO NOT SAY YOU ACT THIS WAY.BUT YOU NMUST ENDURE THE DANGER THAT SOME MIGHT SAY THIS.AS SOON ONE GETS SOMETHING FOR AN REVIEWS MONEY OR FREE SAMPLE YOU CAN NOT CLAIM YOURSELF NEUTRAL ANY MORE.simply because you help the maufacturers earning money with stuff positively reviewed.
    if you want not endure that you must not comment anything but only make pics and show those.
    the only thing one can be called FULLY NEUTRAL is when people which bought their stuff make reviews.
    but if one sees others get stuff for free for their review one asking oneself why one shall make commercial for an companys product and get nothing for it.
    that is my oppinion.
    and i want not offend you or say that you act not out of the willingness to help in considering new kits.
    i for my part make my decisions to buy something on other criteria.i look is the stuff pleasing and if my knowledge permitts historic correct,what is the price the size ect.an positive review on an figure i do not like will bring me not to buy it nor will an negative on one i like detarct me from buying this.
    i could do without reviews but thats only me.neverless an nice review like that of the verlinden marine kit is an joy to read.
    thats the way i like an review.written during assembly and modification.
    the listing of parts with pics of them is nothing wich stirry me to buy an figure.i did buy some figures only because for example Mark Benette showed it painted up masterly.even if i will get not the same result i did get keen on them,
    i no way i want offend you nor want i critizise reviews or want stirry anything.
    i live in germany even if i would be angry becaiuse you get stuff free and i not-would it helps me any further.
    i see it onyl this way that you get an payment for your work done.but because of this you must endure that some people might call you not NEUTRAL.thats all
  18. pinsel Active Member

    i for my part will not longer comment any new figures from any manufacturer at all,because when one complains about certain details others which like it will be pissed.
    so why making enemies for nothing
  19. JasonB A Fixture

    I agree with you 100 percent. I don't care who the person is, if they are receiving stuff for free, no matter how neutral they want to be, at some point they will have to decide whether to be 100 percent honest in their assessment of a figure(and risk upsetting the person that gave it to them) or gloss over some things and give it a positive spin. I have seen too many reviews/comments that blatantly ignore obvious negatives and highlight the positives to not feel this way. Thats not only with figures, but every form of modeling. Thats on websites and in publications. I include myself in this statement. No matter how neutral I would try to be, if I got it for free, I would always question myself when reviewing it. Manufacturers aren't going to continue to send freebies if they they aren't getting good publicity from them. Reviews are seen as a marketing tool, after all, and bad reviews don't increase sells. Thats why I decided I would only review kits that I bought myself. That way I don't have these worries and can feel free to state not only the obvious positives and negatives, but the subjective as well, such as whether the pose is natural or stiff and if the head looks like an ape or a human. It may limit me in the number of reviews I can do, my credit limit is only so high, but there will never be a doubt as to their neutrality. However, since I am buying them as much to build as to review, I hate to blow money on kits that I will end up throwing on the "never to be built" pile.So my reviews would tend to be of those figs from companies that have a good track record, limiting my ability to call out poor kits. Its a catch-22 I guess. Pissing people off? Well, only if it applies to them should they be pissed.
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  20. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well, as a reviewer your only loyalty is to the customers that reads your reviews. And that is not the makers.

    If your readers stop relying on you their trust is lost and once the trust is lost the kits stop comming.

    Also this is something that Guy started to do as a service, starting with his own kits if Im not mistaken? Then it developed as both modellers and makers like the reviews. Thats is how it should work if you ask me.

    Janne Nilsson

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