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Red Wine

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Ronaldo, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Ronaldo Active Member

    I am sure there are a few wine connoisseurs in this forum.

    Have any of you noticed that a lot of the supermarket wine stock seems a little watery ; even
    the more expensive ones seem to have no legs

  2. housecarl Forum Moderator

  3. Ronaldo Active Member

    Sounds a bit Aussie , thought you would have recommended something from the Scottish Wine triangle " drunk by noon handcuffed by midnight "
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  4. housecarl Forum Moderator

    Nah, the Buckie joke is wearing a bit thin Ron.:D
  5. Ronaldo Active Member

    Its not a joke , Its a serious problem in Coatbridge and Larkie Land
  6. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I only buy cabalie and Rex mundi both French reds and Grenache grape both from laithwaites. I only drink red and like it fruity and sweet rather than dry. I got fed up with mixed cases of crap and supermarket stuff. Found what l liked and stuck with it

    There are some great Italian vineyards but most of the good stuff is bought by restaurants.

    Black stump, an Aussie wine from laithwaites is also worth a look.

    Problem with wine is it is very personal and can vary considerably from year to year.

  7. Ronaldo Active Member

    Keith I am sure the supermarkets are getting a watered down version of every wine as they will be driving the price down from the suppliers .
    I tend to buy Amerone but even that is not good at the moment .

    Got a few bottles from Majestic today , one pricey Amerone by Masi costarera and a couple of Masi campofiori also a couple of the better Nero d Avolla .
    Used to get the Big Aussi Reds from Laithwaits which were pretty reliable in consistency due to the guaranteed sunshine
  8. DEL A Fixture

    Stick to the reknowed Dean Park Highball....... consistency guaranteed (y)
    Now with its very own bespoke glass.
  9. Ronaldo Active Member

    I prefer my whiskey in a chunky glass and not those thin poser glasses where you cant put ice in it
  10. DEL A Fixture

    I prefer my whiskey to be Whisky
  11. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    The only thing whiskey is good for is washing out my brushes.....LOL

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  12. megroot PlanetFigure Supporter

    That's why I skip the France wines.
    I'm lately a great favorit of the Australian and Chili wines. Great value for acceptable prices.
    That's what we can't say about figures these days, I'm recording to the show in Roselies. A 54 mm fantasy figure was € 77,-....

  13. Ronaldo Active Member

    That expensive for a 54 mm Marc but Andrea are about the same
  14. Wayneb A Fixture

    For me personally;..I prefer a select Boozulay…it has a smooth aftertaste..and is a shade on the darker side, but highlights that never fail to satisfy if you're still able to get the wrinkles out.

    Einion in disquise
  15. Ronaldo Active Member

  16. chippy Well-Known Member

    Chile , Argentina and New Zealand seem to be producing the best wines at the moment . At lest as far as my pocket and pallet are concerned . The worst thing I have tried in the last month was an English wine called Straw Hat Special Reserve . One sip and the bottle was poured down the sink .
  17. Ronaldo Active Member

    Well for three quid you will always have to pour it doon the drain :rolleyes:

    Thinking on . After Brexit thats the only wine we will get if you believe all this twats in the BBC News
  18. chippy Well-Known Member

  19. Wayneb A Fixture

    Yeah...….what's your point chippy?……….couldn't even get a chubby drinking wine.....vodka and cranberry juice...sometimes a full blown stiffy. Just like painting, You have to use what's best for you.

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  20. Ronaldo Active Member

    "vodka and cranberry juice...sometimes a full blown stiffy.":eek: Think you better call this guy tb4siGo.jpg

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