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Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by stu, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    Graham, in life you can do two things:

    First: Don't speak, don't see, don't hear ... let others take the fire

    Second: Participate. But everyone is different, so am I.

    I'm tired of saying for over 9 months: This happens in all fields you can possibly imagine. Your profit is eroding - Some act, others don't.

    If I wanted to have a friendly speech it would be much more easy: "man, recasters are bad, you are great. Keep going, you have my support, a recast has no quality, don't buy from them ... yadda yadda yadda "... does this generate sales? No, but it surely keeps people friendly.

    Liked or not, believe me - you want to get rid of pirates - if eBay does nothing use the recasters rules. Simple as that

    But this is far from friendly. I'm sorry Graham! No harm feeling intended!

    eBay is becoming a supermarket of counterfeiters: This is certainly the problem. And frankly a big problem!
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  2. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Let's leave it there Nuno, I have had my fill of this thread and we have both given our views.
    Given your example I think it interesting to see who has and hasn't contributed to this thread, maybe that shows where the passion lay !
    Must go as just casting up some resin for EBay.
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  3. Waterman Active Member

    If I was a manufacturer I would only produce a small selection of top quality pieces, such as Carl Reid Moz Curry etc sculpt. I would then ask the modellers what they would like to have and would actually buy it if produced. Subject to a minimum order of say 50 pieces, I would ask for a small deposit to reserve your piece,say £5. I would show work in progress and give a firm commitment for delivery, upon which I would want final payment. You buy your figures from me, not through any other Retailer.This way I have covered my costs and hopefully got my profit up front. You get the figures you want to have, rather than what is available. And the only way a recaster gets hold of one to recast,is if you sell yours on to him. Not the perfect answer ,but it does go some way towards addressing the problem. You will not get the huge number of new products as of now, but you will get top quality subjects that you all want to see. I remember when Ray Lamb used to produce one figure a year, and he would unveil it at Euro. His Stand would be swamped as everyone clambered to see and buy the latest top quality figure he had delivered. My suggestion is that you modellers have really commissioned the piece you all want rather than the manufacturer .
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  4. stu A Fixture

    I have always believed that to survive you must adapt.....adapt to changes and continually change with the changing situation/ environment.

    I suppose those that adapt will thrive and those that dont will do what they do.

    Everybody has a theory but i suppose only time will tell what happens .

    I am just glad i produce /manufacture my own products.

    The buisness is changing

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  5. Blue Thunder A Fixture


    Cheers! This is the number one rule in business: He who adapts, not only survives but growths as well (y)

    ...And how many times, this happens, picking the remains of the ones falling apart ... way too static to adapt to changes until the permanent bills and lack of sales closed them for good.

    BTW - Stu your one piece busts are truly spectacular! Cheers!!! Market them, make noise! I mean NOISE! (y)
  6. Wayneb A Fixture

    Sorry to say;the start and continuation of this subject is a serious detriment to the legitimate supplier....Not only that but it has given more awareness and confidence to the ripoff jackasses to continue and sell their wares......Also to the unaware buyer who really gives a shit but just wants to paint a piece and buy it at a fair deal....Is there a PF god out there that can really make some noise or is it too late....?????:inpain:
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  7. waterloo1815 Active Member

    When is ENOUGH - ENOUGH about this subject!!! Dave
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  8. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    :(:confused::arghh::arghh: Anytime soon
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  9. Waterman Active Member

    There is an ON & OFF Button Dave. Quite simple to use.
  10. waterloo1815 Active Member

    Waterman - THANKS for the tip !! I found both of them - just can't seem to find the DELETE button!! Dave
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  11. yellowcat A Fixture


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  12. Waterman Active Member

    If all else fails Dave, I find that a size 11 boot helps, it works the same as the Delete Button.
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  13. MalcC A Fixture

    I know folk are sick of this thread, and perhaps that's because we're fed up with the scum recasters.

    As for the deleting things, someone told me to use any key, but I can't find the "any" key.:(

    :LOL: Malc
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  14. yellowcat A Fixture



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  15. yellowcat A Fixture



    any key.gif
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  16. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well, I hate to break the news gents but the horse is not only dead, its ghost has been exorcised and hopefully walked into the light and found peace.
    And so should we. Find peace that is. Stay out of the light unless you are a recaster, then you should rush into it.

    Janne Nilsson
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  17. garyhiggins A Fixture

    Yes, I know it's a boring subject, and it's not much of a weapon, but as things stand it's the only one we've got against these SCUM!!!!!!!
    Anyway, if constant moralising pressure can shame smokers into giving up, maybe we can give the supporters of these CRIMINALS, at least a little pause for thought
    Best wishes (to all legitimate modellers), Gary.
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  18. yellowcat A Fixture

    Recast and original comparison of the Pegaso General Kato Kyomasa 90mm metal.

    Listing picture from ebay resin recast.


    Original metal casting from my grey army.


    As you can see some pieces are missing and some parts are belong to anther kit from the ebay resin recast and the poor crappy quality. YUK! :dead:
    Don't waste your hard earn money on recast. Save up your money and buy an original.
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  19. Waterman Active Member

    That's it Yellowcat, you get what you pay for, and even then sometimes you get robbed. Stay with the Devil you know is my philosophy .
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  20. housecarl Moderator

    I prefer resin.:eek::D
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