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recaster conterfeit

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by lbfactory, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. lbfactory Well-Known Member

    Hello planeters
    I don't know if this recaster have had already mentionned on PF forum
    but i 've found it on aliexpress

    link removed
    I m not registred on aliexpress , and don't know if something can be done

    It's simply a shame
  2. Mookie PlanetFigure Supporter

    The blight.of honest traders and buyers Laurent.Recasters making money from the labours of others.Real shame.
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  3. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    trumpa .jpg

    How about another airstrike. :mad:
  4. ivopreda A Fixture

    the best is to avoid any information about them.

    Putting the link you worked for them. If people don't know is quite difficult support these thieves
  5. fmargem Active Member

    Asian relationship with recasting is something else...
    They make copies of CARS! Do you think they care about how much work we had to produce something?
    They forge shrimp, beer, rice!
    It's a lost war, unfortunately.
    And I have to agree, don't make it easier for them. Complain on the website, send an email to the original producer. He might be able to do something. Don´t share their link.

    Freggin' scum.
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  6. housecarl A Fixture

    Link deleted as requested.:cautious:
  7. PoorPainter New Member

    I recently purchased two busts from a company called Legendarion. They are quit nice and I am happy with them. I saw somewhere that Legendarion is a re-caster. If that is true I deeply regret my purchase. If they are legitimate I have my eye on several others. Anyone who knows the facts please advise.
  8. colonnello kurz Active Member

    I found on Aliexpress a Chinese company that makes "original" figurines .... in itself it does not seem a recaster but to a careful eye you realize that their figures are produced by making "Frankenstein" with parts of Legend and other figures brands ... they seem original but there are copies with a little more work behind
  9. pinkfloyd A Fixture

    These re-casted products prices are temptation that made people give up their soul, even their faith too! They totally forgot and give up what is right or wrong!!! Each signal pruchase from re-casters = kick figures business one time! Because your selfish, some figures producers business are stepping on thin ice!
    Recognize the product original or re-casted? their price could show you, for etc: my Jeffshiu's Miniature 120mm JS120054 original price is $55, their selling prices are $25 or may be lower! Please use your brain!
    I'm 99% believe most buyers from Aliexpress know the product is original or re-casted, Aliexpress didn't have ORIGINAL figures, only RE-CASTERS figures!
    I did reported to Aliexpress complaint these re-casters, but Aliexpress ignore my complaint!
    Sorry for my bad English!
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  10. lbfactory Well-Known Member

    YES it's your opinion, mine is if we don't report to our fellow modellers that the figures or bust they will purchase are conterfeit we are "partner in crime" of these guys
    as i told it it's my humble opinion , may be it's because my Sculptor name is used on this shop and my busts are recasted
    I m agree with jeff i knew it was recasted bust because of the low prices

    Laurent Borget
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  11. ModelCellar A Fixture

    ...so sad...
    I'm really angered by this. I saw the post (and the link) early yesterday before it was removed. I checked it out and I see that they even have a few of my busts on there - man, that really pisses me off. They have almost every brand of miniatures: they have Alpine, Jeff Shiu, MANY of Young's... And it gets worse, there are several "stores" listed carrying them. Just one of Young's pieces shows orders of 21 from one store and orders of 20 for the same piece from another store - that is 41 sales of just ONE piece. Not only is Young, but also the legitimate resellers (like Red Lancers, S.K. Miniatures, etc) that lose profits due to lost sales. I'm sure Chuck or Steve would love to sell 20, 30, or 40 pieces of one bust?!? This hurts all of us. In addition they ae also ripping off the painters whose art work they are STEALING to sell products. For example, Mike Butler's awesome painting of my ANZAC bust. Clicking on any of the items you can see the sales/feedback history. You can see feedback from the US, France, Spain, Belgium and the list goes on and on. AND, if you click on the person that purchased the item you can see they have purchased more than 1 figure - sometimes a dozen or more. I can see that someone from France bought one of my Molly Maguire busts, and 3 people (one from New Zealand, France, and Spain) bought my ANZAC bust. ...and it's the same person from France that bought both my busts. I can see from his profile of THREE pages of purchases that he likes Vietnam era stuff and also purchased black sexy female high heel boots for his 12" female action figure doll ?!?!? I think I know who it is. If it's you, and you happen to read this, thank you very much - you are a POS =)).
    Yes, you can tell quite a bit about the buyers =)).

    I have a suggestion:
    I'm not sure how much it will help, but I registered on "that site" and have submitted about a dozen complaints on behalf of Young, Jeff, Altores, Alpine, etc. on pieces by them. (if you click on an item you can "submit a report"). Maybe if people register, not to purchase, but instead continually submit reports/complaints maybe it will help. Maybe not?
    maybe I'm being naïve?
    maybe they will just ignore it?
    ...but it's worth a try. At least I can say I tried and not sit idly by.

    Click on any item, click on "Report Item" and use the option: "IPR Report" which allows you to submit a report "if you are not the owner of the intellectual property rights but would like to report a case of a party infringing on another trademark...)
    Perhaps type something to the effect: "this is an unauthorized illegal copy of an original model kit produced by XXX - please remove"

    ..worth a try?
  12. PoorPainter New Member

    I appreciate the answers given to my re-opening this can of worms, but I am really out of the loop on this issue. Firstly is there a definitive yes or no answer to my original posting re. Legendarion being a re-caster? I will now add "How can I tell if I am dealing with a re-caster?" I am still a novice but if I like it I buy it but don't want to support these people. I also want to do the right thing.
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  13. Gary D PlanetFigure Supporter

    I don't know if this will make anyone feel better, but I kind of suspect the numbers that show as sold are false anyway. There artificially inflated to show what they are selling is very popular and make you feel that you better buy one yourself as it's a great deal.

    Gary D
  14. ModelCellar A Fixture

    Hi Gary,
    Nah, I don't think they are. EBAY works the same way. I used to sell things on EBAY. If I had a stock of 6 items I could enter that and EBAY would keep track of it showing how many sold vs how many still available. Check EBAY listings from reputable hobby shops and you will see - it's a feature so that you do not sell more than you have. In addition, the Feedback system... you can see who bought it. AND if you click on them, you can see their purchase history. It's all a feature geared toward collecting data so that EBAY can send you emails saying things like: "...you may also be interested in..." how do you think they know what you would be interested in? It's all about data collection. I'm going to guess the "other site" works the same exact way. So, no, I really don't think they are false and artificially inflated .
  15. theBaron A Fixture

    I do that on eBay, too, with figures I see that I know are recasts. I report them. It'll take a huge volume of us doing so, but if everyone would report a couple at a time, as we each browse the Web, it adds up.

    See you at our show, Paul!

  16. Woods457 Active Member


    I have been a member of this site for a few years now and I haven't really contributed to any threads like this before so forgive me if I upset anyone or suggest anything that has already been mentioned before.

    So to throw my two pennies worth in...

    Personally I do not think we will ever be able to stop recasting nor will be able stop well known websites aiding the sales of these counterfeits, but it could be possible to deny or slow down their access to new kits going forward.

    So in my opinion I think producers/manufacturers and legitimate retailers of figure kits should band together and create a sort of "Federation" whereby they collate all their sales data. By doing this they could ascertain who and where their kits were being sold and spot any "trends" in relation to recasting.

    For example:
    If a manufacturer sells a kit to a certain person in Timbuctoo and another manufacturer also sells a kit to that person or same address and shortly after recasts of both kits appear on the market from a seller in Timbuctoo they would know who the culprit was and could reframe from selling any further kits to that person. In addition other "federation" members could be alerted and sales of their products could be withheld. OK, the recaster could use a different name or a different address but the sellers could use discretion when selling to that area again.

    In addition these federation members could then work together to report counterfeits with the offending websites or governing bodies.

    Also, from a commercial aspect at the point of sale the seller could ask the purchaser if they would be willing to receive a "federation" mailshot advertising member’s products and any special offers available to loyal customers.

    @ Jeff Shiu (Pink Floyd)..
    Do you only sell from your website and eBay, I ask this because the seller on eBay who is selling recasts of your kits seems to have quite a lot of them so could you identify who it is from your own sales records???

    Also, do you cast your own kits, if not could it be your caster or an employee of your caster is selling your kits on the side??

    Anyway that’s my thought on the matter.

    All the best and good luck to all you legitimate producers.
  17. colonnello kurz Active Member

    just to give an idea of how huge the Recaster market it is I saw in Rome Young busts and Pegaso figurines painted in bronze and sold as suovenir !! ....
  18. elgreco A Fixture


    Hi David,

    We have no info regarding Legendarion.
    But in answer to your question "How can I tell if I am dealing with a re-caster?", here are the tell-tale signs:

    1. Price - the recasters price their products at ridiculously low levels, generally approx. one-third of the retail price.
    2. No Box - although they list the items as "new", they are never presented in a box and they state this in their product description.
    3. Brand name - recasters NEVER list items according to brand name - you will NEVER see them posting the item as a Young/Pegaso/Nutsplanet/etc. kit. They never mention the brand, sculptor or painter YET they steal their boxart images to sell their counterfeit wares.
    4. Double-check the country of origin where they are posting the item from. Some Chinese recasters, especially on Ebay, may have the listing as coming from the UK, for example, then when you check the postage information, you will find that the item is being posted from China, Russia, etc.
    5. Recasters generally have loads of product listings. A genuine modeller who is selling a few of their grey army kits would have 2-6 items at most for sale at any one time and they would mention the brand name. Most recasters will have hundreds of products listed on their store front.

    Hope this helps you spot things out. If you are ever in doubt, just contact someone on here (Planet Figure) or even a reseller like ourselves and we will be able to help you to see if an item/seller is genuine or not.
  19. jonsteed47 Member

    as a modeler who right now is living under a threat because the landlord wants to me to clean my apartment which i started to do but i believe i might a single re-cast figure of Napoleonic Marshall and i got from a store in NYC along time ago what should i do painted and be accused of painting a re-casted figure what should i do with the figure ?
  20. stu A Fixture

    I too got a shock when i looked on aliexpress.

    I view the site as a recaster platform...its popular too. The problem with recasting is its consumer driven.

    It is already changing our hobby. It is becoming a gamble to release products. The sales fall off when a piece is recast is huge.

    I have 10 plus kits recast. I managed to get tjem removed from ebay as far as i can see. They are probably just relisted so i cant see them.

    It kills my enthusiasm my drive.

    Its a bad situation that has no answers. Like i said its consumer driven so unless that stops it will carry on. As a msnufacturer i can do whatever i can to try to stop my products being bought by these recasters but its not 100% possible.

    Sad times in a great hobby


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