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really saddened by a fellow member,

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by tony wilbraham, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. hi all, I receieved a message regarding a 200mm mirage kit that I was selling on ebay, the U.S. paratrooper stood next to the wall, from a guy in Taiwan as he wanted to buy it on ebay, but he messaged me on here, I told him to contact me in future through ebay , anyway i thought he might be an ok guy as he was a member on here ? ( i cannot remember what he was called as i deleted his message), but he comes under the name kwen on ebay, any way i sold him the kit but i ended up putting a photo copied sheet of the colour guide in, as i wanted to keep the original, he got his model but said there was no wooden base and the instruction sheet was a copy, oops! the kit didn't come with the wooden base but i resent out the original colour sheet, about a month on, he`s now wanting to send it back for a full refund, NOW im guessing this Asian guy has made a mould, is going to cast them, now wants his money back from me, and is going to make lots of money from copies, it really saddens me that a fellow member and modeller can do this sort of thing,
  2. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    What was his name here on PF ? .. As only 'Moderators/Admin', can delete others posts, both in Public forum, and PM!" .. So it maybe still kicking about!


  3. im not sure mark, i know he defeniatly sent me a message on here, but ive just looked in my messages and it wasn't there, that's why i thought i must have deleted the message, its annoying as i trusted him, yet ebay will take his side, refund him and i might end up with an empty box or a damaged figure, and he`s going to make money from it all, i didn't want to put this post up, but anybody that really knows me - knows im as honest as they can be, i will trust anyone, i will think again though about any dealings with the far east,
    kind regards tony,
  4. Nap A Fixture

    We certainly don't want this guy on PF ...

    Tony ,

    Its a sad reflection on this so called modeller ..a rip off merchant..... sorry you had to go through this

    Take it easy

  5. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    Perhaps it was an E-Mail, (Under deleted messages) have you checked that avenue? ..

    Then purely state, that refunds are subject to receiving the item (s) back in original condition! Play him at his own game! Has a dispute been opened?

    It may well be a hard lesson, but I think I not the only one, on this forum that refuses to buy or ship, anything to 'China, Macau, Taiwan, etc. More so when dealing with E-Bay !


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  6. IIICorps Active Member

    No disrespect, but we've only heard one side of the story and some of that is speculation.
  7. no disrespect to you 111corp, but I have clearly stated the facts, I was selling 200mm stuff on ebay, the guy messaged me on here wanting it, I stated to do business through ebay, I ended up selling it to him under the name kwen on ebay, I did not think it would matter if I copied the original colour chart, and send him the copied set, ok I was wrong there, so he recieved the model and he picked up on the photo copied sheet, I explained what I did as I genuinely did not think it would matter, he also wanted the wooden base as in the photograph, I told him that did not come with the model and that was explained on ebay, so I posted the original sheet off, over a month down the line he`s wanting his money back as an item not as described, NOW im not stupid and 99% of you on here are not, as we all know what his intentions are, so 111corp that is the facts, not any lies and like I said the older modellers on her will know who iam, I was a box art painter for most of the top English companies back in the 90`s, I have a good name in the modelling world and the people that know me will vouch for that, I do not want to get into any arguments or anything of that kind, I just wanted to post what my experience with a fellow member ? on here and to let people be aware. yours truly tony,
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  8. Nap A Fixture


    No disrespect taken.....

    I still don't want this type here!!!

    Tony has given all the facts ..perhaps this guy might like to respond!!!

  9. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I have had dealings with Kwen who is a member on here and there have been no problems.

  10. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I've just checked back on my conversations with him. He goes under the name Kwen 1. He does like things to be perfect, I supplied him with a 180mm Le Cimier Figure, unfortunately it had a piece missing and he patiently waited while I had one cast for him that I took from another kit. It was very amicable and he was very patient.

    I would hate to see a fellow member bumped off PF on the basis of a single transaction without being able to explain himself.

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  11. maybe I have jumped the gun on this one a wee bit, the guy might be ok and I might have him all wrong, if I have then I sincerely apologise, I didn't know him, all I know he wanted the original sheet and the wooden base of which didn't come with the figure, of which I both posted off around 3 weeks ago maybe a bit less, I doubt that they have even got to him yet, but 6 weeks on I just thought it a little suspicious him coming from asia, wanting a refund from me, I genuinely thought it was going to be casted, once the claim was put in against me, so maybe I just misunderstood the guy, in hindsight maybe I should have waited to see if they popped up on ebay first, if only !

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  12. just an update, the guy has just been in touch with me and has apologised as I have also, he assures me he is an honest buyer and he does not cast any figures as I presumed, and we just lost communication somewhere, and he was hasty in his actions, he is a member on here and I hope what turned into a bit of untrusting towards him on my part can turn out us becoming mutual friends, sorry for any misunderstandings on my part, I genuinely thought I was being ripped off from the far east mob, kind regards and the matter is now closed, tony,
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  13. Adrian Cowdry Well-Known Member

    Just adding my tuppence worth but after a month you are not obliged to give the guy his money back - let him whistle dixie. The most he can do to you is complain to ebay - you have sold the item in good faith and as described. Tough luck on matey in Taiwan - to be honest if he is making recasts then I doubt he'd bother to get his money back as he will cover that cost quite quickly if the kit is popular.
  14. Adrian Cowdry Well-Known Member

    Oh....good it's resolved. Glad to hear it.
  15. Nap A Fixture




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