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Re-Joining From Victoria, BC, Canada

Discussion in 'Welcome aboard' started by Bob Black, Dec 14, 2020.

  1. Bob Black Member

    Greetings all

    I actually joined planetFigure in early 2017, however my miniature painting hobby got sort of shelved until this year when the bloody pandemic essentially left me stuck at home so I resurrected this wonderful hobby and got to 'er.

    First, let me thank all the members of this forum who have posted so many helpful hints for a tyro like me.

    I am constantly perusing the different threads for help. I am in awe of the artistry I see shown on these pages. I'm not sure I will ever have the steady hands necessary for some of the incredible work I see, but I guess we have to start somewhere, eh?

    My interest is in Napoleonic 54mm figures. I really enjoy French cavalry and have managed to collect a pretty good reference library, but of course there is a world of pictures on the internet so no shortage of support there.

    I order most of my figures from Russia, Ukraine and more recently Latvia. The quality and pricing is reasonable and the shipping much cheaper than ordering from the US. Go figure. I am bravely posting pictures of my first three completed figures. They are a Russian carabineer trumpeter circa 1778, a French grenadier, circa 1807, and a French cuirassier circa 1812. They are far from works of art, but the more I do the better I feel I get, naturally. I am still struggling with faces and doing some of the detailing (dry brush, washes, inks) but getting there.

    Again, thank you all for the great stuff you have on this forum to help a fellow like me. Stay safe. Bob

    IMG_2616.jpeg IMG_2617.jpeg
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  2. Chris Oldfield A Fixture

    Nice to see you here, Bob & glad you followed the urge to rejoin. Like all hobbies, it doesn't matter how critical you are of your own work, the main point is doing something you enjoy & getting pleasure out of it. Looking forward to seeing more of your posted figures!
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  3. Graham A Fixture

    Welcome back Bob:)
  4. grasshopper A Fixture

    Welcome from Fruitvale bc..near Trail..
  5. grasshopper A Fixture

    Watch out for recasters when you buy
  6. Bob Black Member

    How can you tell? Can you suggest the names of reputable 54mm metal unpainted Napoleonic miniatures providers? Other than the places I have ordered them from I've found them difficult to find. I totally don't want to deal with anybody who is flogging recasts. Thanks. Bob
  7. Bob Black Member

  8. grasshopper A Fixture

    Metal models, pegaso has some...Miguel at El-taller...quite a few..and many reputable in Eastern Europe, russia..some offer both resin and metal..keep watching PF..ask Nap, couple of guys in France, Be;glum..
  9. DaddyO A Fixture

    Welcome back Bob and good to see some of your work :)

    Stay safe
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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi there Bob

    A BIG ŴELCOME back to PF from me

    Great to have you with us some lovely models there ..It's all about enjoyment and remember we all learn when we pick a brush up ...no matter what level

    As for recasters ...evil thieving scum .....there are many great Russian companys that are genre and of course others worldwide all sharing releases in Figure news so have a look

    Do ask any questions someone will know

    Lots of different sections to look at including traditional and 3 D sculpting , competitions , WIP's , References , Painting techniques and so much more

    There are threads in Welcome Aboard about how to do things on PF but feel free to message me always happy to help

    Look forward to seeing your work

    ALL figures are welcome and of course Vignettes & Diorama ( we run a competition as well )

    Happy bench-time

    Nap ( Moderator )
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  11. Mirofsoft A Fixture

  12. grasshopper A Fixture

    Wrong continent
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  13. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Completely right, I focused on Victoria ( It's a memory of youth for me )
    Better this
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  14. Bob Black Member

    When I was in the Canadian Army we lived on the Naval Base just across from the Fisgard Lighthouse. Our house was just on the other side of the trees on the hill. Thanks for finding this. Lots of good memories. We still live near Victoria, but nowhere with the view we had then.
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  15. grasshopper A Fixture

    My late father went to Royal Roads, and my connection is thru cycling..from your initial post: I pretty much don’t buy anything from US, the cost of postage and associated duty, exchange is brutal..several makers in Europe use DHL which is fast and decent price..Ammo by Mig- they carry several lines of figures, AK, RP, out of Italy -scientific models..and from UK- hit and moss re shipping..but really good folks- El Greco..
    never ever use UPS..and be careful buying on EBay..if you want metal and are ok larger scale- I have near complete Napoleonics of original Poste Militaire..the ones done by another maker using the original moulds are not same metal quality at all..original, non rotten..
  16. housecarl A Fixture

    Good to see you back Bob.(y)
  17. Lissorles Member

    Welcome back! For 54mm, 75mm and 90mm(?), I have found the best prices and selection at Pegaso Models, especially when there's steep discounts like there are now (albeit, on a limited number of figures). With a €99 purchase you order will also qualify for free international shipping. Have you looked on Etsy, perchance? I don't know if they're recasters on there, since the prices are comparable to Pegaso Models, Scale75 and others, but there has been one person to advertise their shop on here--Ronin Miniatures--so I'm guessing not?
  18. theBaron A Fixture

    Welcome back, Bob!
    That maker in Latvia-is that ArtIG? I really wish they'd make Seven Years War subjects.

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