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Rapid Prototyping Minifigures

Discussion in 'Digis - Digital Miniatures 3D Modeling' started by magicmodel, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I must say, from a traditional sculptor producer, Andreas has helped so much in dipping my toe in this field.
    If ever there was an expert to get advice from, I would say Andreas.
    He covers all areas and is knowledge is vast.
    A good man and his company is second to none in this field
    Best wishes
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  2. mandreas Active Member

    I have just a new 3d printer, there is a lot to learn, not as many believe "push a button and the object comes out" ,below my last 3d model printed ...

    PC_E7.jpg br9.jpg pc_4x.jpg DSC_0044.JPG DSC_0048.JPG
  3. vince wai Active Member

    Mandreas ,

    That's look real good, how long does it take to print the robot head out.

    Shame that I had to make up for the furnace payment instead of the 3D printer, hope I can get one within a few month's time ( and at the meantime had get more illustration jobs and less time for fun sculpting :notworthy::notworthy::grumpy: )

    You 2 Andreas ( mandrea and Andrea of Pathos ) are amazing!

  4. mandreas Active Member


    Thank you very much Vince,
    the printer asked 6.30 hours, 0.045 mm thick,
    soon put in "cooking" the head of the "panzer commander" with resolution 0.015;),
    I'm sorry for the problems of your furnace, but I'm sure that if you want something (3d printing), you get it ;)
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  5. vince wai Active Member

    Do you have to decimate the model a lot in order to get it printed and how many polygons for the panzer commander head?

  6. mandreas Active Member

    Yes sure, I use decimator master, but it does not reduce the quality of the details .The head for example has 16000 polygons..(but have to check ...)
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  7. mandreas Active Member

    head without media...
    you must take time for finishing to remove the trace of the support, I guess the best choice for a model maker would be the "Soliscape", the object is not supported by arms, but by a biodegradable resin, but (there is always a but) it costs a leg (for a hobbyist), is noisy (if you do not have a lab, and you keep it in the apartment does not pass much that the neighbors covered you with tar and feathers) ...:confused:

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  8. vince wai Active Member

    But soliscape are mainly for wax model prepared for lost wax casting, is it? I am a bit lost with this vast output possibilities:unsure:

    I think clearing the support will not be a serious problem as I am just looking for a printer for casual hobby purpose and as long as the cost won't have my head decapitated;)

    Do you need UV light for further curing of the printed resin model?

  9. mandreas Active Member

    sure that it does not produce objects structurally usable, so not large series production but only prototypes, then if you uses them for foundry molds or silicone does not change much,

    you can use a UV lamp, our good ebay offers; uv lamp for nail-fashion (not say it around though:D ), or sterilizer, for the moment I use the sun that is cheap

  10. pokrad A Fixture

    BTW: how does that resin from printer behaves ? Is it easy to cut and sand or is it tough and hard ?
    I am thinking: supports are no problem as long as they are easy to cut off and sand properly...
  11. mandreas Active Member

    the resin when "cured" is easy to work with the tools of the modelers, for the occasion, I printed a tool of my conception: Rhino 15 minutes, 1 hour of printing, just cut strips of sandpaper 15 mm wide and ... voila!

    DSC_0051.JPG lima.jpg

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  12. vince wai Active Member

  13. mandreas Active Member

  14. mandreas Active Member

    the idea of printing a part insignia and decorations is great!
  15. mandreas Active Member

    I do not know exactly if they only use wax or unmergeable resin..
  16. vince wai Active Member


    :) You 2 guys are sinful.:)
    3D is not even sculpting and 3D printing is always lacking ......

    And how dare you guys are showing what the technology can do at this point :);)
    Pretty much reminds me when people were saying to me that Photoshop is useless when I was painting with Photoshop version 1.0 20 years ago.

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  17. mandreas Active Member

    sure Vince !
    concluding speech, professional machines can do even better: my model printed with DWS ...

    DSC_0053.JPG DSC_0057.JPG

    Cya Andrea
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  18. mash3d Member

  19. mandreas Active Member

    Thank mash 3d,
    I took a Makex M-one, is equipped with a very good software for the generation of the supports,
    (also automatically) but I position them manually one by one by studying the shape of the model,

  20. Veleran Member

    Mandreas and Pathos,if you take commissions is there any topic link for printing prices examples?Lets say-a 14 cm bust,a 7 cm bust or a 9 cm figure.
    The models look nice and detailed.

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