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R/110: The Last Stand, Waterloo 1815 (NEWS ALEXANDROS MODELS)

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Anastasiya, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Anastasiya A Fixture

    Hello Planetfigure!

    We just realised that still didn´t show this release here - the threenew figures that conclude our diorama of French Grenadiers at Waterloo "The Last Stand", sculpted by Richard Galicek

    This set consists of 3 figures in 75mm and the wheel vagon section.
    The set is casted in white metal and several resin parts.

    Have a look at our website to find this kit and previous figures of the same diorama.
    We hope that you like the last three figures of the scene [IMG]
    Thank you!

    ls stand sticker.jpg

    The full diorama of 7 figures

    diorama to print.jpg

    1.jpg 6.jpg 4.jpg
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  2. Oda A Fixture

    Magnificent!!!!!Nothing more to say.

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  3. clrsgt A Fixture

    Great set. This one is the best of the series.
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  4. Reptor A Fixture

    Wahou! Just Fantastic !!!!! :eek:(y):love:
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  5. HansDig A Fixture

  6. megroot A Fixture

    I really like this.

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  7. Merkava Active Member

    Wonderful !
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  8. Tonton Well-Known Member

    Stirring stuff – about as good as it gets!

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  9. Chezzie Well-Known Member

    My aim is to put all the sets together as a ‘Last Stand’ diorama.

    Stunning figures!!!
  10. HansDig A Fixture

    Yep, #MeToo, I have this purchase planned for September. Looking forward to it.
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  11. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    :rolleyes: Already working on it, chaps........if we all put them together, what a show that would make !:wideyed:

    The castings are well up to Alexandros usual standard, and are a joy to put together. I got the angle of the arms on the kneeling-firing fellow spot on first try, and the hands/musket casting slots straight in, making it easier for painting. (y)

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  12. Oda A Fixture

    Typical Alexandros Models high quality product.

  13. Chezzie Well-Known Member

    It would be a fantastic display!!!
  14. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    Whilst I am working on this to complete a whole diorama in current progress, it strikes me that although there is an officer and an NCO wounded, there are not any fallen/dying figures. I've incorporated two from other makers, one holding his head in his hands,in despair; the other converted from the Scale75 gunner from "The Maid of Saragossa" artillery set. But....and it's a big but (no pun intended) , not a dead'un in sight. I don't know how others here may feel on this sort of subject, and it's not something we see much of in action pieces, but it would seem an essential component part of a Napoleonic battle scene. I added some dead Frenchmen to the Hougoumont vignette a couple of years ago( one was included in the scenery, you may recall). I know some of our fine sculptors have been showing extreme action in their offerings, like MMM's Charge of the 17th Lancers, Balaclava, but there seems to be an aversion to showing any dead.
    Certainly not my intention to be morbid here, chaps, but while working away, this topic just made me ponder awhile, and I'm certainly sorry to have rambled on. However, there it is....back to the bench of soggy brushes:rolleyes:


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