Questions on how to paint ghostly figures

Discussion in 'Painting Techniques' started by Chris Kelm, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Chris Kelm Active Member

    I am not sure what to put on the title for this post but there it is.
    The reason for the title is this,I saw last November a photo on a military website that show a very traumatic photo of a woman sitting in a chair at a funeral after just burring her husband.
    He served 4 tours in Afghanistan with his dog before he past and the photo shows his dog sitting next to his coffin in front of her,she was sitting by her self,a real tear jerk-er.
    Now I don't really know how to put the photo on this website and as for trying to find it again,that will take some time since I was looking for something else when I found it.
    So with this in mind, I would like to,with the utmost discreteness,replicate that photo as a vignette with a slightly different touch. I'm keeping the photo as the vignette but I want to put a slightly smoked plexiglass behind the coffin with the figure of the US Infantry dog handler behind it, watching over them. I would like to make it similar to a ghostly type figure,but not a spooky one. One that is loving and telling her not to worry everything will be ok.
    I hope my explanation helps in any help or advice you can give me.
    Thank you.
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  2. valiant A Fixture

    Maybe see if someone can laser engrave the image onto acrylic sheet......(y)
  3. John Bowery PlanetFigure Supporter

    Here is a small diorama done by Erin Hartwell

    erin hartwell.jpg
    Titled "Lost but not forgotten."
    Hope that this may help
  4. Scotty Well-Known Member

    This sounds like a really poignant vignette, as I was reading I pictured a figure in shades of white and grey like John's photo. I wish you the best of luck with this and look forward to seeing the final piece.
  5. REMOVED Guest

    If you are thinking to depict the scene, the widow deserves her permission being asked. It’s dangerous territory. A few photographers have done series of works on the theme, always with consent.
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  6. Chris Kelm Active Member

    Thanks for the info everyone.
  7. clrsgt A Fixture

    A very poignant idea for a vignette and I totally agree with John's comment above
  8. Eugene D. New Member

    1. You can try painting the ghost in grayscale and make it lighter at the top (head) and super dark at the bottom (feet).
    2. Taking #1 into account, you can try glazing it afterward with either blue, green or purple as well (or a mix of either of them).
    3. Like the previous mentioned, you can also try setting the figuring a couple millimeters above the ground to give the effect it's floating. You can simply cut the feet at the ankle, then greenstuff it and reattach at a 45 degree angle which will give it the true effect of floating. Then just keep it up there using a pin.
    4. Google images for ghosts and pick a theme you like. Pay very close attention to the details (around the eyes, hair, etc.)
  9. Mirofsoft A Fixture


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