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Review Queen Zenobia from RP Models

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jun 4, 2024.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi everyone

    RP have certainly been busy recently with several releases ranging from Ancient to the Old West and in between , today I’m going to share a open box look at a lady .....

    Not any lady but a warrior queen who defied the might of Rome , strong willed , demanding recognition and a true leader , fighting heavily against Rome , in the end she (and her son) were paraded through the streets , she was humiliated by being covered in heavy gold chains and jewellery.......finally being executed in AD274 ....another historian says she starved herself before actually reaching Rome


    Some good books to have a look at

    ED4E8F06-2874-4239-8E0F-02713DF44E09.jpeg 5BC3D07B-5893-46CA-988D-20CD6E658AB3.jpeg 3B13B4C7-524F-45C9-A3B8-218CB2FB5F5A.jpeg 7495AE8A-6D9E-4DBD-9F26-251C1E4CDB2A.jpeg

    Some pics to enjoy as well

    D4936A41-124F-47EB-8609-14475DCD98C7.jpeg 75DFB75C-06BA-4652-B507-B056605A30A4.png 3BC3E507-DE13-4C00-B01F-25010DEB0A95.jpeg A65BB931-59D8-4CB7-8D08-7C9C73F5199B.jpeg 2A8E3457-98B4-4BB7-9CA2-89F55838A3E7.jpeg B2087260-B0C9-4113-B64F-E94BDF4FDDC4.jpeg

    Details of the release announced here by Hugo https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/1-12-queen-zenobia-bust.665223/

    Title: Queen Zenobia (Ancient World Series)

    Reference: RP-01-B-0001

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material: Dark Gray Resin

    No of parts: 8 plus information insert

    Sculptor: 3D

    Casting : (In House using the latest Hi Tech Printers)

    Box Art: N/A

    Note: Limited run of 150 worldwide , All stock is with RP partners only with UK stockists being SK MINIATURES and EL GRECO Miniatures , overseas include BERLINZINFIGURE, WENDY's and many more

    As with the previous releases, the distinctive black box with the push on wrap (simply push the ends and the box can be removed ) , there’s acknowledge to all members of Planet Figure which is nice



    On opening we find a insert with further historical information on the subject , remove this and you find a mass of bubble wrap safely holding the contents of 2 resealable bags , one holding the torso, head and lower clothing , the other the arms and weapons.

    The casting is as stated in a very dark resin , used to help the 3D sculpting process

    1A86A34E-C6CA-4F1F-B731-FA696665B5E1.jpeg D6877AD0-B26E-45FD-99A3-12FE76A9EB95.jpeg

    The pieces have all been cleaned up by the team at RP ...but I recommend dry test fit prior to committing fully


    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Let’s rumble round the resin now

    ***Click on images for a larger view ***

    The actual figure consist of 3 pieces , #1 head with shoulder which fits into the torso (#2) this in turn fits into the lower clothing (#3)

    Firstly ...NO PRINT LINES on any of these pieces ,

    Beginning with #1

    The head is swathed in a nicely sculpted full scarf over her , the folds and creases are very good indeed , natural , this continues in the hooded cloak that’s sitting nicely on the back of the shoulders , secured by circular pin

    Hanging from the sides is a nicely done beaded necklace , sharp in shaping , sitting at the top center we have a “crown” highlighting the high status , again full of precious items

    Underneath the folds and creases are a collar that covers both shoulders , no doubt encrusted with valuable stones and made of gold , the decoration is sharp and with no flaws

    Our Queen has just her face showing , no ears as they hide under the material , the facial features are pretty and the facial area is adorned with chains and drops , together with a piercing on her lower lip

    The eyes are well shaped and cast without flaws , the upper eyes have what I presume to show the full eyelashes , careful painting will be needed

    2E8352FE-32D7-4671-A255-56D9931A3405.jpeg 84211635-5D5B-4E76-96D2-1141FCD06FA2.jpeg 15F32A7B-1B50-4441-B1F0-BFCA24673295.jpeg

    31A25750-F0DA-4F98-9FCA-35A3DE590B03.jpeg 750E4BF1-0772-48F8-8658-E71C1592A930.jpeg 9F42991F-B834-4696-A01F-33A34C166CB9.jpeg


    The main torso , delightfully female in shape and thankfully not over emphasised , our warrior is bare shouldered save for wearing a mail vest , really well done with the links showing , good folds

    Across the chest in the centre a four pointed design , representing swords I think on each there are 2 decorations shaped like birds...all leading to the centre where there’s a rounded with a lovely depiction of a female ....perhaps it’s a god or the queen herself .....all are sharply worked

    Moving down to lower torso there’s a larger piece of armour , rounded and finely detailed , to each side more protection , wrapping around the waist is a sash with a bow on her right , good folds are evident everywhere , on the left there’s a cut out where the main sword fits into

    C7029E1A-FA88-477B-8120-C2234B70A470.jpeg 5381356B-B512-4CDF-A802-43980C2F266E.jpeg 9C7D85A0-C34F-413D-86D2-53134657C58A.jpeg

    2090276E-8176-414D-A924-E955B5106FDB.jpeg 1D9349FC-04FB-49F6-A382-8468AAD99134.jpeg 57ABFEEC-AD0D-41F9-966E-C602CEF6A6D6.jpeg

    At the neck area there’s a shaped post to fit neatly into the upper head piece , on the lower a cutout to fit into the final piece

    EB24F7EB-05FD-475E-9D70-CFC4BD50BE11.jpeg 549A3390-2FA5-4E8E-BBDB-4F4991799590.jpeg


    This is the largest of the 3 pieces for the main piece, very full of volume , the material swirls around with again the folds being well done but what’s particularly noticeable is the actual pattern and embroidery covering the whole surfaces ........really good to see this is not overdone and is both on and under the folds .....painting will be so much easier and look great

    Note : Dryfit each piece , and either build fully or paint separately and build ...the options yours

    6C204037-690D-46DB-92A2-E72C44145E0E.jpeg ECF7E54F-3F61-4648-B44B-C2AFE1545BDE.jpeg

    A389D448-D306-458E-B1E2-303E6EFE0A3F.jpeg 4642B998-ADBA-4ED5-9D42-0F937930F9ED.jpeg


    Continued in final post

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Onto the remainder of the resin


    The right arm is extended and holding part of the spear , the left bent at the elbow holding a rein

    Both have decorative bands at the top , both nicely done the right one has the same decorative details as on chest .....the other the lower part of the styled snake on the torso

    At each cuff is protective bands , again well detailed , the left holds a rein , good texture but I would reduce the thickness .....or it could be a padded rein

    The hands themselves are well done , longer fingernails as befits a lady , a ring is on each hand

    The right is fully outstretched, the hand gripping a section of the spear , under the hand is wrapping to help the gripping , the spear shaft shows nice wood effects

    Fit is good on the right side , the left needs a tiny bit of reducing the post on the arm will be required...easy to do

    F0DA5761-72F2-478B-9A75-50D92473950A.jpeg E5F944EF-2C6F-4B87-ADA9-8347F57E99F8.jpeg F505F558-EF4A-4F8C-8FBA-0146C14C2ABA.jpeg

    4D60B1B4-C47C-4E0A-843E-5F4779E44457.jpeg 98DA9AFC-F6DC-4052-8502-9F03AED468B9.jpeg


    The main piece of the spear will need fitting , there is a shaped post and a cutout provided but I would suggest pinning if possible , you could also use a bit of sculpting putty to extend the cast on grip in the hand for a even more secure fit

    Again good wood surface effects with the actual spearhead being a good shaped piece ...nondamage to the point thanks to careful packing

    03CB50B9-5DDE-4A67-9066-951DC9B79A4B.jpeg 0AAB55CF-E2A5-48A3-88C1-CE84CD2D71FB.jpeg 8835F17C-151E-4AD8-96E0-14040DA371A4.jpeg

    There are 2 other weapons , a sword and a dagger , the sword is long and sits nicely into the cutout on the lower left torso , the dagger likewise into a cutout at the rear

    Both are with good textures (sharkskin perhaps) and both are richly decorated , on the sword scabbard on the review item there was a line ....putty and careful sanding will deal with this

    770A66C9-32C9-4561-AB99-9238080594F4.jpeg 1B63C3B3-0F3F-4ACF-8FDC-ED8DFDEB1E1B.jpeg


    Final Thoughts

    A good release , full of details and a challenge to paint with the flesh and finely worked patterns , at the end of it you’ll have a lovely piece to proudly show

    Well done to Hugo and all the RP team for their continued insistance on giving the best they can ...they are appreciative of the modelling community’s support


    RP would again like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all PF members and so many others on their valuable input and support (y)(y)

    Thanks to RP for the review piece


    For more details on RP releases (REMEMBER all are LIMITED SO GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN)


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/RPmodels

    E mail: hpereira@rpmodels.pt

    or you can contact Hugo via this site using PM

    Happy benchtime

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  4. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello BIG GUY

    Thak you so much for your review... Im very happy... The sword have a fail... I will send you a new one in a next figure...

    Thank you for everything...
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  5. Nap Moderator


    It was fun to look at , look forward to receiving the replacement sword and seeing the new figure .....as always first rate response from you and your team

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  6. Oda A Fixture

    Excellent presentation of a gorgeous figure.

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  7. BRAN Well-Known Member

    Excellent review with very nice clear and sharp photos. Thank you very much Nap !!
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