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WIP Pushing that Putty - Micks Micks and TW busts

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Nap, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. red tom Active Member

    The 'old fellow in scarlet' is Sgt John Cunningham, 5th Northumberland Fusiliers. I have an autographed pic of this. He definitely was a good shot as most of the badges are for shooting at Bisley including the King's Medal.
  2. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Quite some project Kev.
    Interesting details on some of these old boys.
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  3. peedee A Fixture

    Hi Kev
    I was unaware you were making a bust of
    10th vol Bn Kings (Liverpool Scottish).

    Here's the corrections you will need mate.

    Glengarry caps taper down at the rear as far as the diced border and the ribbons are the same width as the dice.
    The diced border itself splits in an inverted v at the rear so the cap lies flat against the head.
    see Mike Chappels drawings and these pics of actual ones for the side profile. The correvt profile is the tjird down.
    The bottom one is a poor Quality Indian odern import grrrrrr

    Screenshot_2017-05-25-09-43-18-1.png Screenshot_2017-05-25-10-52-45-1.png

    The ribbon ends are stitched on as a 'continuation' of the border and stitched together at an angle that forms a diamond. The ribbons therefore when worn, stick out away from the head by a few centimetres before gravity allows the loose ends to fall.
    The ribbons when folded under, reach exactly to the front edge, so that's how you measure the correct length.

    20170603_130526.jpg 20170603_130533.jpg

    So:- remove the badge and rosette and remove 25% of the dice from the top edge, replacing the badge assembly lower down and nearer to the ear.

    File/sand down the rear point of the cast hat, down to the new dice top edge.
    Cut an inverted V notch at the centre rear from the dicing.

    Replace the missing hair in the space and add the ribbons.


    Hope this helps, please remember this Regiment used dark brown leather valise equipment as a 'badge of pride' marking them out as part of the orignal Territorial force reinforcements to the BEF of 1914.

    If ya need out else shout out pal !

  4. mick3272 A Fixture

    All very helpful Paul.
    I have been waiting for your little beady eye to spot this.
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  5. peedee A Fixture

    I didn't post this before today because Tommy's War is sold out on these, so I wasn't sure it was gonna help anyone else.

  6. mick3272 A Fixture

    Good you did.
    I recall you gave ralph a shed load of info, and you dont know how many are badged to the Regiments of the Gray Army.

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  7. peedee A Fixture


    True dat Mick, I wanted a couple more myself !

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  8. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Paul

    Cheers for the pictures , I have done the alterations you said , just wasn't 100% sure how the ribbons fitted to the back of the glengarry ...in a diamond shape with the ribbons coming out from the lower edge ? ...yes I know I am thick !

    Looking at mine I moved the badge but it's jst over the edge of the hair ....seen variations where the badge sits ..perhaps due to way worn ?

    Interesting fact about the webbing as well ..something to remember .

    PS ..nice looking finish on yours as well

    image.jpg a.jpg
  9. peedee A Fixture

    In the photo above the front of the glengarry is over his right eye making the badge appear more to the front than it is.
    The badge could still go further back mate because on the model the centre of the front o the cap is between his eyes.
    Profile looks good.
    Glue one ribbon end so it continues the angle of the diced border. Glue the other into place.
    cross them so as to form a diamond and glue together at that point. Allow the tails to hang and curl as required
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  10. peedee A Fixture

    'Kin phone camera annoys the poo out of me

    Anyhoo, the badge on the photo looks 'far forward' cos he has the front well over his right eye.

    On the sculpt the natural peak is between the eyes, so you can put the badge further back along the side.

    The leading edge of the silk rosette would be in line with the hair and the rear in line with the front of the ear.
    Here's how the ribbons work as a sketch.
    Sorry guys its not easy doing all this on my Mobile, whilst on the land line at work.
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  11. mick3272 A Fixture

    Thought they had been re badged to the Australian 10th King's Liverpool Scottish.
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  12. peedee A Fixture


  13. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Paul

    Cheers mate ...in the words of the prophet Mick3272 ....BUGGER !!!

    Took everything off now ..well it snapped off!!!...off to get the putty out

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