Prussian Infantryman 1870

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Manfred, May 19, 2004.

  1. Manfred Active Member


    The water bottle is Dragons first german release, actually too small for ww2 and later corrected. The mess tin is by Scale Link. It is supposed to be ww1 german but to me looks like the earlier model. The template I did for my own build matched it's size so I used it ;) .




    Here is how I did the false pocket applications:
    I made a template from sheet to push the putty into shape.


    Still lots to do. Plan is next to do the other sleeve, then check hands and fit and finalize arms and shoulders.
  2. Joe Hudson Active Member


    You are doing a really nice job. I look forward to seeing more pictures.

  3. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Manfred!

    Great job so far, he is looking really good. I really like the way you made your jig to get the pockets the same, very clever.
  4. John Long Active Member

    Mannfred, terrific idea on the template. The figure is looking great!
  5. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Manfred, He's shaping up really well. I too like the template idea.~Gary
  6. LCoote New Member

    Coming along very nicely there Manfred!!!
  7. Einion Well-Known Member

    Mein Freund, I meant to comment earlier but this is looking great, your sculpting is coming along very well!

    I look forward to seeing it in the flesh in Folkestone :)

  8. RobH Active Member

    Manfred......I'm just putting two and two together!
    Einion intoduced us at Euro!

    He is looking good! Hopefully get to see it at Euro as well!

  9. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Manfred, to be honest, I was watching this somewhat closely just because it is one FINE piece of work. Not really reading much on the way you sculpted a item, just simply watching a terrific figure take shape. Now that I have bitten by the putty bug....... :eek: oh man am I learning a lot now. Things are beginning to make sense. Iv'e spent hours on here (not that I needed another excuse to spend MORE time on pf ;) ) going through all the sculpting posts. Yours is one of the better ones. Thanks for tips and inspiration to do this.

    Jim Patrick
  10. Manfred Active Member

    Hiya Einion, it's still lots of work and the fearful items are the helmet and facial changes. And then there's the painting ...

    Rob, so you are "the" Rob which had this splendid german officer on display :) !

    Jim, thanks for the kind words. I can only recommend to to have a go at it.
    Even if there are many errors to make it's fun and you get another perspective of the hobby.
    You really appreciate the fine figures in your collection ;) .
  11. Dan Morton A Fixture

    ;) Manfred - your figure looks just great! Good pose and clear, clean sculpting. Keep it up!
  12. georges64 Member

    Hi Manfred , can you post a picture please :)
    regards georges
  13. Manfred Active Member

    Hi Georges,

    haven't ever finished that figure :( .

    So I attach pictures more than one year old. Still quite some work left to do as you see. I am also thinking of removing the head and sculpt my own one. Some other details could be done better nowadays. Maybe one day I will finish it...

  14. georges64 Member

    Thanks for the picture!
    Its look well done.I'll follow the next steps.You must finish 'him' :angry: Did you remember how did you start him?Wired skeleton or commercialy accessories?
  15. Manfred Active Member

    thanks for your friendly words.

    I started with Airfix Multipose feet, hands, head and torso and hip from Airfix parts carved down.
    Arms and legs are wire with Magic Sculp to form the anatomy first. Dreyse rifle is Hecker & Goros, maybe sabre too. The mess tin is from Scale Link 1914-18 series, wrong for WW1 but right for 1870 !
    Water bottle will be converted from Dragon WW2 plastic part.

    I am finishing a commercial figure at the moment and might take this one up again afterwards.

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