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Prussian Infantryman 1870

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Manfred, May 19, 2004.

  1. Manfred Active Member

    Hi there,

    inspired by what I see here and elsewhere I'd like to show my sculpting baby steps.
    End result hopefully will resemble an infantryman advancing at the trot 1870 ;).

    Key anytomy parts are from Airfix Multipose, yes I'm old enough to have white multipose parts left ;) .

    The helmet is a mockup to help me visualizing the figure.
    Arms will be finalized when I have done the tunic front and pouches. I think I have the left arm holding the rifle closer to the body, too.




    Any critics, good or bad welcome.

  2. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    It is looking really nice. I think you are on your way. I look forward to seeing more of the steps.

  3. John Long Active Member

    Rock on Manfred! It looks good. There's alost nothing that can't be modeled by reworking those old AIrfix kits.
  4. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Manfred, I like what you have done so far, keep going. I would suggest cutting off the part of the head from just above the eyebrows as the helmet looks to sit high on the head. Jason, I know you're out there, what do you think?~Gary
  5. Jason W. Active Member

    Ooooohh! I like! Can't wait to see more.

    I like the pose, it shows the Prussian style of fighting...charging forward, no matter the cost!

    Is he going to be a Line or Guard soldier?
  6. LCoote New Member

    That's a great start Manfred! Nice pose, I agree with you about moving the left arm closer to the body
  7. Manfred Active Member

    All: Thanks for encouraging comments.

    John: At first I wanted to use a Friulmodellismo dummy, but then I went for brass wire and Multipose parts to learn more.

    Gary: You have a sharp eye. The helmet was troubling me too and will move down.

    Jason: He'll be line. This is a project I want to get through concentrating on the sculpting/building so no Gardelitzen for now.
    I want him to be typical for August 1870, prussians moving in formation to get closer to the deadly chassepots to bring their own firepower to count.
    The guard theme begs for a vignette showing the assault on St. Privat or something like that ;).

    Think I start with the boots and trousers now and then move to the tunic front and rear.
    Then I can finalize the arms and move to the face and hands.

    I just got my copy of Mike Blanks most interesting book and this will be very handy :)
    However I'm a slow modeler, don't expect updates too often.
  8. Manfred Active Member


    Changed the angle of the left arm to hold the rifle closer to the body.

    Did the boots except lower detail and started the trousers. The left leg was started first and I got carried away with making folds ;). The fabric looks too thin to me for wool and will be corrected duly.
    The right leg looks like I wanted it or nearly so.

    Next big step will be tunic front and back.

    The boots are about 25-35 percent Duro to MS and the trousers are about 10-15 percent. The former mix was practical for that leather look while the latter enabled smoothing with saliva or water.


  9. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Manfred, He coming along nicely. What are you using for uniform references?~Gary
  10. Manfred Active Member


    The boots were cut down and bulk removed and the trousers are modified.
    Next in line will be the upper tunic before I check legs for imperfections. It's still tremendous fun :)

    Sadly my photography lacks ;)




    Gary, I'm using a big motley of sources, sadly not a single well detailed one.
    I'm lucky to have two big 1890s books with lots of line drawings of the battles and uniforms of the Franco-Prussian War.
    I also have a cigarette card album from the 1930s with colour artwork of uniforms and some other uniform books with pieces about the unification wars.
    For the french side I have several Tradition magazines and articles.

    What I don't have and sadly lack are photos of anything else than helmets and weapons on the prussians, ie equipment. I have high hopes that Osprey will change this situation later in the year.
  11. Guy A Fixture

    He is really taking shape Manfred. I enjoy following your steps and look forward to the next.
  12. Jason W. Active Member

    Me too my friend! It's long overdue IMO.

    Yes, having photographs of original equipment would be a great help. The only original items I have seen in "close-up" photographs are of helmets and weapons.

    Your figure is coming along very well! I'm looking forward to your next post.
  13. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Manfred, That figure is looking really nice.~Gary
  14. RobH Active Member


    Looking very good! I think your photos are fine!
    Looking forward to the next step

  15. Manfred Active Member

    More progress:

    Looking more like a soldier now, well one of the green nose-kind :)
    Bayonet is only attached temporarly.





    What I learned from my fumblings:
    I like MS with a little Kneadtite added the most, except for leather etc which works best with Kneadatite only for me.

    To add enough bulk to the upper body. I had to add several times, next time I'll be more generous the first time.

    Never let water get between the putty and the armature, only remedy: use worst imaginable language and wait till water/saliva is gone ;)

    Belts and shoulder straps are best done in an semi hard stage, can be attached well with super glue.
    Buttons are easy now that I have done some.

    Next will be small corrections, backside detail, bread bag and I will build canteen and water bottle.
    Then arms and lastly helmet and hands.
  16. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Manfred, He is looking very good, the sculpting and accessories are really nice.~Gary
  17. yeo_64 Active Member

    Very Nice,Manfred (y) (y) !! Looking forward to the next step in your project. Cheers !
    Kenneth :)
  18. Jason W. Active Member

    Looking great Manfred! Very nice clean work. Can't wait to see more.
  19. LCoote New Member

    That's excellent Manfred, keep the pictures coming.
  20. Manfred Active Member

    Thanks for all your replies.

    They help to overcome the inevitable stage of loosing momentum ;).

    If you find anything which looks odd/can be done better let me know.

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