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Prussian Infantry

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Billhoran, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Billhoran New Member

    Bill sent me an email tonight with some photos of what he has been working on for the last 2 weeks. Below is a copy / paste from his email:

    "I thought the gang at Planet Figure might enjoy seeing some new stuff. These have been done over the past two weeks. The completed figure is an Officer of the 7th Westphalian, Infantry Regiment No. 17, 1870. The in-process figure is almost ready for priming (work left to do on the rifle (a conversion of a Shenandoah Springfield in-process), the picklehaub helmet, which will be suspended from his sword by the chin scale strap, and the canteen.

    The light green putty color is the Duro/A&B mixture, while the darker green is the straight Duro.

    All the best,


    5th Westphalian 1870


    5th Westphalian 1870


    Guard Grenadier 1870


    Guard Grenadier 1870


    Guard Grenadier 1870


    Many many thanks Bill for sharing with us your current projects

  2. Ernest A Fixture

    :eek: WOW :eek: this is simple amazing.......how he could do this sculpts??? great work!!
  3. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the pictures. Great work and I love the fluid motion of the figures.

  4. Jason W. Active Member

    Tooo coool!
  5. Automata Member

    Fantastic!! Beautiful work as always.

    Thanks for sharing these Bill.

  6. Robin Active Member

    I think that without a doubt Bill is among an elite few that can make the relaxed pose look like an action pose, it always looks right, though when others do it it looks stiff.

    Kewl work Bill

    Thanks for sharing Guy

  7. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Glad to see Bill participates here on the Planet (even if it is by proxy), as always these new pieces are a treat for the eyes.
  8. megroot A Fixture

    Hey Bill (and Guy)

    Thanks for sharing the picture's. As always amazing. If i should be a quarter of a mile from your skills i' ll be so happy.

    Please let us enjoy more of your work.

    Marc (who is waiting for the book)
  9. Pete_H New Member

    Hi t here, Bill! All I can say is "awesome, truly awesome." Thanks for sharing your insight into the hobby with everybody (both lurkers and active participants) here.

    See you at the December meeting!
  10. RobH Active Member

    Thankyou Bill for sharing these; nice to see what you're working on currently without waiting for show reports :lol: !
    Guess we are well privileged here on Planet now (well done to all for making this place so cool!)

    Once again, I think I am more amazed with your output of work than anything, especially being of such consistent quality. Spot on animation, full of character as ever. Both have those nuances of posture and personality that make these simply great!

    Question; your photo's have always been of good quality too - are you still using 35mm film, or have you entered the digital age yet?

  11. Dan Morton A Fixture

    All I can say is WOW to both figures! :eek: ;)

    The Duro/A+B mixture - what proportions are you using? And why? Not having tried it myself, what is it about that combination that you like?
  12. frank h Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing Bill, I find the in progress shots just as
    inspiring as the finished pieces.

    All being well I should recieve a copy of your book next week.

    Just looked at my copy of Masterclass.....can't believe that was
    ten years ago........wow

    Frank (y) (y)
  13. Billhoran New Member

    Rob Herring:

    I am shooting everything in digital these days. I use an Olympus Camedia C-730 Ultra Zoom camera, with 10X optical zoom. It has a nice macro lens, but I add an extension tube and three screw-on close up lenses (+1, +2 and +4) for extra close-up capability.

    Dan Morton:

    It doesn't rerally matter what proportion you use in combining the Duro and A & B. The more A & B, the harder it dries, the more Duro, the more rubbery. I usually use about 60% A & B/40% Duro.

    I like the ability to brush out the putty for smoother folds and transitions. This was always possible with straight A & B, but adding the Duro helps to eliminate the graininess that was always a bit of a downside with A & B. It also makes it possible to be carved and sanded, if necessary.

    As always, use FRESH DURO (now "Kneadatite"). As it ages, Duro develops a wax-like crust on the yellow portion. When the blue and yellow are mixed together, it comes out lumpy. If you have some "bad" Duro, you can either use it by scrapping aside the crust and using the good stuff below ... or just ordering more!

    This problem never used to happen with the much smaller quantities originally offered by Duro (I always used it up before it had a chace to age), but the much larger quantities being sold now take much longer to use up!

  14. Johan Well-Known Member

    ... I just sit back and enjoy the pictures of those marvelous miniatures - glad you're into the Franco-Prussian war, Bill; hopefully we'll see some cavalry too, both French and Prussian, from the battle of Mars-la-Tour !!!

    ... so you're indeed inspired by paintings ;) etc... ever thought of doing something from the Prussian-Danish war 1864 ?

    Here's a link to a painting by Frants Henningtsen of Danish dragoon Niels Kjeldsen's fight - the man was left-handed and, on his own, he took on a whole patrol of Prussian Guard hussars ...

    Hope it may inspire you

  15. Manfred Active Member

    :eek: , I'm stunned.

    This is excellent work and even the unpainted man already has a character.

    Now I throw my stuff away and take up knitting...
  16. Johan Well-Known Member

    .... Hey ! Who said I am mortal !?!?!! :lol:
  17. Guy A Fixture

    Bill sent me an email and ask me to share with you guys the completed figure he has been working on and had posted photos of earlier in this thread.

    "Completed Prussian 1st Guard Grenadiers, 1870"



    Many thanks Bill for the email and sharing with the planet
  18. RobH Active Member

    Cheers Bill

    Excellent! What more to say!

  19. Robin Active Member

  20. megroot A Fixture

    Hey Bill,

    I have nothing to say. Just looking and wondering.

    Proost (cheers)


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