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Review Prussian Hussar from SOGA MINIATURES

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Dec 22, 2021.

  1. Nap A Fixture


    In this "open box" review I will be looking at another piece of teamwork from both Soga Miniatures and Chronos 3D

    The master was first shown here by Dmitri Baev ( PF Member) https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/soga-miniatures-54-mm-soon.296671/

    The actual release was announced here , also by Dmitri

    Depicting a dashing hussar from the napoleonic prussian army

    IMG_0537.JPG IMG_0538.JPG

    Details of the release

    Title: Prussian Hussar 1808-1815 year

    Reference: 5436

    Scale: 54mm

    Material: Gray resin

    No of Pieces: 20 for rider, 4 for horse plus lead strip to cut for the reins

    Casting: In House

    Sculptor: Dmitri Shishkov

    3D Sculptor: Oleg Derbasov

    Horse: 3D Chronos

    Box art: Dmitri Baev

    Again this is again a collaboration between Soga and Chronos with the same 3D sculptor specialising in the weapons , a classy act as we saw in the other review


    The resin is held securely in a good cardboard box which keeps everything secure and with minimal movement as the smaller pieces are also held in resealable bags on a piece of card as well

    Please open the bags carefully as there are delicate and small in scale pieces in particular the buckles and horses bit pieces

    On the box top a full colour of the painted piece ,more are available from the website as well

    There is no mention of the actual company name on the box which again I feel would be a good idea for future releases

    DSCN2104.JPG DSCN2128.JPG

    As we we expect references are always available here are a few you might find of use

    06-Plancenoit8.jpg 324e02750b79753cf4b565c37d194993.jpg 9fea3c5c6e0a360c7a33d8f0ed9c8afc.jpg

    download.jpg download.jpg images.jpg branhussars.jpg h.jpg 52c1903ad6cb6dde39d652201c92d50f.jpg


    Above is the 3D work on the carbine

    1811 saber.jpg

    Above the cavalry sword

    Books again are available

    ppbook.jpg p book.jpg 5731_455.jpg b.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Let us charge forward with the rider


    Prep: Remove from the former and tiny bit of flashing and casting line on the left side to take away

    The upper body is sculpted with the figure wearing the finely laced dolman , both the lace and the buttons are all showing no errors, there is a blanket/coat running across the body ( often seen as a protection against sword cuts ) , fitting snuggly to the actual body with the ends shaped to represent the rolled item

    Around the waist the barrel sash , nicely defined sections , its good to see the work on this at the back as ell

    Worn across the left shoulder the pouchbelt and the carbine belt , of note is the tiny hole to fit the swivel into , the actual belts are well cast and not out of scale in thickness , the pouch itself is the right shaping with the securing straps on the underside

    The collar is high witha piping edging , showing no miscasts , the neck area is ready to receive tio actual head



    Prep: Remove from former , remove any flashing excess on inside of legs and dry fit and secure to torso upper , some slight filler might be required but minimal

    These are in the position with legs astride his mount , the trousers are worn buttoned up the centre side , good shaping with no miscasts , the lower of the trouser have a leather protection, which also runs up the inside of the legs

    Boots are worn underneath with the spurs being sculpted in place

    At the waist the swordbelt with cords and tassels that join to the torso sash accurately

    DSCN2112.JPG DSCN2114.JPG DSCN2113.JPG


    Prep: Remove from formers and fit , filler needed at join but again minimal

    The left is in the riding position to hold the reins , bent at 45 degrees , folds are natural at the bent elbow , the hand is sculpted and cast well , good fingerwork with the inside of the hand open ready to take the reins ...nice idea , at the cuff we see the trefoil lacework , good shaping , the inside of the arm is shaped to fit nicely to the body when in place

    The right arm is cast without the hand ( this being on the sword ) , again good folds and not overworked , cuffs are well shaped with the piping again

    Both elbows have a diamond piece of cloth/leather sculpted into place

    DSCN2115.JPG DSCN2116.JPG


    Prep: Remove from former and fit to neck area , slight sanding on neck underside

    This is a good piece of sculpting well styled and with strengthening bands at sides and top/base , on the front the rosette with retaining cords , above the prussian oval disc

    The face is with a moustache and a good mass of hair at the back of the head , blousing out nicely with the wearing of the shako , details on the head include a cast on strap with accessible eyes for painting despite the cast on peak

    DSCN2127.JPG DSCN2124.JPG DSCN2126.JPG


    Prep: ...Simply remove them from the formers ...very carefully they are fine pieces of 3D work and quite delicate

    Fit is easy and should present no issues

    The sword is cast with the right hand gripping the handle , the hand protector is cast nicely with the sword knot flying about with the movement , the work on the blade itself is very good ...its almost got a edge on it ( yes I did run my fingers up and down !!!!)

    The scabbard itself is cast with the straps which obviously you will need to fit carefully into place

    DSCN2110.JPG DSCN2111.JPG

    The carbine is a work of art , extremely detailed so a big well done to Oleg and to the casting , of particular note is the swivel attachment and the trigger guard , very well formed

    You will need to fit the swivel itself first ...be very careful ...that carpet monster looms

    DSCN2108.JPG DSCN2109.JPG


    These parts that you need to be very careful of ...they are tiny and finely done , you will need to fit buckles etc into place

    Note in picture there shows only 1 side of the horse bit .....I found the other on the floor ....later

    The swivel is designed to fit onto the carbine run and then to the hole on the belt underside

    Stirrups are cast with the straps on , slight flashing , but simple to remove , the actual boots fitting well into the stirrups

    The sabretache is the right shaping again with the monogram on the front facing , well defined

    DSCN2105.JPG DSCN2106.JPG DSCN2107.JPG

    Prep: Remove from former it shares with the head and fit

    The small elongated pouch worn behind the rider , that held various items , a good full shaping with straps and buckles all in place , the edging on the ends pieces has the crossed

    DSCN2123.JPG DSCN2125.JPG

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    On now to the horse

    As I mentioned earlier Soga Miniatures are working along with Chronos by using their horses , these are produced using 3D techniques

    AGAIN the result is in my opinion a credit to the 3D work , lovely muscle tones and definition

    Prep: Remove form formers and fit together , slight sanding is required on casting lines running up centre of each leg and on the underside ...not too much trouble to deal with

    Good location points on the pieces as you see in the pictures ( click on for larger image if needed )

    Consisting of 4 pieces ...2 body halves , head and tail

    Horseshoes are all in place which is good to see , also all the horse bodily items are evident at the lower underside...clearly another stallion !

    The head is looking forward with mouth closed , not gasping yet in full charge mode as with previous review accurate muscle tone and harness work , the ears are proud and alert , small amount of putty will be needed at the join

    The mane sits onto the neck on the right this time and is well textured , the same goes for the tail which is moving about with the horse movement

    The saddle is under a well textured sheepskin with the rear pommel peeking out , the sheepskin has a good edging well defined at the edges with a feed bag hanging on each side as in the cuirassier , at the front the ends of the pistol holsters show


    DSCN2134.JPG DSCN2137.JPG

    DSCN2139.JPG DSCN2138.JPG

    DSCN2141.JPG DSCN2140.JPG

    DSCN2143.JPG DSCN2142.JPG


    A substantial piece of textured groundwork , oblong in shape with 2 location points for the horse ( I would suggest most will pin as well )

    DSCN2130.JPG DSCN2131.JPG

    Final thoughts

    A good addition to the range available from SOGA , and I hope the teamwork with Chronos continue , their horses work well and are accurate in all areas ....like the riders they compliment each other well and don't forget the model can be painted to represent any regt apart from the guard

    Congratulations to Oleg for the work on the weapons ...little gems :woot:

    RECOMMENDED you visit the site ( there is a english translator at the top which is good to see ) and bookmark Soga ...it will be worth it :)

    Thank you to Dmitri @ Soga Miniatures for the review piece(y) I will be looking at others and not just cavalry so stay tuned

    For more information and to order go to their website via this link :


    Or contact Dmitri here on PF

    Thanks to all for looking in

    Happy benchtime

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  4. Scott Sheltz Active Member

    Excellent review looks like a great kit!
  5. Edorta A Fixture


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