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Review Prussian Cuirassier ( Napoleonic ) from Soga Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Dec 14, 2021.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all

    Following on from this thread here announcing the release

    I was lucky enough to be sent this and several others by the owner of SOGA MINIATURES and a PF member DMITRI BAEV a while ago but reviews have been delayed due to various personal issues so I appreciate the patience from the company

    Who are SOGA , they were set up by Dmitri whoa has long had a desire to produce the chosen subjects with this one being the start of a series on Prussian Cavalry in particular

    Using both traditional sculpting and the latest 3D techniques the figures are sculpted , the piece is the very first from DMITRI SHISHKOV for the actual figure with 3D programmes being used by OLEG DERBASOV to produce the weapons namely

    - Cavalry pistol of 1789.
    - Cavalry rifle of 1801.
    - Cavalry fitting of 1811.

    On Mtd pieces the company works alongside another namely CHRONOS 3D who results we have seen in their own releases

    Painting options are many for the regiments with the exception of the Guard , here's front and back shots painted by Dmitri Baev

    IMG_0531 копия_новый размер.jpg IMG_0522 копия_новый размер.jpg

    Details of the release

    Title: Prussian Cuirassier 1808-1814 year

    Reference: 5433

    Scale: 54mm

    Material: Gray resin

    No of Pieces: 29 plus lead strip to cut for the reins

    Sculptor: Dmitri Shishkov

    3D Sculptor: Oleg Derbasov

    Horse: 3D Chronos

    Box art: Dmitri Baev

    The resin is held securely in a good cardboard box which keeps everything secure and with minimal movement as the smaller pieces are also held in resealable bags on a piece of card as well

    On the box top a full colour of the painted piece DSCN2065.JPG ...more are available from the website as well ...good reference

    There is no mention of the actual company name which would be a good idea for future releases


    The actual horse consists of a additional 4 parts as here:


    Couple of references for you

    [IMG] oZutkPV.jpg qP0F6ID.jpg [IMG]

    9780764319907.jpg 51wXHcj-OCL.jpg 517tZQ5K72S.jpg

    5731_455.jpg 69229.jpg

    In 1806 Prussia had 13 cuirassier regiments, incl. the Garde du Corps Regiment. Then Napoleon defeated and downsized the Prussian army. In 1812 the number of cuirassier regiments was 4, including the Garde du Corps.

    For the campaign in 1815 Prussia had 5 regiments, one Garde du Corps and 4 cuirassier regiments. In the 4th Regiment served many Saxons. Several cavalry regiments, incl. cuirassiers, had also squadron of volunteer-jagers.

    On campaign the cuirassiers wore either dark blue Litevka or grey greatcoats. But often during battle the rank and file wore the white, double-breasted Kollet. The shoulder straps were white with piping in the facing colour. When off duty the officers could wear the single-breasted blue tunic known as Leibrock.

    The leather belts were white for all the troopers.

    Their headwear was a Russian style high black leather helmet decorated with a black comb (not covered by oilcloth), a brass plate and chinscales. The helmet fittings were brass.

    The cuirassiers wore dark grey overalls and covered in black leather "up the whole length of the inner legs and around the ankles." The seams could be piped in red "according to colonel's wishes." The buttons down the outer legs were removed during the 1815 campaign.

    Under overalls were worn short boots.

    The saddle cloth was in the facing colour with 2 edge-stripes in the button colour. Officers' saddle cloth had silver or gold stripes, depending on button colour.

    The cuirassiers were armed with the pallash, a straight-bladed sword. The scabbard was iron. Additionally they carried 2 pistols each.

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    On now to the resin

    General comments

    Pieces are held onto good formers which will need cutting carefully off

    Details are extremely sharply sculpted by both sculptors involved no matter what method

    There are very small parts on the sprues so be careful when removing particularly the buckles, sword etc

    Slight filling might be needed but I suggest you dryfit first and plan your build order

    Lets look at the rider plus his equipt

    Click on pics for larger images if you wish

    The main torso is complete except the arms and head wearing the button down jkt with the double row of buttons all well placed , around the waist the belt with nice details on the buckle, on the shoulders there are epaulettes with piping around edging , this goes for the collar as well, the neck area is opened ready to take the head itself

    The shoulder belt is well worthy of special note with the pouch being cast in place this clearly shows the eagle on a roundal under this the weapon belt , this is very well cast and had no flashing to remove ( you will need to fit the tiny swivel clip )

    Wearing the campaign trousers with what looks like defined lining ( if not then careful sanding will be needed ) ,with buttons running down each side , these are well cast and no flaws whatsoever

    The folds and creases on both jkt and trousers are natural and not overworked



    Both are wearing gauntlets , well styled the left hand positioned to take the reins the right ready to hold the sword against the shoulder , there is what might be considered piping but no reference shows this so I am suggesting these are casting lines ...easy to deal with using a sharp knife and sanding

    Fit is no real problem with a small amount of filler needed

    DSCN2074.JPG DSCN2075.JPG

    Head with helmet and the Pistol holders

    this has been done very well based as I said on the Russian model the details are good as is the shaping of the helmet itself , the plate on the front is detailed to highlight the eagle itself

    Access to the facial features are sufficient to paint with no issues to most painters , features are good with a tidy moustache being in place , mouth is held tightly shut ...perhaps readying himself for the forthcoming action?

    The pistol holders are cast open ..........YES!!!!!! you have the option to have the pistols out or in the holster , the cover is shaped right with good edging

    Fit on both head and holsters presents no problem



    2 pistols are provided , obviously all weapons are in scale but despite the 54mm scale all are very well worked and cast , all the mechanisms are in place , triggers are there , with the main weapon you have the option which one to choose either the 1801 carbine or the 1811 rifle....nice touch from Soga

    DSCN2083.JPG DSCN2082.JPG DSCN2076.JPG


    The sword is cast out of the scabbard ready to be positioned into hand , the hand protector is styled as a crown and a eagle , the scabbard has the straps on it

    Be very careful removing from sprues these are delicate pieces ....patience will be rewarded


    The cloak is rolled nicely with good retaining straps and buckles in place , fit is easy and looks good when in place

    Stirrups are again delicate particularly the straps but are spot on in shaping ...again be careful ...should you break them you can use the foil provided to make new ones

    The same goes for the rear pouch that sits behind the rider , easy to fit , good shaping and definition (you can see it on the same sprue as the arms)

    Finally on a sprue we have the tiniest of pieces the carbine retaining swivel , the 2 parts of the bit for the reins and 4 buckles to use on the harness itself .....again I suggest you be very careful these are easily lost which would be a shame as they are really well produced


    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    On now to the horse

    As I mentioned earlier Soga Miniatures are working along with Chronos by using their horses , these are produced using 3D techniques

    Suffice to say the result is in my opinion a credit to the 3D work , lovely muscle tones and definition

    Good location points on the pieces as you see in the pictures ( click on for larger image if needed )

    Consisting of 4 pieces ...2 body halves , head and tail ....fit is good , slight sanding on the underside to remove casting line and a smidgeon of filler at the joins and you have a fine piece , the position of the legs look good and natural as though at a slight canter leading to a faster gallop

    Horseshoes are all in place which is good to see , also all the horse bodily items are evident at the lower underside...clearly a stallion !

    The head is slightly turned to the left , with accurate muscle tone , and accurate harness work , the ears are proud and alert , small amount of putty will be needed at the join

    The mane sits onto the neck on the left and is well textured , the same goes for the tail which is more lively in position as though its being flicked

    The saddle and cloth are in place well defined at the edges with a feed bag hanging on each side

    DSCN2088.JPG DSCN2089.JPG

    DSCN2093.JPG DSCN2092.JPG


    DSCN2094.JPG DSCN2095.JPG DSCN2096.JPG

    DSCN2097.JPG DSCN2098.JPG

    DSCN2099.JPG DSCN2100.JPG


    A substantial piece of textured groundwork , oblong in shape with 2 location points for the horse ( I would suggest most will pin as well )


    Final thoughts

    Its nice to see how much care has gone into both the research and the presentation of this release , and especially good to see traditional and 3D sculpting being used alongside each other .

    Casting is good with no major concerns apart from a lurking hungry carpet monster so be careful with the smaller parts

    RECOMMENDED you visit the site ( there is a english translator at the top which is good to see ) and bookmark Soga ...it will be worth it :)

    Thank you to Dmitri @ Soga Miniatures for the review piece(y) and I hope to be able to share more from them very soon

    For more information and to order go to their website via this link :


    Or contact Dmitri here on PF

    Thanks to all for looking in

    Happy benchtime

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  4. Jaybo Active Member

    I agree with Nap. I have this figure and several other SOGA figures and they are all excellent. They are up there with CHRONOS figures in my opinion.

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