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WIP Critique Private, 13th Light Dragoons painting the boxart

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gothicgeek, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Hi all!

    Alison and Stuart have asked me to paint this Moz Correy figure for their boxart.
    As the cat is now out of the bag I thought it might be interesting to post some pictures of my progress so far and follow this with WIP shots as I progress..

    As with the news thread here are some shots of the figure as prepared for the grey boxart..

    01-DSCF3282.JPG 02-DSCF3283.JPG 03-DSCF3284.JPG 04-DSCF3285.JPG 05-DSCF3286.JPG 06-DSCF3287.JPG 07-DSCF3288.JPG 08-DSCF3289.JPG 09-DSCF3290.JPG 10-DSCF3291.JPG

    Once we were happy with the grey shots I broke the figure back down to its component parts.
    Over recent months I've slightly changed the sequence I paint a figure in!
    Since I by far enjoy painting faces the most, I have decided to paint the head last on all recent work.
    I'm hoping by this method to avoid my usual trap of loosing interest in projects once the face is completed ( running at about 10 so far :( )

    Anyway as everything is fully primed I just got on and started the trousers.
    Base is AV German Grey
    Mid, AV Neutral Grey
    High, Mid plus AV Light Flesh
    Final High, High plus AV White

    I added some staining and mud spatters with AV Flat Earth and Burnt umber

    Boots German Grey with Flat Earth washes and the spurs are NMM using the palette from the trousers

    1-DSCF3365.JPG 2-DSCF3366.JPG 3-DSCF3367.JPG 4-DSCF3368.JPG

    The blue jacket next...
    Base is AV Dark Prussian Blue
    Mid, base plus GW Shadow grey
    High, GW Shadow Grey
    Final High, High plus AV White

    I've done a couple of hours on the blue and still need to do a couple more to deepen the shadows and soften the transitions some more.
    I'll also add some of my weathering colours to the shadows which will help to kill some of the deeper blues ... kinda thing :)

    1-DSCF3377.JPG 2-DSCF3378.JPG 3-DSCF3379.JPG

    Anyway that's how it stands at the moment!

    Please feel free to do any of the C's or not!

  2. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Mark, looking forward to the progress on this one..........hope to see you at WR in a couple of weeks,

  3. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Looking good Mark , look forward to this one
    Hope you are well :)
  4. housecarl A Fixture

    Looking good Mark.
  5. Funky50 Guest

    Look forward to seeing what you do with this Mark....another Cracker from Alison And Stuart..just love this period
  6. megroot A Fixture

    nice start so far.

  7. swralph A Fixture

    good start
  8. jenghiz Active Member

    Can't wait to see this guy come to life in your hands,a fine start,Ian
  9. Joe55 A Fixture

    You've got my attention!:D

  10. mil-mart A Fixture

    Following Mark(y)

    Cheers Ken
  11. tonydawe A Fixture

    I like where this is going. Good progress so far. I'm following this post with great interest
  12. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Thank you all for the comments and likes :)


    Been working on this as time allows ...

    Blocked in the bag and belts with Burnt Umber...


    Then detailed the waist band/sash with..

    Base Vallejo Red
    mid GW Blood Red
    High Vallejo Sunny Skintone


    Base Vallejo Yellow Ochre
    Mid GW Golden Yellow
    High, Mid with Vallejo Light Flesh


    Next up I sorted the forage? bag...

    Based with a layer of Vallejo German Camo Black Brown
    Mid was Vallejo Burnt Umber and Flat Earth mixed 2:1
    High was the mid mix with Light Flesh added...


    Water Bottle...

    Based with Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue I mixed several shades using Vallejo Sky Blue to lighten..
    Still needs a bit of weathering but we are checking references to see what was marked on the face of the bottle :)


    The leather strap for the bottle needed some work...

    First I replaced the lead foil straps I made for the Grey shoot..
    Once the gel super glue had set ( thank you Sylmaster Activator! ) I rolled a small blob of
    milliput out on the backing from a sticker.
    Allowed to cure for half an hour I cut a couple of little strips and used a bit of water and my favorite sculpting
    stick ( a 4 1/2 inch bamboo skewer with a round point at one end and a flat at the other ( hardened with super glue ))
    and feathered it in to cover the joint, another 20 mins curing and a sharp exacto knife was used to trim the edges...


    Once repainted with Burnt Umber I added the underpainting for the leather strap..

    First a few layers of GW Snakebite Leather was used along edges and to outline holes etc.
    Then Sunny skintone was used to add detail and to define the edges.
    I did this about 3 times over to get some variations...


    To finish the strap I used about 4 layers of GW Scorched brown applied unevenly to darken the middle part of the strap...

    The other thing I did was go over all the whites with a pure whit to help everything pop a little...

    On whites...

    I use Vallejo Whites which are Offwhite, Foundation and White... I like that I can vary the tone of
    whites and save the pure white for extreme highlighting :p

    A back shot as it stands now


    An update soonish I hope .... I'm doing the head next I think ;)

    Attached Files:


    Pants, shoes and leathers are looking very campaign....looking forward to seeing his head.

  14. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Fine work Mark and thanks for the brilliant SBS.
    All the very best,
  15. Dennis Active Member

    As you do so always Mark you are producing a winner. After that superb little head painting demo at WR I know the care and attention to detail you put in to get your models to that high standard of yours, I will be following the progress you make with interest. Thanks for posting, and thanks again for that great little demo at the Xmas bash.
    Take care mate and a Merry Christmas.
  16. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Good to see you posting again mark, this looks like another winner for Stu,very nice paintwork,look forward to seeing it finished,(y)
  17. pte1643 Active Member

    Looking good so far.

    Great subject... I'm having me one of those in the new year.
  18. swralph A Fixture

    nice so far(y)
  19. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Always good to follow your SBS Mark, looking great so far, Good to see you at WR, even if I did have a senior moment and forget your name.......DOH.....:rolleyes:

  20. Vaux Well-Known Member

    Nice bro!! i like this painting!(y)

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