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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Ronaldo, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Has anyone skipped the primer step and went straight to something like chaos black as a base coat and if so does it work on metal and resin
  2. Helm A Fixture

    All you are doing is using paint as a primer Ron, Halfords do a black primer by the way.
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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Ron

    Never actualky skipped a priner I normally just use a black car spray similar to Halfords ...avoids any glaring areas that might have been missed when painting

    Works for me

    I know some paint straight onto metal

    Happy priming

  4. theBaron A Fixture

    I'll second Helm-you're just priming with a different color. I've done this already using Army Painter matte black enamel as a primer, specifically to provide a dark base for my finish colors, and on Maschinen Krieger models, to serve as a primer and as a base color for the scuffing weathering technique.

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  5. Ned Ricks Active Member

    FWTW I have had success using hardware store brand rattle spray can flat black . Recently have re-learned the lesson about washing kit components before starting. A resin bust went right to the spray booth only to have paint bead up and run off here and there. Yuck.

  6. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Sometimes that can happen with resin which hasn't cured properly . All resins are not equal :rolleyes:
  7. Airkid PlanetFigure Supporter

    I have airbrushed a base colour straight onto a resin figure with no issues (after washing it thoroughly). I tend to use Army Painter Skeleton Bone to prime metal figures. It is a tough finish which is a bugger to strip if you need to - doesn't respond well to Dettol or brake fluid.

  8. Ronaldo A Fixture

    I normally use Halfords grey primer but have run out .
    I do have GW `chaos black but dont know if it will take to bare metal .
  9. Airkid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Should be OK. I've not used their black, but have used their white primer on metal figures and it worked OK. I'd guess it's the same formula.

  10. grasshopper A Fixture

    Ron- it will...is expensive tho..has slight sheen...if you prime in airbrush, the badger stynlrez is great on anything, cats included..oops

    I know you are talking metal, but For resin I know Mike Butler goes direct to paint sans primer...
  11. Ferris A Fixture

    As a primer for both resin and metal I brush paint slightly thinned Humbrol light grey.
    It’s slower than airbrushing or spray can, but in the process I also automatically check all areas for blemishes that need fixing.
    Started doing this after a mishap with a spray can, resulting in a rather rough base layer.

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  12. Ray Stout Active Member

    I had a go using Black as a Primer instead of white to elimninate those "Pin Pricks" of white that sometimes appeared. It was the only advantage I found, but that was a long time ago, and I'm bettter at it now. Ray
  13. Moonraker Active Member

    Interesting thread this. I have never painted straight on to a model or figure. I also don’t use paint as a primer, because most of my stuff is gaming pieces that need to be handled. Primer is formulated differently to give much better adhesion to the substrate layer, so is tailor made for me.
    Personally I prefer grey lacquer (cellulose in old money) primers. I find they stick well to both metal and plastic, and are easy to adjust after application. Mostly I use Tamiya grey, decanted from a spray can and airbrushed on for better control. Currently I’m using Alclad (because my Tamiya ran out and I can’t get more from my LHS) grey. Mr. Color also make one. Don’t like black as a primer because I find it hard to get good coverage on subsequent layers, and white “grins” too much through the top layers. I also found Tamiya white can sometimes flake off and give the appearance of chalk dust in the paint on the next layer. Stynylres seems to be the primer of choice these days for modelmakers, so should suit. In gaming circles some people use brushed on gesso primer because they do not have airbrushes and don’t like the uncontrollable rattle cans. Never used it myself, but it has a good following.
    As with all modelling though, you pays yer money and you takes yer choice...the fine art on display here is not expected to be handled so using paint as a primer is absolutely fine.
  14. Henkm Well-Known Member

    I think it's worth pointing out that this specifically refers to acrylic gesso (which according to the all-knowing wikipedia is not in fact a real gesso).
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  15. Moonraker Active Member

    Fair enough ;)

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