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Preview :- Piper 1st Btn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1900.

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by mick3272, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. mick3272 A Fixture

    PREVIEW :- Mick’s Mick’s is pleased to announce our next release.

    Sneak preview pictures taken by Offo prior to sending to be cast up. Owing to a slight translation error we have a little more kilt than anticipated. Because of this it is hoped to be able to do the following.
    a, 2/3rd Option as shown in the pictures.
    b, Full Bust Cut at the bottom of the tunic and will encompass the top part of the sporran. This will fall in line with the rest of the series.
    Note Pipe Cords & ribbons have to be added.

    Prices are shown below subject to both options coming off.

    Piper 1st Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. 1900.

    Sculpt by Pavol (Offo) Ovecka.
    Cast in Resin.
    Scale 1/9th Full Bust.

    1/9th Scale 2/3rds Figure/Bust which takes in part of the Kilt.

    If you would like to pre order your kit details are below.
    Pre paid orders.
    From today until midnight (24.00hrs BST)Sunday 12th May 2019. £32.00 + Postage & Package. UK. £4.50 1st Class Signed. £8.50 Rest of the world Tracked & Signed.

    The Price of the 2/3rds Figure/Bust will be £35. + Post & Package as above.

    The Kits will be available for collection at Euro Miniature Expo ( Folkestone) OR posted via Royal Mail after Monday 13th May 2019.

    After this time.
    Priced at £35.00 plus Postage & Package. UK. £4.50 1st Class Signed. £8.50 Rest of the world Tracked & Signed.
    The Price of the 2/3rds Figure/Bust will be £38. + Post & Package as above.

    The kit is available by contacting me on Facebook or Planet figures or via email at mick3272@hotmail.co.uk It will also be available via Stuart Hale at Stormtroopers after Euro at the same price.

    The Kit / Subject.
    This was a very difficult subject to research as there is very little information about. I would like to thank Ruth Evans and the rest of the staff at the Regiments Museum for all the help & assistance in producing this piece.

    This Bust is based on the R Simkin print of a Piper of the 3rd Battalion (Tyrone Militia ) Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1900. The Tyrone Militia was one of the two Militia battalions that made up the reserve for the Inniskilling Fusiliers. As The Tyrone Militia did not fall in with the remit of Mick’s Mick’s . Enquiries were made with the museum and I was informed that the 1st Btn, ( 27th Foot prior to 1881) Did have traditional Irish Pipers as far back as the late 1700 s. But it is my understanding that they remained in Ireland. It is my belief that they were on the books in either the corps of Drums or the Band and wore the traditional Irish Pipers dress for Officers Mess functions and high days & holidays. They first appeared in England at Bournemouth in 1910. Where they wore a normal Bandsman uniform.

    As stated above This Bust is based on the best information to hand and a little best guessing.

    In relation to the Tunic & Shawl colour I have received differing accounts.
    The Museum stated.
    French Gray Tunic & Shawl.
    Other reliable sources have said a combination of:-
    French Gray Tunic, Dark Green Shawl.
    Dark Green Tunic, French Gray Shawl.
    Dark Green Tunic & Shawl.

    56189885_814343352277549_6073505243159592960_n.jpg 55726328_2455283661162140_1771837334321364992_n (1).jpg 55831553_1854763107958540_7519654520230510592_n (1).jpg 55618301_427693691305180_7376034584833556480_n.jpg

    52709841_331641451027932_1837893965693583360_n.png 55726328_2455283661162140_1771837334321364992_n (1).jpg 55920907_642779129481283_1810888057444892672_n.jpg 56189915_627595057664914_5499973156040867840_n.jpg

    Below is the R Simkin print which was the inspiration for this Bust


    Further Pictures will follow.
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  2. Romariogendalf A Fixture

  3. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    I wish you well with this super bust, Pavol has done an excellent job on the sculpt. A cracking figure.
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  4. mick3272 A Fixture

    Thanks chaps for your kind word/s Offo did a great job on this.
  5. clrsgt A Fixture

    This oone is a real winner Mick. Got to have one of these for sure when it is ready.
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  6. mick3272 A Fixture

    Thanks Mike. Pleased you like it. will keep you posted on the two options.
  7. Cannonball A Fixture

    Brilliant Mick. Congratulations to you and Pavol on what looks like another top offering.

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  8. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Mick

    Good subject choice the uniform colour comments are interesting

    Like the face , good sculpt on the badge

    What's on the other side of the banner ?

    Will we see box art?

    Thanks for sharing

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  9. Filipe Well-Known Member

    Nice one, congrats. I will wait for pics of the "bust cut" :)
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  10. mick3272 A Fixture

    Thanks Neal.
    Pleased you like it. Yes Pavol did a great job as always. I think this may be the best yet.
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  11. mick3272 A Fixture

    Hi Kev,
    Yes Uniform colour is a bit of a headache I will go with the museum. Could end up looking like a box of smarties if we have all the options on show at the same time.

    The Pipe Banners normally have the Regimental Badge on one side ( Castle) and a Sister/ affiliated Regiment on the other. In this case its the Royal Tyrone Militia (Fusiliers) which was one of the two reserve battalions of the Regiment.
    Re box art Yes in time.
    Thanks Mick
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  12. mick3272 A Fixture

    Thanks Filipe. Will post additional Pics asap.
  13. Richard Baxter Well-Known Member

    Interesting piece. Do Irish pipes only have 2 drones? Scottish ones have 3.
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  14. mick3272 A Fixture

    Hi Richard.
    Thanks for looking. Yes Irish Pipers only had two drones. It wasn't until the 60s ?? When the army school of Piping at the Castle opened that the Pipes of the British Army became uniform & had three drones.
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  15. Richard Baxter Well-Known Member

    Interesting, hadn't appreciated that.
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  16. Huw63 PlanetFigure Supporter

    A sure fire winner. Excellent sculpting.


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  17. mick3272 A Fixture

    Cheers Huw. Will we be seeing you in May??
  18. NeilW Active Member

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  19. mick3272 A Fixture

    Yes I have that one believe me it was / is a mine field,
    Also have these two.

    And there is this one which is a little later.

    Note the Dark blue Cuffs, the chap at the other end is Royal Irish Fusiliers..

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  20. Cannonball A Fixture

    Found this one as well Mick-don’t know when it relates to

    Neal 04E7C3C5-6156-4FD2-A83D-CA06B577050A.png
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