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Preview of new vignette from TFB Miniatures

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Steve headley, Aug 27, 2022.

  1. Steve headley A Fixture

    Hi all this is a preview of the new vignette that we will be releasing next month. It’s called “Forward Boys” General Wolfe climbing the heights of Abraham. The scale is 75mm. The whole thing was sculpted by Igor better known as Master on here.

    The figures can be purchased as a whole or individually, their will also be an opportunity to buy the figures in pairs to make a smaller vignette.

    The whole thing will be on our website when we are ready to ship. We will be giving the first 20 orders at a discount price.

    Hope you like what you see


    TFB Miniatures Team


    7E023FBD-9CC5-40E6-A11A-A33CFD3BD1A3.jpeg 29BE4878-1568-49AA-A4B3-E09304FBA50D.jpeg

    0033B273-002A-4A4D-ABA5-B045636F5FAB.jpeg 048C0DFA-1F61-4B43-B61B-F739E1D444EF.jpeg
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  2. Cannonball A Fixture

    Super looking piece and intriguing subject choice. Lots to paint in this set and look forward to seeing a painted version.

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  3. Steve headley A Fixture

    Hi Neal thank you for the kind words, the subject was something we as a group discussed and just thought it’s not been done it’s a great subject and we thought it will be something to see when painted up.

    Our good friend Juan Perez who does our box art will be painting this. He can’t wait, nether can we.

    It’s a big project but will be worth it in the end. Master did a fantastic job on it


    TFB Miniatures Team
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  4. Nap Moderator

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for sharing the preview .......Igor certainly is a talent

    Good idea to offer the figures like you say , they look great together and will do so individually...must admit I like the standard bearer the flag looks sharply sculpted

    With Juan painting ...certainly going to be impressive

    Look forward to more news

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  5. Steve headley A Fixture

    Hi nap thanks for the kind words, yes we were also very impressed with the standard. The whole thing when painted is going to look great. The individual figures will make thier own smaller vignettes so lots of combinations for the modeller to have a go at.

    Igor (master) is a great talent and has turned our dream into a reality.



    TFB Miniatures Team
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  6. Nap Moderator

    Hi everyone

    I have Moderated this thread

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  7. Nap Moderator

    Hi to all

    Some information on these figures , from social media

    Reference the Vignette "Forward Boys".

    This is a break down of how it will be released.

    The whole vignette (4 figures ) will be £100 for the first 20 orders.

    The 2nd small 2 piece vignette which consists the Trooper and Drummer will be £58 for the first 20 orders

    The standard bearer will be £35

    General Wolfe will be £32

    This will all be on the TFB Miniatures website when we are ready to release.

    Thank you.

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  8. Steve A New Member

    Any thought of isotropic scaling to make it available in 54mm?
    I'd be in line to get that!
    great work,
  9. Steve headley A Fixture

    Hi Steve it was sculpted in 75mm it’s now been retired from the 10th of February. If it had been done in 3D then we might have released it in the smaller scale.

    We have plans in the future to revisit the heights of Abraham and do a different scene. This time it will be in 3D so we. Will see about other scales. But at the moment we are staying with 75mm and the odd piece in 120mm.

    But thanks for looking.


    TFB Miniatures Team
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