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WIP Critique Practice - Porco Rosso

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Jamie Stokes, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Well, i really do need to pracitce sculpting.

    So googled some images of "Porco Rosso"

    Porco Rosso ( Lit. "Red Pig") is an anime movie, the story being an Italian WW1 seaplane fighter pilot being turned into a pig, after all his comrades were killed during a dog fight, set in the 1930's.

    Making a living as a bounty hunter, he eventually ends up fighting a duel with a American fighter ace, first a dog fight, then spare bits from the cock pit, then a fist fight, all for the honour of a lady.

    Of course, the villains of the piece are sky pirates, flying in, and robbing ships. They end up hosting the fight, and running the gambling odds on the outcome of the fight. Mean while, the Italian Air force wants Porcos red plane.

    Onto the sculpt.

    Googled images, quick print out, and just got stuck in.

    First image shows that I had my dimensions off.... his head seems wider then it is tall, with wide jowls, and short fore head.

    Adjust, and try again.

    After much rework, I felt happier with this. Still off, and asymmetric, closer to the direction where I am heading. Drapery on the scarf is off, needs reworking. Subtle tweaking needed overall.....

    down tools, upload thread, and get ready for work tomorrow>

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  2. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    And reference images, of course!

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  3. gordy Well-Known Member

    Nice Jamie! (y)

    You discover a new thing every day =)
  4. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Thanks Gordy!!

    appreciate the look in.

    After leaving the bust for a bit, then looking at it with fresh eyes, the flight helmet doesnt add to the character, so I decided to remove it, and repalce with hair and piggy ears. This will help convey the figure more then what was there previously.

    scraped off the helmet, started again. Rolled out some putty, and added the ears.

    Blended the ears from underneath, so that when the ear 'flops' down, it has a more natural looking sit.
    Grabbed some wip shots while I remembered.

    Adding the hair line too.

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  5. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    More work with the hair.

    After laying down the 'under layer' of the hair, I decided to add the fringe, as it is how he is drawn when not flying (usually hanging out a cafe)

    Rolled out another thin layer, cut in narrow triangles, then blended the base of the triangle in.

    Still didn't quite look right, until I replaced the glasses.

    Much closer now.

    Also added in the scarf at this point in time, still have to work out the drapery on that. Looks like I'll be gadding about in front of the mirror wearing a scarf soon, trying out self portrait mode.....

    still, this is a fun little practice piece, I may do the other characters from the movie.

    Not all of them wear glasses, either....

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  6. HiroshiAirborne Active Member

    Jamie, looking good so far!

    I remember this movie well as it was a favorite in my childhood. (Who am I kidding, it's still one of my favorite movies of all time). I will be following this earnestly!

    - Hiroshi
  7. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Love the movie so will follow along :)

  8. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Hiroshi, Mark,
    thanks guys!! Not the usual type of figure we have appearing on here, still, it's good to know I wont be chased off by a mob with flaming torches and sharp farm implements for bringing such subjects to the forum. :D:lol:

    Returned to the bench, and decided to rework the ears, Porcos are more pointed, and less round at the ends. He looks less like a dog now, too.

    Added his mustache, collar under his scarf, all well and good, so far....

    Worked a bit on the scarf, while I was happily in my 'zone', practicing a bit of drapery.
    So these were the results so far.....

    well, that was a week ago. Next post, more rework....

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  9. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Decided the Chest lacked volume. He is a pig, and drawn as short & rotund.

    His body shape wasn't reflecting that, so rework.

    But this is practice, which is the point of this! :)

    Scraped off the scarf, added more volume to the chest, smoothed out a few dozen finger marks, added a bit more volume.....

    Then put in some 'blanks' for lack of a better term. Same idea as blocking in base colours, helps give me an idea of where I am heading with a figure.

    (I struggle to paint eyes, unless I block in a hair line, or at least, eyebrows. Guess I'll never paint a bald person:D)

    Volume has returned to Porcos, chest, I added a belt line (rough, I know) to see how that is; his short, squat build would be helped by a belt appearing on the figure. I think I could shorten and bulk out his chest a little more.

    Thanks for looking in, c&c welcome!

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  10. HiroshiAirborne Active Member

    Or more like getting chased out of Milan by Italian secret police :p

    ...okay I'm done...

    I'm really liking what you've got so far! However, I think you need to give a little more volume around the waist rather than the chest. Keep up the good work!
  11. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member


    head of the class for the in-joke about the secret police in Milan!! :lol::ROFLMAO::D

    I reckon you got it with the waist line....thanks mate!

    So I'll be adding the result of spaghetti bog and bottles of red while on stand by to our heroes waistline

    good pick up,

  12. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Our hero reworked!

    Hiroshi had it right - he needed more waistline.

    So bulked up the waist, re-added the scarf, then decided to add a belt line, with the trousers folding back over the top of the belt, from those hours being on stand-by, drinking red wine, or eating spaghetti bog in Milan.....

    Hopefully it has made the figure better...

    I think the crown of his head is too tall, and could do with some off the top.

    Plus the contours of the skull aren't even, either...

    feedback always welcome!


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  13. HiroshiAirborne Active Member

    Now that's looking really great, Jamie!! Keep up the fantastic work! (y)

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