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Poste Militaire....

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by fogie, May 9, 2019.

  1. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    It's the first shop I visited in England introduced there by Mr Hoyos and I found the shop the size of a supemarket compared to la Heaumerie ... but... I remember a shop in London, not the name, selling only wargames figures, situated under a railway bridge, just enough room for 2/3 customers at the time (when 3 it was very difficult to close the door ), shelves on all the walls, the seller behind his desk with a long perch to pick the boxes on the shelves above and behind your head not moving from his desk
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  2. fogie Well-Known Member

    We have a bakery like that here in St.Ives ... ( Close quarters on 'Pasty' day ! )
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  3. Ray Stout Active Member

    Anyone remember this Norman Errington figure? (see my Avatar) It looked fine from this angle, but, turn it sideways, and it has no girth at all!! I think it was a Paris Guard. They also did a ECW Trooper, and a foot figure of a Scot's Grey, all with the same problem!
  4. Ray Stout Active Member

    Couldn't think of the name before, it was produced by Greenwood and Ball in the North East. They also did the Lasset Range from John Tassel.
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  5. fogie Well-Known Member

    I assume that it's not supposed to be a flat or demi-ronde figure ... but something that's, shall we say, rather 'squashed'.
    In my experience that happened a lot. Back in the day Greenwood and Ball, Lasset, Sanderson, et al, each produced 'iffy'
    stuff from time to time. ( By today's standards, ALL the time :yuck:!! ) I suppose that with old vulcanised rubber moulds
    and hot metal whizzing about inside a centrifuge distorted them or something.

  6. Ray Stout Active Member

    No Mike, I just think it was a design fault on the Sculpting, as all 3 of them were the same, and, they passed as OK figures at the time. The main thing is, you HAD to be a good painter to make them look good in those days. I'd love to see a Competition class at some show for "Classic Figures" just to see how today's painters tackle inferior subjects. Any Takers out there??
  7. fogie Well-Known Member

    Trouble is old chap a painter, no matter how good he is, can't hide poor sculpting or casting - silk purse...sow's ear so forth.
  8. yellowcat Well-Known Member

    Your Avatar is a Landsknecht horseman by Barton Miniatures.

  9. Ray Stout Active Member

    It is now, just another "Golden Oldie" from the vaults, although this one is STILL available I believe. This one was done the first time around. Ray
  10. Ray Stout Active Member

    How many of you recall these oldies?

    Scan_20150315 (6).png Scan_20150315 (7).png Scan_20150315 (9).png Scan_20150315 (13).png
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  11. yellowcat Well-Known Member

    Encounter in the swap by Phoenix Models Developments sculpted by Tim Richards. I painted this one back in the early eighties.


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  12. arj A Fixture

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  13. fogie Well-Known Member

    Beautifully painted and a typical example of Tim Richards' stuff at the time. ( Although I must tell you, that when it was first introduced, I used
    to call this one 'The Girl with Three Heads' !! )

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  14. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Yes I painted all those figures and the garde de Paris but I don't remember any problem, alas at that time I had not so much money, so I sold a lot of them to buy new ones but not the same, thinking they would still be always available later ...:arghh:
  15. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Yes we never lie; we boys always look first at the heads
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  16. Ray Stout Active Member

    See if you remember any of these Scan_20150315 (11).png Scan_20150315 (16).png 75-026-500x500-0.jpg scan0273 (2).jpg
  17. Nap Forum Moderator

    I see Series 77 in sone of the pictures

  18. Ray Stout Active Member

    That's right for the ACW Zouarve, the others are Pheonix Vikings and the Mountain man is one half of the Barton "Moose Hunt" without the canue. Sorry, my spelling these days is awfull. Ray
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  19. Ray Stout Active Member

    This one's really tough !! Scan_20150315 (8).png
  20. Nap Forum Moderator


    Is it a Al Charles sculpt ?

    If not ask me another ..lol

    Be great if any members had painted versions they have done they share them


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