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Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by loosehead, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. loosehead Active Member

    Happy Holidays to all ...........
    I have some questions and am looking for your tips and tricks when it comes to sending completed figures all sizes and busts overseas ( commissions) .
    How do you pack them what do you use
    who do you use normal post ,specialist carriers,
    Completed , Partly done they glue spears swords etc,
    Basically everything to do with this subject,
    I live in Australia too so things travel longer
    Any and all info will be greatly received
    Thanks to all
    Chris W
  2. megroot A Fixture

    I send some 3 weeks ago from the Netherlands to the USA.
    I choose PostNL who has a great pakkage and good prices.
    I put the figure into the box, wrapped in Bubble plastic.
    Above that I do the black foam ( that Pegaso is package his figures in,) on every side of the box.
    I didn't glue the flag and the sword on the figure, but made the pins allready in place.
    So the customer has to glue this parts on the figure.
    I payed € 25,- for everything including and it has a CN23 form on it, Track & Trace and insurance for the package.
    Untill today it has not arrived.

  3. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    The Russians are very adept at packaging their figures in shaped foam but they also solder most of their figures just leaving off the weapons. I have had figures delivered in bits before now which is disappointing for me and the painter.

    My advice would be to pin everything and glue all possible parts with epoxy not superglue which is brittle and detaches with the slightest knock. Leave off any parts which are at an angle to the figure but make it easy for them to be attached by the purchaser. Support everything in the box especially horses if some legs are off the ground. And finally double box your figures with good bubble or polystyrene nuggets between the boxes to cushion from shocks. Nothing is foolproof but box assuming the worst and use common sense.

    Hope this helps......Keith
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  4. lancer115 Active Member

    Hi Keith, Good advice but just wanted to say a little about the experience I have had with commission's I have received over the years from companies and individual painters and unfortunately the majority have been broken....ideally as you said soldering would be the best method for metal figures. Resin figures always seem to be super glued, I have never had a figure pinned from anyone. I purchased painted miniatures from a large manufacturer which were packed in shaped foam and placed in a wooden box only to find them completely broken nothing was pinned which I was surprised considering this company is a big player in the figure market.
    To be honest it put me off purchasing commission works as its disappointing after paying which can be a considerable sum of money. Your advice on double boxing is a very good idea as is leaving small parts detached and I think pinning is essential for bigger parts....sorry for what seems like a rant unfortunately that's my experience...A little more thought about packaging would cut down the disappointment....Happy New Year.....John.
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  5. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi John, I have shared your experience and now only purchase those figures which can be transported to a show or are what I would call easy to pack without too much groundwork or items of equipment protruding from the figure......trees etc are a no go area.

    I suspect busts are so popular these days as they are much easier and safer to pack and post.

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  6. lancer115 Active Member

    Hi Keith, Being able to collect a painted figure at a show is probably the best move, unfortunately it's not a option for me as there isn't a large miniature community where I live..so I'm at the mercy of the postal system. As you say busts are easier to package but there are so many excellent figures out there of subjects that my painting skills wouldn't do justice too, such as freehand patterns,banners and shield designs....I'm always tempted but very cautious.
    Thanks Keith have a Happy New Year and good luck with your purchases......John
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  7. Nige Active Member

  8. Alex A Fixture

    I have received and sent hundreds of painted figures using the regular mail system.
    What I do is this :
    Figure is wrapped in tissue paper in order to protect the paint layer.
    It is then inserted into custom cut dense foam and wrapped with tape.
    At this point, nothing should be moving
    foam sandwich is then inserted into a cardboard box
    Then bubble wrap around each individual box (thick layer)
    Then peanuts then exterior cardboard box
    I have a rate of damage of less than 5%

    Most people don't know how to package figures well or do no want to spend time and money on doing it properly.
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  9. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Alex, using the foam is similar to the Russian method, either using precut foam or polystyrene-the secret is to prevent any movement in the figure as you say.

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  10. loosehead Active Member

    Thank you gentlemen to all ,
    Reading the comments confirmed some things and explained others
    If I could win Lotto then I could travel to all the shows but alas the gods do not favour me
    I'm in the same boat as John not a large modelling community in Western Australia but the quality is great
    Again thanks guys for all the feedback
    Cheers Chris W
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