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Pop ups here

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Mookie, Sep 5, 2021.

  1. Mookie Well-Known Member

    Hi chaps.
    Does anybody get the constant adverts and pop up appearing on here lately,Didnt seem to happen in past and only on here
    Cheers from Richard
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  2. valiant A Fixture

    I run Adblock Plus - guess what? no ads!!(y)
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  3. Mookie Well-Known Member

    Cheers Steve,Seems to be a new problem.
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  4. Nap A Fixture

    The pop ups do also stop when you become a PlanetFigure Supporter .......

    Well worth a tiny amount to support PF costs

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  5. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    I only get them when I log in after an absence.....then they vanish, 'cos I is a s'porter :D innit.

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  6. pwadm Administrator

    I don't think we have any pop-up ads. I mean ads that open in a new browser window. There are different ad formats that run on the site but it all should be within the main browser window. I looked at the settings, and there was a 'vignette' ad that takes over the whole screen- I just disabled it. The ad load was also set to 'medium' - I lowered it down as well.
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  7. Babelfish A Fixture

    I run Adblock Plus and I rarely get them on here, but I had a flurry of them late last week. Seems to happen every now and again.

    - Steve
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  8. theBaron A Fixture

    Use an ad blocker, but do be aware that using an ad blocker will not eliminate ads over time. Changes adware developers make, changes to website software, changes to browsers, etc, mean that it is a never-ending arms race between us users and the adware developers. As soon as one is blocked, another one will take its place.
    The same goes for anti-virus applications. You will never completely eliminate viruses and malware, you will only reduce the chances that you will fall victim.

  9. chippy Well-Known Member

    I find the ad blocker logo flashing across my screen all the time as big a pain as the ads , it often covers over something I'm trying to read :mad: I can't find out how to get rid of it .
  10. arj A Fixture

    I've just learnt to live with them. It takes just a moment to knock them off when they appear.
    My old experience with ad blockers was that they were more trouble than the ads themselves.

  11. valiant A Fixture

    I can honestly say that the adblocker I use doesnt flash up anywhere on the screen - theres just a tiny icon with the number of ads being blocked on that page.....(y)
  12. Dolf Well-Known Member

    On Firefox (which is the browser I use for the Forum) I use Adblock Plus, and just like Valiant I see nothing, except for the tiny Adblock Plus icon on the top of the page, listing the number of ads blocked on each page (6 here right now, btw) .
    And I've never seen any pop-ups showing here on the Forum!

    Even using Adblock Plus it may occasionally happen that some pop-ups show in some other sites (guess the stubborn ones :) ), but as I say, it never happened on this Forum.

  13. Gary D PlanetFigure Supporter

    I'm a Supporter here and I don't get them.
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