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WIP Critique Polish paratrooper Arnhem

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Jan, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Jan A Fixture

    Creating a new bust, sculpted the head two weeks a go. Start to paint it yesterday. Still searching for the right color of the beret. some reference showing a khaki other rare some shades of blue. I have still a lot of things i wont to do, so changes are always possible.
    scale 1/10, scratch-build

    DSCN2305.jpg DSCN2303.jpg DSCN2304.jpg
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  2. arj A Fixture

  3. Jan A Fixture

    After the discussion about the beret in several forums, i have create a version that's a good compromise i think. Still a lot of details to do.
    sabowski4.jpg sabowski3.jpg sabowski2.jpg sabowski.jpg

  4. Chris Oldfield A Fixture

    This is bringing back memories of the first time I went to see "A Bridge Too Far", at Skegness in 1977.
    Excellent work Jan, looks very like Stanislas Sosabowski (as portrayed by Gene Hackman).
  5. Jan A Fixture

    started to create the body, first steps still a way to go

    DSCN2317.jpg DSCN2319.jpg DSCN2318.jpg

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  6. Jan A Fixture

    Again spent some hours of sculpting on this bust, gonna need some more to get it smooth and for minor corrections. But i have also reach t the maximum of my present sculpting skills. Let him dry overnight, the material is becoming to soft for good details. Hope you like it a bit.

    DSCN2323.jpg DSCN2325.jpg DSCN2324.jpg

  7. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

  8. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Jan

    All credit to you for this a good likeness , beret looks good with what you went for

    Good to see the para badge as well

    I like it a lot ....can't remember seeing the subject as a bust but the Polish para's fought hard

    Not sure if you are able perhaps angle the lower edges of arms?

    Look forward to seeing done colour on the torso when your ready

    Happy benchtime

  9. Jan A Fixture

    Start painting the body

    DSCN2330.jpg DSCN2331.jpg DSCN2332.jpg
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  10. Grod A Fixture

    Great subject Jan
  11. Jan A Fixture

    Working on the details, still got to finish the face and do some corrections. creating some good eyes specially.

    DSCN2333.jpg DSCN2334.jpg DSCN2335.jpg DSCN2336.jpg
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  12. Berserker Member


    That looks fantastic Jan! I'm in the process of trying to convert this bust into a Polish Para. I have no sculpting skills so it will most probably not turn out very well. I've started on the beret but I need to drill/file out the shirt and jumper collar, as this one is more of a post 1940's style.

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  13. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Jan

    Good on you for doing this subject , that beret colour has settled down now and with the badges looks good

    Like the ribbons and the shoulder arcs with Poland ...did you use lettering or freehand either way they look great

    Out of interest what's ribbons he is wearing , recognise the medal ?

  14. Jan A Fixture

    Nap, i rely don't now. I have used a b&w photo for the sculpting
    General Stanislaw Sosabowski.jpg

    And after founding the same photo colorized for painting,
    After the reactions i have got on the beret in several groups on FB, i hope wen i made a mistake someone will react.
    everything is freehand painted.

    Berserker, just go for it. The hardest step for conversion a bust is to put the dremel in something you have pay for.
    It's getting better after the first one.
    maybe this photos cane help.

    00b4cd87b4345da651db89793d058f4b.jpg 802f27950be0d43258f8f1d554e0c6ca.jpg e1fb14fbf127c9de0d6d0fb9aa952c6e.jpg f78e6ea02715575a19de64d8ee258e21.jpg 291fd33d4aeada8ce25006d332b2bd4a.jpg

    grtx Jan
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  15. Berserker Member


    Cheers Jan
  16. Jan A Fixture

    Scratch build bust - painted in Acrylics
    Normally, i call it done and in fact he is.
    But i gonna put again the knife in it, changing the mistakes I've made. The main aim was to create General Stanislaw Sasobowski, the figure shows Colonel Stanislaw Sasobowski . So i gonna change it,but I wanted to show the pictures before, don't know i gonna get the same result on the new one.

    DSCN2344-2.jpg DSCN2337.jpg DSCN2338.jpg DSCN2339.jpg

  17. Jan A Fixture

    Call it done, Brigade General Stanislaw Sosabowski
    1st Independent Parachute Brigade (Poland)
    Scratch build bust scale 1/10 painted in Acrylics

    changed the rank and created the medal he received post-um on the base

    DSCN2353.jpg DSCN2353.jpg DSCN2349.jpg

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  18. Berserker Member


    Fantastic work Jan. Are you going to cast this so others can build and paint it? I had another go at mine today, but my imagination is more advanced than my abilities :( I've tried to make the beret badge but it's very small (1/9) for my sausage fingers and my eyes. ;) I didn't help that I did not try to sculpt it when I formed the beret. I instead tried to make and add it as an afterthought.

    I think I will have to start the beret again and try to form the badge at the start.

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