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Polish Legion Ulan

Discussion in 'Brutal Honesty - Critique Center' started by WarhammerAdjacent, Jan 18, 2023.

  1. WarhammerAdjacent Well-Known Member

    Hi all, this seems like a bold place to make a second post but I'm going to have a go. As I said in my 'welcome' post I've made getting better at figures a bit of a mission this year. This chap is probably my best work so far, I'm pretty happy with how he is turned out but I certainly feel like he could be improved. Unfortunately I lack the knowledge and experience to work out how so please fire away. In terms of things I've identified already, I need to work out how to shade/tarnish the metallic finish. I'm not ready for NMM but I'll shortly be combing threads for advice in that area. I'm also considering going over the cap eagle and chinstrap with some graphite to make it look a little more metallic.

    Thanks in advance,

    [IMG] 5346BA3D-E81E-414C-A0EE-57693FBB37B7.jpg 9AE81874-2F7B-4A8C-8FBD-EA25CAE0D760.jpg

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  2. Warren SMITH A Fixture

    Nice work... The chin strap scales look like they are still in undercoat.. as does the cap badge... Maybe paint them black and dry brush grey over them to bring out the depth..
  3. WarhammerAdjacent Well-Known Member

    Thanks, good idea. The colours is a good match for the original but your right about highlights. Maybe a black wash then some light highlights and a little graphite pigment.
  4. Nap Moderator

    Hi Stefan

    I have a similar piece in my Gray Army , this version below painted by Balas Schiller , but it shows the headwear and plastron ....click on pic for larger image

    Agree with Wayne's comments

    The metallics ...try a basecoat in a brown , you could then mix that with the metallic once dry use just metallics for the highs

    You could also put a wash over the tassels

    Fleshwork is. heading in the right direction

    I would take the facing "red" shadows back so they aren't stark

    Are the eyes transfers ..if not they are very well done , I like to add a catchlight

    You might like to think about using a blending medium as well

    All credit to you , this is what PF is about

    Thanks for sharing

    Happy benchtime


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  5. WarhammerAdjacent Well-Known Member

    Thanks Nap. I did the eyes by hand, it took a fair amount of back and forth (I re-did one of them at least three times) but I'm reasonably happy with the result. My new top tip is to use the pointy support from a 3d print to do the iris. I thought about doing a catch light but wanted to try using a gloss varnish to see if it gave a more natural glint. I'm not sure it works in photographs but it looks ok in person if the lighting is right.

    I can see what you mean about the facings, I wonder if a lighter red wash might tone it down a touch. I'll have a play.
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  6. WarhammerAdjacent Well-Known Member

    I got some work done on the czapka plate, I used a dark wash then a metallic pigment to bring out the raised detail which seemed to work well. It was less successful on the chinstrap, I might have to paint in the shadows there.

    I tried to tone down the facings a bit, not sure if it needs more.

    CD4E217D-B00D-4308-B1EA-6E1B69718B4F.jpeg 74F3B1DB-1C16-44A9-B873-2BACC54E3274.jpeg
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  7. Nap Moderator

    Hi Stefan

    That looks better already , you might like to to put a wash over the gold as well , I would define the stars on the collar a little more Facings shows the difference between the first pics .....entirely up to you possibly blend them a little more

    Well done to you

    Happy benchtime

  8. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Nap, Great job on the bust. I purchased and downloaded the stl file for the kit. While it was well done I thought the face was missing something so I went about "converting" the face with Zbrush.

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  9. WarhammerAdjacent Well-Known Member

    Ooh, yes, that's rather nice. I don't suppose you'll be selling the file at any point?

    The uniform etc are rather nice but I found the face really challenging, I'd rather like another bash, particularly with a different face.
  10. Nap Moderator

    Saw this on Social Media

    Decorated officers from the 1st Uhlans Regiment of the 1st Legions Brigade - photo posed on the roof of the Prasa Palace in Krakow - 1938. (by Malczewski Colorization)


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  11. garyjd Well-Known Member

    I imported the head from the file I purchased into zbrush for the alterations. My stl file is of the Uhlan that Nap has pictured on his posting.
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