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Completed Point Du Hoc

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Steve Ski, Nov 8, 2023.

  1. Rocco82 Active Member

    These are looking fantastic Steve! Lovely details. The work on the wrinkles really brings out the the expressions!
    One guy has a roller coaster face. I guess he's the guy getting pulled up

    Perhaps if you're not sure if they need more feathering etc. Once you put them on the bodies you'll know if they need any more attention?

    Look forward to seeing more!
  2. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks, Simon.

    Thanks, Rocco. I was thinking the same thing, wait until final assembly for additional feathering.
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  3. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Finishing Faces, Working upper Torsos

    The faces for this crew are now complete minus a few touch-ups here and there. Luke, the terrified fellow, was not wanting to cooperate with my brush. After I convinced him, that Bruce wasn’t going to let him go, he began to be more manageable.

    Sometimes faces just don’t want to work, so I’m finding that working them over several days, feathering, and filtering necessary tones works best. Poor Luke, he’s the cleanest kid on the block with four oven cleaner baths to his credit, HA! I have also added the 2nd Ranger Battalion emblem on the back of the helmets, not seen in these photos. The helmet tones will be adjusted more towards the drab range, btw.

    [IMG] [IMG]

    Reference photos show a myriad of tan and olive drab shades for WWII US GI uniforms, so I won’t be too worried about the shade I’ve chosen. The button and rivet counters can now relax, it has been decided. I have matched the oils to an almost exact tone by taking a dab of oil and swiping it onto the photo posted on my easel. It may not appear so close now, but it will later when the oils dry.


    https://www.dday-overlord.com/en/normandy/commemorations/2019/photos/pointe-du-hoc More photos can be found on the net referencing the D-Day Pont Du Hoc 75th Anniversary.

    I decided to start with Capt. Walt and get some oils on the canvas, so to speak, while Sgt. Luke was drying for a bit. I really do like how Steve works these wrinkles and folds, very crisp and clean, much easier to paint. I will be working my way down the figure as I usually do.

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    I will address all three upper torsos before I move onto the next phase while the palette still has a good oil mix. Remixing another batch days from now may not come out within the same tonal range, and that is what I am trying to avoid here, offset tones.

    Progress is a bit slow, but steady, so more to follow very soon. Thanks for watchin. Cheers, Ski.
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  4. Ferris A Fixture

    Great work so far Steve, and nice reference photos!

  5. Briggsy A Fixture

    They're coming on great guns Steve, the tone on the jackets is very nice.

    Cheers Simon
  6. 1969 A Fixture

    Great to see some colour onto the uniforms now Ski, heads are looking good now.
  7. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thank You, Adrain, Simon and Stevo. I've already retoned the helmets, they were too green, but I think a bit of eye lid work is required for Bruce, the middle fellow.

    Stevo, these are a pleasure to paint, Me Hermano!
  8. NigelR A Fixture

    Nice to see this one progressing. This will be another fantastic piece when done I am sure......
  9. Nap Moderator

    Hi Ski

    Liking the way Walt and Bruce are looking , certainly very well painted and both individuals and with character ...a cut to the sculpting

    Nice highlights on the flesh

    Thanks for sharing

    Looking forward to seeing more

    Happy benchtime

  10. MalcC A Fixture

    Nice progress, and good to see the photo reference.

  11. Nap Moderator

    Hi Ski

    Just seen the 3 heads ....blooming fine artwork on them

    Great start on the uniforms

    Thanks for sharing the updates

    May your brushes always swirl

  12. marco14 PlanetFigure Supporter

    that is looking already very beautiful Steve, the faces are absolute fantastic,better then mine,
    love it your work (y)

  13. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thank you kindly, Gentlemen. This is a fun set to work with.
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  14. VisjeMar A Fixture

    They look great.
  15. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks, Martin!
  16. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Getting Luke Up to Speed

    I started to work on Luke’s jacket and decided that since the area was so small, I would continue on and work his vest before moving on to Bruce. What I did not take into consideration was the coupling of two figures together. I had never worked adjoining figures in the past, so this was a learning experience for me. I can clearly see that sculpting adjoining figures is not an easy task but rather a complicated one.

    I did perform a test fit to the base with both figures before I started painting and thought everything was good to go. Right about the time I was finishing up Luke’s gear something told me to recheck before I kept going. Sure enough, I boofed! What I finally realized was that I had not aligned Bruce’s arm correctly to accept Luke’s shoulder section. That slight off-line attachment of Bruce’s arm caused a good 3/16th of an inch alignment problem for Luke on the cliff.

    You might think, ok, do some work on the cliff to remedy the issue, but that didn’t’ work so well. That caused even more problems. So, I worked in some Epoxy Sculpt to clean up my mess on the cliff and began to rework Bruce’s arm for a much better fit. Long story short, a lot of time was wasted because I neglected to retest the fit when the arms were glued in place.

    Well, like this was the first time I’ve messed up, right? Na, it happens all the time, lol. This was a simple oversight that required a lot of unnecessary tweaking. Lesson learned once again. Ruck Onward.

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    I need to point out now that the details on Luke’s vest are incredible and it’s obvious to me that Steve has taken a lot of time and expended a lot of effort to make this vest accurate with crisp clean details. Kudos, Stevo!

    You may also notice that I have a tonal variation issue with Luke’s left arm. That arm section was not attached when I started to paint Luke and once again I boofed, this time on the tones of the jacket arm. Like I said, having never done adjoining figures before, I missed details that otherwise should have been addressed much earlier. The tonal variation has been addressed since taking these pics, and still a bit more needs to be done, but that is a minor issue which is easy to address compared to an arm realignment.

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    I would also like to add that the precision of the fit for Luke on the cliff is incredible. Steve has sculpted the arm to hand fit, and boot placement, so well that Luke can hang on by himself without any anchor or glue, impressive. Luke is pulling a big fake with that scared look on his face, isn’t he? HA!

    I will be working Bruce’s arm and his jacket together to get the same color tones before I go any further. I really don’t fancy having to go back and address another boof, two is enough for now, wouldn’t ya say?

    More to follow soon and thanks for watchin. Cheers, Ski.
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  17. Nap Moderator

    Hi Ski

    Aside a couple of boofs which I might add you resourcefully solved , the painting highlights the sculpting so well , the joined figures are going to look great

    The detail painting on the various pouches etc are a pleasure to see

    Look forward to seeing Bruce's arm

    Have fun and a happy holiday this festive season

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  18. Briggsy A Fixture

    Wow Ski that's heck of an update, glad it's not just me who makes ,"boofs" or as I call the cock ups, just spent an afternoon resculpting a helmet.

    The project is looking really good though, really like how you've handled the transitions and tones. Must admit though I need to get my eyes tested as I still don't see the tonal book you mention.

    Cheers Simon
  19. MalcC A Fixture

    I can only say Wow at this stage.

  20. NigelR A Fixture

    Making boofs? Hey, I specialise in that! It's overcoming them that is key.....

    This is making excellent progress, it's going to be a very impressive piece when it comes together. And it's great to see the SBS as well.
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