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Plymouth Show 2019 - Photos

Discussion in 'Figure Shows, Workshops and Events' started by arj, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. arj A Fixture

    The annual Plymouth Model Show took place on Saturday 29th June.
    I didn't have too much time for photography, but managed to snap a few that caught my eye.

    IMG_3646r.jpg IMG_3648r.jpg IMG_3650r.jpg IMG_3651r.jpg IMG_3652r.jpg IMG_3653r.jpg IMG_3654r.jpg IMG_3655r.jpg IMG_3656r.jpg IMG_3657r.jpg IMG_3658r.jpg IMG_3659r.jpg IMG_3660r.jpg IMG_3661r.jpg IMG_3662r.jpg IMG_3663r.jpg IMG_3664r.jpg IMG_3666r.jpg IMG_3667r.jpg IMG_3668r.jpg IMG_3669r.jpg IMG_3670r.jpg IMG_3671r.jpg IMG_3672r.jpg

    continued ....
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  2. arj A Fixture

    ... cont.

    IMG_3673r.jpg IMG_3674r.jpg IMG_3675r.jpg IMG_3676r.jpg IMG_3677r.jpg IMG_3678r.jpg IMG_3679r.jpg IMG_3680r.jpg IMG_3681r.jpg IMG_3682r.jpg IMG_3683r.jpg IMG_3685r.jpg IMG_3686r.jpg IMG_3687r.jpg IMG_3688r.jpg IMG_3689r.jpg IMG_3690r.jpg IMG_3691r.jpg IMG_3692r.jpg IMG_3694r.jpg IMG_3695r.jpg IMG_3696r.jpg IMG_3697r.jpg
    continued ...
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  3. arj A Fixture

    ... cont.

    IMG_3699r.jpg IMG_3700r.jpg IMG_3701r.jpg IMG_3702r.jpg IMG_3703r.jpg IMG_3704r.jpg IMG_3705r.jpg IMG_3706r.jpg IMG_3708r.jpg IMG_3709r.jpg IMG_3710r.jpg IMG_3712r.jpg IMG_3713r.jpg IMG_3714r.jpg IMG_3715r.jpg IMG_3716r.jpg IMG_3717r.jpg IMG_3718r.jpg IMG_3719r.jpg IMG_3722r.jpg IMG_3723r.jpg IMG_3724r.jpg IMG_3725r.jpg IMG_3726r.jpg IMG_3727r.jpg

    continued ...
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  4. arj A Fixture

    ... cont.

    IMG_3728r.jpg IMG_3729r.jpg IMG_3730r.jpg

    Sorry about the shadow on the third one. I just didn't spot it; but the fine detailing is still worth a closer look.

    IMG_3731r.jpg IMG_3732r.jpg IMG_3733r.jpg IMG_3735r.jpg IMG_3736r.jpg IMG_3737r.jpg IMG_3738r.jpg IMG_3739r.jpg IMG_3740r.jpg IMG_3741r.jpg IMG_3743r.jpg IMG_3744r.jpg IMG_3745r.jpg IMG_3746r.jpg IMG_3747r.jpg IMG_3748r.jpg IMG_3749r.jpg IMG_3750r.jpg IMG_3751r.jpg IMG_3752r.jpg IMG_3753r.jpg IMG_3754r.jpg

    continued ...
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  5. arj A Fixture

    ... cont.

    IMG_3755r.jpg IMG_3756r.jpg IMG_3757r.jpg IMG_3758r.jpg IMG_3759r.jpg IMG_3760r.jpg IMG_3761r.jpg IMG_3762r.jpg IMG_3763r.jpg IMG_3764r.jpg IMG_3765r.jpg IMG_3766r.jpg IMG_3767r.jpg IMG_3768r.jpg IMG_3769r.jpg IMG_3770r.jpg IMG_3772r.jpg IMG_3773r.jpg

    The last one above shows a tiny ship and how it was presented, with a magnifying glass above it for a better view (sorry about the focus).
    The one before it was my best attempt to get a reasonable close-up.

    IMG_3774r.jpg IMG_3775r.jpg IMG_3776r.jpg IMG_3777r.jpg IMG_3778r.jpg

    That's all Folks.

  6. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing Andrew,
    helpful for us lads (and lassies) that could not get there for whatever reason.
  7. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Andrew

    Thanks for posting these ,....... A good show in a fine building as well , great to see a French club there as well

    I liked this version of the Dolman Miniatures Tank officer painted by Mike Squire from the GWR ( Great Western Rejects )


    Thanks for taking the time to do the pictures despite the temperatures

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  8. tock24 Active Member

    Good show, if a trifle warm! Thanks to all involved for arranging the show!
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  9. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks for the pictures

  10. peedee A Fixture

    How nice to see so many figures at a general interest model show.
    Well done to all contributors !!

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