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please sir i want some more

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by madeg, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. madeg Active Member

    Please sir, I want some mmore

    Hello planteers,

    This vignette is based upon one of the most popular oneliners in literature and cinema .
    The famous line is spoken by Oliver Twist the main character in Charles Dickens masterpiece .
    I got the idea by watching a DVD I've got as a present ,which holds the collected BBC series . After watching the movie I found a mass of information on the net .
    I saw the musical ( an English production ) years ago and recently Polanski made his own version of the story .
    After I gattered the information I started to make choices and I deceided to make it a vignette with Oliver asking for more ( food ) and Mr. Bumble .
    Mr Bumble is one of the adults( who has enough food )and who is running the orphinage ( aka the workhouse ).
    The work of Dickens critisizes the system where children had to work barefood during summer and winter . Having nothing or almost nothing to eat .It's that atmosphere I wanted develop in the scene.
    Iron bars in front of the windows , dark colors , and a fat adult with a small skinny boy beging for food and wearing non fitting clothes .

    Below a lot of pictures taken during sculpting . Hope you enjoy them .
    The figures are not painted yet , but primed with grey primer . The walls got a first layer of acryl . Waiting for the oils . The iron bars are test fitted with blue-tek.

    The first stage developing the scenery , plastic card and stairs from A.Bayardi are used .
    The iron bars are from the scrap box .
    The window is from miniart accesoires .

    Start sculpting mister Bumble , the anatomy is done with milliput . Using a Hornet head and hands. The head will be heavely transformed to look bigger and fatter.
    The stick he is holding is made from copper and duro .

    Clothing aded using green stuff from Duro .
    The Oliver figure is scratch build only using a head from Dougs original .
    Accesoires are from the historex scrap box .

    The finished figures without the scenery .
    birdview from the scene . Figures are primed and the scenery has got his first coat of acrylics.

    Writing this topic I had some doubts about using the sceney ( the wall etc .) .
    What's your idea ?
    I still have got some time to deceide.First I have to paint the figures .
    I'll be back

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  2. tonydawe A Fixture

    A simply stunning realisation. Thank you for showing this SBS and demonstrating your sculpting technique. I look forward to seeing this magnificent scene painted and complete.
  3. dannyk01 New Member

    Wow, I enjoyed watching the movie (ages ago) and I think you have done and execellent job on this vignette. Will this ever come onto the market?

  4. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    Looking really nice. I like the feel of it. Where did you get the shoes for the big fellow?

  5. Bluesking Active Member

    Simply brilliant
  6. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Brilliant is absolutely the right word! Since you raised the issue of the background, etc., IMHO it looks more interesting, more dramatic and is more effective without the background. Just my opinion and file it in the "for what it's worth" column. Great vignette!

    All the best,
  7. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    This is some work there!! Brilliant idea and superb execution !!!! My congratulations
  8. megroot A Fixture

    Excellent work.

  9. pmfs A Fixture


    Brilliant, amazing etc etc:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
    You are an artist. Congratulations!

  10. pkw4 Active Member

    Fantastic work.
    Great idea too.
  11. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Great idea and really fun piece! If it were me, I like the background, but I have to agree with Dan, I think it's better without the walls. Seems to me to help focus attention down on the small boy much better without it. Keep us posted, this will be a fun piece when done!

    Jay H.
  12. Clarence1 Member

    I really like the scuplting of Mr. Bumble.

    I also like the scenery. I don't know if the period of time could be at night but you could even add more drama using a light source. Maybe a lantern on the wall without the window. Using very dark colors to paint the walls at the base and using more bright colors near the lantern on the wall to create a good effect with the light. Also the beam of light could reflect on Mr. Bumble and Oliver. I don't know, it is just an idea!!!!

    Anyway I will keep an eye on the end result!!!

  13. madeg Active Member


    Thanks , for all your comments
    The topic is edited now , pictures are visible again .
    Still some doubts about the background .
  14. Jim Active Member

    I think the background 'frames' the story and places it in context with the era. If the figures are painted to show the direction that any light is coming from, particularly if coming from behind and above the 'fat guy' and throwing a shadow onto Oliver and then Oliver's shadow on the floor with the light around it - it would highlight and further dramatize your excellent work.
    Very impressive!
  15. petermh Active Member

    very origional and very well executed
    you ask for comments about the scenery I think it really adds to the scene
    by the way mr bumble is a beadle or parish constable and is wearing the unifom of that office
  16. Marcel Active Member

    Fantastic piece of work!

  17. Ixian New Member

  18. jjgurk Member


  19. Kevin D. Well-Known Member

    FRESH and original! Great idea!! And very nice sculpt !!

    Kevin D
  20. Markus Well-Known Member

    Excellent work !!!

    Take care,

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