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Platoon private.25 inf div.Vietnam-68

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Demchenko, May 27, 2008.

  1. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Really well sculpted figure. An impressive likeness, especially considering the scale!

    Jay H.
  2. EasyOff Member

  3. marcusmedina New Member

    Really nice figure... Could you tell us the company that will sell the platoon´s figure?
    Thanks for your attention
    Marcus Medina
  4. gorgosaurus Active Member

    Excellent sculpting work.

  5. Doberdob Active Member

    It's him alright.Great likeness and superb sculpting. Congratulations
  6. Markus Well-Known Member

    Wow....absolutly a beautiful sculpt !!!! First I thought it is a 120mm figure....but a 1:35.....I´m a little bit speachless !!!
  7. 1969 A Fixture

    congratulations,a very inspiring sculpt.

  8. marios1 Active Member


    Wow Vlad....your figures are superb indeed! I love the Nam period , but i think that for all the modeller who loved beauty and well sculpted figures,these must be WONDERFUL !!!!!!I have all the resin 1/35 nam figures (and same in metal too), now i am ,perhaps,more a collector then a modeller SIIIGGGHH !! bUT i find yours figures exclusive in their period.Till now you show as Barnes,Taylor and Elias....which others platoon figures you are working on,about your project? King, Rah (ranucci ,Queen son), Manny (the aa soldier with muscolar body),Red or who? I ll sure buy two of each,and i hope (the collector speek...)yo ll realize more and more!!! Remember that in 1/6 the SIDESHOW ,realized 7 figures of Platoon film and the collectors after many years that they disappeared, are looking for them in all the ebay system.......!!!!There is the possibility that you ll realize two heads for each figure in kit?For example one with bandana and one with helmets?Using the same heads?Then under which label/firm they will arrive on market?? Thanks for all, scuse me for all this words, but your figures are excellent and they will be in my dreams!!!!! Mario.
  9. Panzer Active Member

    We all had our fingers on the trigger here and there, yes it is very un-professional but that is why weapons have safety features.

    I do believe that you have an M-16a1 in his hands with the late flash suppressor and it should be an early M-16.

    Fantastic work, where can I get one?

  10. Demchenko A Fixture

    Chris,I took my attention for fingers on trigger and make it here out trigger (seems it`s possible to see on photo) and resculpted fingers on both previous figures.Now all three soldiers have correct index finger position.
    Marios,really process of sculpting is continue,now I`m working with 2 figures of walking machinegunner and infantryman (with portrait likeness of course).
    When figures will be copied and ready,I`ll put here information bout company etc.
    Many thanks!
  11. brian A Fixture

    When i served in the forces i would have been shot at dawn if i was caught holding my weapon the way the second guy on the left is holding his i.e. muzzle down,big no,no!!!!
  12. currahee New Member

    Hi Demchenko,
    without doubt these platoon figures you have created are the best I have seen in a very long time.
    One question, do you intend releasing these figures in 120mm scale one day , that would be awsome.

    Regards Phil
  13. Mortimer Active Member


    I have no words to express my admiration. What a gorgeous figure! What a master work!
  14. tankman3rd4id Member

    i would also like to buy the amazing figure and also add my thoughts on the whole trigger thing you were taught when you was a kid to lift the lid before going to the bathroom to but you may not have done it all the time. in a combat zone alot of the rules are over looked just my thought.
  15. Roc Active Member

    Very nice work.
    Thank you for sharing.

  16. theseeker Member

    Truly beautiful sculpt and excellent likeness!
  17. megroot A Fixture

    Beautifull sculpt. Not my favorit period for painting but a great sculpt.

  18. marios1 Active Member

    your King figure....

    Hi Vladimir......when you ll show us same pictures of your last masterpieces......King and a radio man? Your figures are simply wonderful.....i repeat this every time i saw them !!!!! Bye Mario.
  19. Demchenko A Fixture

    Hi marios1! I`ll think soon,cause King and Phah now in process:) King will be first.

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