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Completed Critique Pirate quartermaster 1671

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Ethan, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Ethan Active Member

    From Romeo models in the 75mm size; a pirate. This figure is said to be a quartermaster or Helmsman. They mean pretty much the same thing; second to the captain. I have not come up with a story or scene for this character as of yet but I hope to know soon so I can begin construction on the base. All hand painted with Reaper Acrylics. Enjoy!

    pirate.helmsman (1 of 16).jpg
    one coat of Ruddy Leather, One Wash of Russett brown,

    pirate.helmsman (2 of 16).jpg
    Light wash of highlights with Oiled Leather, the a light wash to cover it all with Russett Brown. Then the age tones you see are Bone Shadow washed and then Aged Bone to get the extremes. the whole thing was then washed with a dirty water consistency of Ruddy Leather.

    pirate.helmsman (3 of 16).jpg
    Solid coate with Templar Blue

    pirate.helmsman (4 of 16).jpg
    Highlight with Snow Shadow

    pirate.helmsman (6 of 16).jpg
    Midtone full wash with True Blue and shadowed thick wash of Brionne Blue

    pirate.helmsman (7 of 16).jpg
    fine brushing of Snow Shadow for Highlight

    pirate.helmsman (11 of 16).jpg
    Multiple washes of the before mentioned blues. Basically putting myself in a rut. couldnt get the right consistency of light to dark. to subtle or to stark. Finally gave up for the day to go to the store and get more Blue paints.

    pirate.helmsman (12 of 16).jpg

    pirate.helmsman (14 of 16).jpg
    Came in with new paints. I went to a slightly thicker than water consistency and washed the shadows with Midnight Blue. Then washed the highlights with layers of Ashen Blue. I then covered the whole thing in a very light wash of Brilliant blue and then while it was still wettish, went in with Snow shadow and got the extreme highlights. had to work some layers back and forth but everything blended perfectly!

    pirate.helmsman (16 of 16).jpg

    pirate.helmsman (6 of 7).jpg
    Full Figure to this point
    pirate.helmsman (7 of 7).jpg

    I still think the pics dont do a lick of justice to the blending but maybe I can get some better pics before the end. Comments and help on figuring out this 'creating light' effect would be greatly appreciated!


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  2. Steve Well-Known Member

    That blue is pretty sweet Ethan.
  3. gordy Well-Known Member

    Nice work Ethan, thanks for sharing (y)
  4. giro Member

    Great, waiting for more work. This is really a WIP
  5. rheath Active Member

    Good work so far m8 - although I see you gave yourself a lot of extra work to get there on the blues, all learning processes of course, know what it's about.
    Keep us up to speed.
  6. Gary D PlanetFigure Supporter

    Looking good Ethan! Thanks for the SBS! I can't wait for the next installment!

  7. redhorse Active Member

    He looks really good so far.
  8. Ethan Active Member

    Thanks to all of you for your kind posts! I hope that by being as thorough as I can remember to be :) that you guys can learn maybe how to do something faster by not copying me! One of these days Ill get the hang of these colors!

    By the way, if anyone knows of any good reading material on how to 'create artificial light' or what colors to use in all of these many mixtures to get the right tones and shades; I would love to know. It would definetly save me some paint!

    Todays work. about 4 hours.

    layer one yellow-1.jpg
    For the sash and leg ties, I started with a coat or three of Sun Yellow

    layer 2 yellow-1.jpg
    Added a wash of Kahki Highlight to age the yellow and a dirty water wash of Bone shadow to try to get into the crevices a bit for some shadowing. I really have no idea what to do for yellow so im just pulling this out of my head!

    layer 3 boots revamp-1.jpg
    I took some time to revamp the boots, adding washes of greys and shadows and then using Dark Shadow to add depth and a top wash of random oiled leather for texture

    layer 4 shirt main color-1.jpg
    Started the shirt with a coat of Linen White

    layer 4 shirt shadow-1.jpg
    added a thin coat of Weathered Stone to the shadows

    layer 5 shirt wash white-1.jpg
    Did a dirty water wash of Fair Skin Highlight to age the white and add some texture, then washed with Pure White and added a thick detail coat on the extreme highlights with Pure White

    layer 6 jacket first coat-1.jpg
    Started the jacket with Harvest Brown, slightly watered

    layer 6 jacket first rear-1.jpg

    layer 7 jacket shadow -1.jpg
    Added some depth to the shadows with Dark Shadow, thinned.

    layer 8 jacket tone change front-1.jpg
    Though I love the color of Harvest Brown I think a lighter tan would look better so I used Tanned Leather as a thin wash in a couple layers to get a somewhat even color. I intend to keep it this tone but will start working the highlights and shadows tomorrow. Its hard to notice in the next few pics but you can still see the depth created by the Dark Shadow and the Harvest Brown base coat gives a nice backdrop to the tan.

    layer 8 jacket tone change left-1.jpg

    layer 8 jacket tone change rear-1.jpg

    layer 8 jacket tone change right-1.jpg

    And that's it for today! I look forward to your comments and critiques!

  9. gordy Well-Known Member

    Cruising along Ethan, thanks for posting! (y)
  10. pipetrepid Active Member

    ethan, looking good!
  11. Ethan Active Member

    Alright, lots of progress! I dont have the in depth step by step of last time but its been pretty simple and I will try to break down the face especially. Ive only put in about 6 hours this week of paint time and Im really impressed with whats been laid down so here we go!

    Thank you to Gordy for keepin tabs on my work! I really appreciate it

    And thanks Bill, I hope you enjoy the progress!

    Back of jacket.paint finished-1.jpg
    I finished the jacket by using Harvest Brown with Dark Shadow and Harvest Brown with Misty Grey. I mixed them with water close to each other on my pallette and let them run together on the edges. Then started washing with straight Harvest brown, adding the highlights and shadows while the paint was wet. It felt somewhat to blending with oils but I had to work fast. After a few layers of this I got the subtle changes in tone I was looking for.

    arm of jacket.paint finished-1.jpg
    Side View.

    First run at face tones-1.jpg
    I started working on the face using Reapers Rose skin colors. First a layer of Rose Skin. Then the lowlights with Rose Shadow. Then went in with sunburnt skin and washed a bit. Then worked the highlights with Rose Highlight. Did a couple layers to blend them together. Then ran Titanium White for the eyes. Pure black for the iris and Ultramarine Blue for the Pupil. Got lucky but I havent attempted to put the white highlight from light reflection in yet! I intentionally made him looking to our Right and down.

    first coat of red kerchief-1.jpg
    Started the head cloth with deep red and then bright red on top. I have decided to change all the yellow colors to red since yellow pretty much sucks to work with in my limited experience!

    first coat of red kerchief side view-1.jpg
    Side View.

    darker skin tone front-1.jpg
    While I liked the tones on the face I didnt like how much it looked like healthy, good skin. So I washed in sunburnt to age him. I then reworked the shadows with Rose Shadow and used Rose Skin to highlight. After that I added a slight hue of Blushing Rose on the bottom lip. I really like the darker colors around the eyes. It seems harsh in the pic but it works well in real life. Kind of gauntish lol! Also mixed bright red with yellow and used some different variations of an orangish color to highlight the head cloth.

    darker skin tone side-1.jpg
    Side view.
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  12. gordy Well-Known Member

    The head band is looking great (y)

    Before you progress farther, I'd recommend shrinking the iris on the eyes a touch, tricky as it will be I think the pay off will be very worth it :) The iris are well done and vivid just a tad large :(
  13. Ethan Active Member

    So... It's been a WHILE since I have posted. I apologize. Too many things going on to list. I have, however; had a chance to put in 30 min here and an hour there, getting this pirate finished. I am very close to completion now. Below is an update of where I am as of tonight. All I have left to do is weather the piece and add the sword and feather to his hat.


    dec15 full front-1.jpg

    dec15 2 3rd front-1.jpg
  14. Ethan Active Member

    At last, the finished piece! I will be adding to the base as time allows; with plaque and some added depth.


    ps the figure was painted with Reaper acrylics and the base was painted with Windsor and Newton oils on a plexiglass stand.

    dec19 Front and Base-1.jpg dec19 Front-1.jpg

    dec19 right-1.jpg dec19 back-1.jpg

    dec19 left-1.jpg dec19 front right close-1.jpg

    dec19 boots and deck-1.jpg dec19 close back-1.jpg
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  15. gordy Well-Known Member

    Well done Ethan (y) What's next in the hopper?
    Ethan likes this.
  16. Ethan Active Member

    Thanks Gordy, I plan on doing Andrea 90mm Roman Legionary Dacian Wars, next. Ill learn how to burnish the chain mail and steel armour and wash then instead of paint and maybe do a special graphic for the shield. Should be interesting!

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