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Review Pirate Fury from Nuts Planet

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Morning me hearties ,

    Well Euro certainly caused the releases to show on the horizon , and of course we saw Nuts Planet releasing as well but with this one they certainly spliced the mainbrace with one of theirs ..what am I talking about ....

    The actual release was announced here on PF;


    The actual box art was announced here on this forum:


    We all played at pirates when younger I know I did!!! and they feature in many releases into our resin world and of course in films and books , perhaps the most famous in recent times is of course "Pirates of the Caribbean" with many a colourful character including Jack Sparrow and what was without doubt the inspiration for this release :

    Captain Hector Barbossa and his monkey sidekick

    In the film it was played wonderfully by the actor Geoffrey Rush with the monkey being a film trained capuchin species called Jack .

    000.jpg 00000000.jpg 0000000.jpg 000000.jpg

    Books are readily available if you want to look at the historical facts or of course you could force yourself to watch the film armed fully with popcorn!!

    Here are a few from Osprey and one which make interesting reading as well:

    a0.jpg a000.jpg a00.jpg a0000.jpg a00000.jpg
    Many figures are also seen being used by the wargamers and some real beauties ....

    a0000000.jpg a000000.jpg

    ...so something for everyone !!!

    Continued in next post

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  2. garyhiggins A Fixture

    This is going to mean cutlasses drawn on a windswept sandspit, how dare you sir!!!!!!! The only Real Pyrates are Errol Flyn, Basil Rathbone, Robert Newton (twice:)), Paul Henried, Errol Flynn (again), Burt Lancaster (with a pocketfull of Nick Cravat), Tyrome Power, George Sanders, Laird Cregar, Binnie Barnes and Jean Peters. Now sadly gone for a long and hearty YO! HO! HO! to that great Holywood backlot in the sky :whistle::rolleyes::).
    I LOVE Pirate stories, Sorry, carry on :).
    Looking forward to a great review, Gary.
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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Cheers Gary ...thanks for permission to carry on .......

    Error Flynn ...really you land lubber

    More coming soon.....m fingers hurt!

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  4. Jimbo A Fixture

    Looks like this is growing into another one of your 1st class reviews Kev(y)
    P.S. Love the new avatar by the way:)
  5. garyhiggins A Fixture

    BTW, in that last picture are those two (bottom left) Captain Mainwaring and Mrs. Pike ?
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  6. Nap A Fixture

    Lets us get ourselves onto the bloodwashed deck:

    What are we looking at here in this swashbuckling review:

    Title: Pirate Fury ,Pirates of the Caribbean

    Ref: NP-B019

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material Resin ( Lt Gray)

    No of Parts: 11 including base

    Sculptor: Seung- Yeop Lee

    Box Art: Myeong-Ha Hwang

    As you can see we have a different and new ( to me at least) sculptor to Hannibal , welcome to Seung-Yeop to the Nuts Planet its good to have you there .

    As with Hannibal the packaging is well up to the high Nuts standard with the usual high quality colour rendition of the box art on the top and one of the sides. Foam is in full use protecting the contents with the smaller parts being held in a push seal bag.
    Pirate Nuts 001.jpg
    There are a total of 11 parts in the box these being the torso , the head , the hat, , the monkeys torso , tail, a hat feather , upper part of pistol , 2 parts for the pistol , a scarf end for the head and a base .

    As there are so many I will split the review looking at the Capt himself and then his companion and remaining pieces .

    These are the parts we will look at in this post
    Pirate Nuts 002.jpg
    The Torso is smoothly worked with just a well placed and easily accessible plug to remove from under the right arm Pirate Nuts 004.jpg , the head has a bit of resin on the top again easy to get at with the hat having one on the edge and that is all to do( these can be seen in picture above ) , the base if you choose to use it can be quickly rubbed round and then fitted ( pin it)

    Starting at the Torso , this is one talented sculptor as he has packed so much on the piece all in keeping with the references above ,details are everywhere from the waistcoat with the edging and buttons to the belts , both the waist ( this has a real nice look about it sitting well , the crossbelt is large and is a true bit of skill , particularly on the buckles and the decorative ends .in one word ......gorgeous:woot:

    The jacket itself is worked as in the pictures with the material surface texture being of particular note , the shirt collar hasn't seen a wash no doubt it was a result of a recent meeting on the high seas !!! and looks suitable worn and well formed , the end turning up slightly on the right , on the left we have our little monkeys feet etc, again showing nice details ..these are gripping the material .
    Pirate Nuts 005.jpg
    At the back we have a pigtail flowing and swirling like a snake , the twists are nicely worked with the end having loose strands ...painting is going to be fun with all these details for sure. Pirate Nuts 012.jpg
    Pirate Nuts 008.jpg Pirate Nuts 007.jpg Pirate Nuts 006.jpg Pirate Nuts 009.jpg Pirate Nuts 010.jpg Pirate Nuts 011.jpg

    Now the Head firstly let me say fit to the neck is as good as it gets , matching up with the torso neck cutout and with the pigtail.

    The face is without doubt stunning from the great hair and beard , all straggly , strands working their way across a cheek , facial features are as always with Nuts spot on , this one is in keeping with the character, eyes wide and with excellent details , the slightly larger nose , a great shape as well , mouth wide open with teeth grinding together ...around his head we have his no doubt dirty bandana , nice folds on this , there is a cutout ready to take the end piece.

    The head is turned to the right the neck muscles straining around his neck we see a finely worked chain and pendant .

    Pirate Nuts 016.jpg Pirate Nuts 015.jpg Pirate Nuts 014.jpg Pirate Nuts 013.jpg Pirate Nuts 018.jpg Pirate Nuts 017.jpg

    Now to the Hat this is massive , wide brimmed and very worn not his Sunday best for sure!!! , the brim edges are battered and showing cuts ..from swords perhaps and no doubt it would have been riddled with moths !!!

    On the underside we have 2 cutouts matching the pugs on the head so not even I could put it on backwards!!
    Pirate Nuts 019.jpg

    Pirate Nuts 020.jpg What is most impressive is of course the feathers , these are some of the best I have seen they are soft but beautifully detailed everywhere you look .....loving this . the centre has a small strap round it as seen nicely done the end loosely sitting on the brim..look at the pictures to really see the work put into this

    Pirate Nuts 021.jpg

    Now to the Base 0.jpg , perfectly acceptable if you choose to use it , easy to fit and to be honest looks good but the choice is yours

    Continued in next post

  7. Nap A Fixture

    Lets look at the remaining parts now:

    These are: the monkeys torso , tail, a hat feather , upper part of pistol , 2 parts for the pistol and a scarf end for the head.
    Pirate Nuts 003.jpg

    The torso of the monkey has a small plug of resin at the back fitting to the feet on the Captains shoulder , the tail one on the curled end , pistol one on the belt end , the mechanism just needs cutting away and fitting in place ..be careful of that carpet monster though !!!
    The scarf end has a small bit of resin to cut away as has the feather on either once done it will need fitting to the hat....all very simple and as with the other pieces well placed to remove easily.

    The Torso of Jack the Monkey , is a real fun piece from the texture of his fur to the wide open mouth and gnarling teeth , this is another cool piece of work , he could almost jump at you , he wears the latest in monkey fashion a rather nifty little jacket under which we have the full shirt sleeves .
    Pirate Nuts 027.jpg Pirate Nuts 024.jpg Pirate Nuts 023.jpg Pirate Nuts 026.jpg Pirate Nuts 025.jpg Pirate Nuts 029.jpg
    Pirate Nuts 028.jpg
    The Tail fits snugly on to the torso hanging down and curling at the bottom , nice surface work
    Pirate Nuts 030.jpg

    The distinctive Feather is another good bit of work long and well styled , as in the pictures again with fine surface work
    Pirate Nuts 031.jpg

    On now to the Pistol and Fittings , the hammer and pan needs to be fitted ..carefully but they show nice details , the hammer has the flint in all looks good , these fit to the part closest to the torso so do so before fitting the pistol.
    Pirate Nuts 033.jpg
    The pistol consists of the top half tucked into a belt , fit to the torso is very good , the pistol is hooked over the belt , the stock is a mass of intricate details including skulls and teardrop shaped decorations . These will no doubt be brought out even more when painted .
    Pirate Nuts 036.jpg Pirate Nuts 035.jpg
    I am pleased that the full pistol was not sculpted as it gives a clean look to the edges when fitted into place.

    On now to the final piece the Scarf end , this is a well worked piece again showing really good movement in the material , you can almost hear the wind blowing through it , fit is easy to the back of the head and looks the business when in situ .
    Pirate Nuts 032.jpg

    Final Thoughts
    This is as expected another really good release , well engineered and sculpted , well presented , a really good addition to the range and would look good with any other of the pirate busts including Jack Sparrow that have been released by others.

    So there you have it another release from Nuts , did I enjoy doing the review ...what do you think ...a definate YES and (y)(y) to Nuts ...and to you all for looking in !!

    Highly recommended to one and all

    Thanks to Nuts for the Review piece as always for more details on this and other releases why not visit their website and FB page
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  8. Wings5797 A Fixture

    A great review of a magnificent kit Kevin.
    Coupled with the entertainment. made my day
    Thank you Mate.
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  9. swralph A Fixture

    Excellent review Nap.
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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all the comments glad you enjoy the reviews ...and the entertainment Keith !

    Thanks for looking in

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  11. Wayneb A Fixture

    Masterful review Nap.....Now the decision making begins
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  12. paulr3260 Active Member

    Love it..................
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  13. garyhiggins A Fixture

    I can never pass this bust by without loitering for a good long look. This is more than a great sculpt, it has feeling to it . The epitome of every pirate movie you've ever seen. Thanks for another great review (y)(y)(y).
    Best wishes, Gary.
    PS I have no idea why, but looking at this bust, the pirate that comes to mind is Basil Ringrose ????????
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  14. Bigmick Active Member

    Excellent review again Kevin, thank you once once once again, hopefully he'll be arriving this week :nailbiting: along with half a dozen other Nuts Planet busts inc Anne Bonny for a Pirate duo, might even get a couple finished in time for SMW.


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  15. kilsh Well-Known Member

    I'm working on it now. It's even better than you expect it to be when you start work on it which is saying something!

    Exceptional piece.

    Great review Kevin


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  16. Jimbo A Fixture

    Nice one mate(y)
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  17. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Got this at Euro ,it is a stunner again from Nuts Planet.Great review Nap.
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  18. Nap A Fixture


    Oooohhh......it's going to even more of a stunner after the DM brush swirling .


    Thanks for all the comments

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  19. storm_zh Well-Known Member

    Thank you again Kevin for your GREAT review on this fantastic bust. As always, much appreciated for your time collecting related contents and showing us pictures with all the details!
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  20. kilsh Well-Known Member

    Having raved about the quality of this kit I have found a moulding seam running through the ridged effect of his coat under the right arm about 5mm from the bottom edge. It's only become apparent when painted, it's very fine, couldn't see it with primer. Not a problem if you spot it before painting but a bit nasty when it's almost finished.

    Still a great kit though!
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