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Pionieer 22nd Infantry Regiment, Prussia 1756 by OlimpYa Models

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Vallo, Sep 4, 2023.

  1. Vallo Active Member

    Hi to all modellers:happy:
    NEW RELEASE by OlimpYa Models
    54mm metal kit figure sculpted by master STEFANO BORIN
    box art painted by Lucio Di Biasio
    Pionieer 22nd Infantry Regiment, Prussia 1756

    Buy Now HERE zappatore-no-sfondo1.png zappatore-no-sfondo4.png zappatore-no-sfondo2.png zappatore-no-sfondo3.png
  2. Oda A Fixture

    Well done Olimpya.One more Masterpiece available again.

  3. Babelfish A Fixture

    Very nicely painted.

    - Steve
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  4. Nap Moderator

    That's a really nice figure , lots of details and as Steve says well painted

    Good release ..thanks for sharing

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  5. Edorta A Fixture

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  6. Vallo Active Member

    That's right, still a very large sculpture by Borin that would be lost forevero_O
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  7. Vallo Active Member

    We will convey your compliments to Lucio Di Biasio who painted the piece for the Box Art(y)
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  8. Vallo Active Member

    Thanks as always to you Nap for your fabulous compliments:)
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  9. Vallo Active Member

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  10. theBaron A Fixture

    The only complaint I'd have is that he's missing his queue. That's added easily enough, though.
  11. Vallo Active Member

    Here the sculptor wanted to put the tail tied with a bow. Without bow they had tails
  12. marco14 PlanetFigure Supporter

    another nice and beautiful figure,I know nothing about that period,a reason
    why I do ww2 and D-Day figures, but this is great (y)

  13. theBaron A Fixture

    That's interesting. I've never seen any illustration of soldiers in Frederick's army without the queue. In some other armies, there was a fashion to gather a short queue in a bag, or with a ribbon. But I never knew that the Prussians wore anything other than the long queue during Frederick's reign, or his father's.

    Or is it just artistic license?
  14. arj A Fixture

    You are correct Brad.
    The following extracts are from Osprey MAA No 240 (Fredrick the Great's Army (2) Infantry):-

    FtG Hairstyles.jpg FtG Fusilier.jpg

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  15. Vallo Active Member

    Thanks for the compliment!
  16. Edorta A Fixture

    I am following this threat, and as some mates said, the Prussian infantry troops wore long hair tied behind their backs like in the Osprey picture. Anyway if the if the pigtail is not supplied with the kit, can be easily made with a wire.

    Military miniatures painted by Eduardo Garcia
  17. theBaron A Fixture

    IOh, I know that the queue can be made, and I will. My point is more the point that we've discussed in another thread here in PF-how important is accuracy to you? Given the prices that we pay for kits-this one isn't too expensive, by the way-is there a certain amount of inaccuracy that you'll accept, before you won't buy any given figure? The missing queue is a minor issue, to be sure. But it's on the spectrum of decisions we all make, when we see a new kit and then decide whether to buy it. This error won't keep me from buying the kit; it's a SYW Prussian in 54mm, which don't get released all too often these days. But the queue is also something to be pointed out.

    It's akin to putting a mustache on an 18th century officer, or sticking a regimental beer stein in a Prussian grenadier's hand. It might look cool, but it's not accurate. And the mustache is something that would stop me from buying a figure, because I don't have the skill to remove it and touch up the figure's face without ruining it (replacing the Bierkrug is easier).

    I won't paint his hair as powdered, either. Apart from parades in garrison, or guard mounting, I don't think the soldiers went through the effort and expense to powder their hair, grenadiers and sappers included. Officers did, because it was expected of them, or they wore a wig if their own hair was thinning. Again, it may be an example of artistic license.

    These observations are not meant as personal attacks, either. These are objective criticisms, which we should all be used to in our hobby. Just calling balls and strikes, as we say.

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  18. Vallo Active Member

    Yes, thank you. the pigtail is not supplied because it would not be possible to print it, as it is too thin for any mold. That's right, copper wire can make a beautiful tail;)
  19. Vallo Active Member

    We always try to produce perfect pieces, but here it is not possible to print a metal pigtail, because it would not physically be printed in production. Too small. We really understand the needs of you modelers, but some things just can't be done. Of course, sometimes we feel too attacked, while we don't see these attacks for other manufacturers here who post 3D printed figures with gross errors on Roman, Napoleonic and medieval figures.

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