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Pictures of AMSS 2009

Discussion in 'Miniature Clubs' started by megroot, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. megroot A Fixture

    hello Guys,

    Well, its over. We have had one of the greatest shows in Belgium.
    Mr. Bill Horan was with us the whole weekend and i must say it is a great guy and a great gentleman. He had always time for a short but good conversation, its a great guy and for me i hope to meet him again.
    His wife is a great support for his hobby and a great lady.
    For a surprise there was a collection of his work (that is also here in Belgium) and the owners where so kind to set them into a showcase. Bill was surprised to see this masterworks again.
    As you see on the picture's Bill was also competing into the speedpainting, and he did some awesome demonstrations. Unfortenaly it was a big crowd who wanted to be there and see the master at work. Therefore i saw nothing :mad:

    At the end of the show Cristel anounced that AMSS had pull the plug out for 2010. It means that there will be no more shows organised by AMSS. There are alot of reasons for that, but the most important was that the wonderfull location that we rent for the whole weekend is no longer allowed for this kind of events.
    Finding another place is very difficult.

    So, i hope you enjoy my pictures into the gallery i created and comments are always welcome.


  2. Johan Well-Known Member

    Thank you for posting the pictures.

    It was quite a good show, with many figures painted to perfection, presented on groundwork that was also done to perfection - on reflexion, it seems that that aspect now also has reached a level that is near to perfection, I saw many pieces where I wondered how they did it !

    Sorry to hear that there will be no more AMSS show ... I went quite a few times, and always enjoyed it.

    ... Ah and I saw Bill Horan, giving a sculpting demonstration !!! With 30 people at least standing around it was very difficult to see what was actually going on, but it was good to see that Bill is still active in this hobby ! :)

    One negative point : you had to look hard to find where Bill Horan's work was displayed, and then you couldn't see the figures from close : they were in a glass case behind a large table full of other figures, in front of which some people were endlessly discussing something for hours, without moving aside to give other visitors a chance to see something (you know who you are, thanks for your "politeness") - no chance at all to get a close view, which was a pity, as one doesn't too often get a chance to see Bill Horan's work over here.

    In all, I had a great sunday :)
  3. Marcel Active Member

    Thanks Marc for posting the pics.

    It was a great show and very well organized by the AMSS members. It's a pity it that this was the last one. There were so many great figure, and I had a great time meeting you and some other forum members and having a chat. It was also great to see Bill Horan giving a demonstration and being at his presentation. Too bad time is flying.
    But it was a wonderful weekend.

  4. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks for the Pics Marc. I really enjoyed looking through them.

    Sorry to hear about your location problem. Hopefully the club can find another location for 2011.
  5. merty Member

    did i get it wrong on sunday??
    i thought Christel said that there will be no more shows at all...so not even in 2011...
    let's hope this is not true...
  6. WPS Member

    Marc, it was again a great show and I saw only people with big smiles on their faces up to the moment Cristel had to announce the sad news. Please talk to your fellow members and see if in any way possible you can get this show back on the calender.
    As you well know this is the only show close enough to the Netherlands to be of interest to visit for those few modellers interested in figures.
    For me it has been and will be important to have the opportunity to talk about my painting and sculpting with people with more experience and a different view.
    But above all I want to thank all of the members of AMSS for their kind words, their interest and comments.

    Willem Plaisier
  7. mil-mart A Fixture


    Many thanks for posting pics, looks like it was a real success.

    I'm sure you all must be investigating ways and means to ensure an event for 2010, what about an entry fee and raffles for figures donated by fellow modelers. I'm sure you'd be surprised with the response.

    Cheers Ken
  8. megroot A Fixture

    Yes, she said the words, and it is over.
    But there are members of AMSS who considering to try, but without Ramir and his wife, JeanPierre, Frank and Christel it wouldn't be easy.
    I think at our next meeting will be talking alot......

    But again, it is gonna be difficult to find such a great location.

  9. megroot A Fixture


    You can come to Bergen op Zoom with the train. I can pick you up there and together we drive at Antwerp. I bring you back for the last train or earlyer at Bergen op Zoom that you can go to Rotterdam or similar. BTW .. I go only one time a month.
    Just shoot me an email.

  10. WPS Member

    Marc, thank you for the invitation I'll certainly think about it and let you know if I want to go.

  11. Theodoros A Fixture

    Thanks for the pics Marc!
  12. Akritis Active Member

    It was a nice show i was there on sunday. The room of the show is very good but it is little bit difficult to go there if you do not use private car or taxi.
    It is sud news that they will be no more shows.
  13. frank pets New Member

    Marc, thanks for your comments + pics on the forum. Allow me to correct that we never did get the location for free... And yes, for the moment AMSS will stop to organise the I.P.C.-competition. Sorry guys, but don't they always say one has to end in beauty ? All of you, thanks for participating and making it possible to have such a great show !
    Frank P.
  14. megroot A Fixture

    Frank, first off all, a warm welcome to this forum. Hope you like it here and find what you are looking for.
    Allowed, but always understand that. (removed the word free from the threat start) Never mind, hoping we get our show back on the track for 2011.....:eek::eek:. There is alot potential for it.

  15. pmfs A Fixture

    Hi Marc

    Thanks for sharing.

    Regards from Portugal
  16. brian A Fixture

    Hi Marc
    When i clicked on your kitpic link it stated ther was no images in the portfolio.
  17. megroot A Fixture

    Yes Brian,
    I had to delete it because i was out of my free space. I have now my own webspace, so that problem isn't there anymore.
    Are you looking for a specific item. I have them on my camera, so i can always send it to you.

  18. brian A Fixture

    Hi Marc
    I went on your site and got the pictures of the AMSS.
  19. megroot A Fixture

    Finally got a visitor:D:D


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