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picture software?

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by milminwh, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. milminwh Member

    Just read the thread with the various software programs listed in this section, & not sure how to proceed. I just got a new computer, and the program I was using (Microsoft Picture It) is not compatible with Vista. I need to get a new picture software program that allows for editing of photos, including cropping them, repairing them (for example, making a picture that is too dark, brighter), downsizing file sizes (pixels per inch), etc.
    i'd rather not use a photo web site where these pictures would reside.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    without even saying it, Photoshop is your best bet. However, NOT CHEAP! I might also suggest Photoshop Elements, it's a stripped down version of PS but it is much less expensive (around the $130 - $140 range vs. PS wich will run in the $600 to $800 range). Elements is very handy in a pinch. Some will tell you to try "Gimp", a freeware version of a Photoshop knock-off. Some swear by it, and you should be able to download it for free. For "prosumer" type editing, I would stick with something of this calibre and avoid most of the standard Microsoft offerings. Good luck!

    Jay H.
  3. Guy A Fixture

    I use Photoshop Elements that Jay mentioned above for cropping, edit or taking away the brightness. It does an excellent job.
  4. megroot A Fixture

    I use Photoshop CS 3. most at the time i use the bridge that is in PS 3. That's enough. It's difficult enough.
    There is much more then PS, for instance irfanvieuw what is free.

  5. btavis Active Member

    John, you can get a nice piece of freeware called Picasa 3 that will do most if not all of that.


    It also gives you a thumbnail feature since Vista no longer supports it (MS says it was a security problem)
  6. Brent Fordham New Member

    Also, keep in mind that if you have a recently purchased digital camera or are planning to get one soon, that it will come with photo editing software. My copy of Photoshop Elements came with my camera.
  7. Dan Morton A Fixture

    I agree with Brent. I've bought three digital cameras (two brands) in the past few years and all three came with Photoshop Elements. There are better, more complete and comprehensive software tools, but Photoshop Elements has almost always done the job for me.

    All the best,
  8. milminwh Member

    many thanks for the feedback. I did try the Pcasa (because its free!), but it does not give me the ability to edit the properties of the photo. When I download pictures to my web site, the properties of photos must be set so that the photos do not take up too much memory (best set at 1/4 page with 72 pixels per inch). If photo is larger, it can take way too long to view it (after clicking on thumbnail).
    Microsoft no longer services the "Picture It" software that I have, and it is not working with my new computer that has Vista. Man, do I hate monopolies!
    Does anyone know if the less expensive Photoshop allows the properties of the photos to be edited?
    Dan Morton & I have new release ready from our Old Contempibles line, and I cannot post it on my web site because the photos are too large!
    This has been a frustrating & very time consuming project! I havent used all the software in new computer yet, but am now understanding why Vista has gotten so many bad reviews.
  9. btavis Active Member

  10. Brent Fordham New Member


    PS Elements will allow you to resize the image by dimensions, pixels, or pixels/inch. It allows many other properties to be changed as well (colour, contrast, gamma, sharpness, etc...) Here's the PS Elements website: http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshopelwin/
  11. dinovision79 Active Member

    Hi John,

    as Jay said, someone will tell you try Gimp :D No doubt, that PS is better, but it is a decent program, you can easily edit enough a photo with it or add photo background. Not too difficult to use and I can recommend it (you can always get PS afterall).

  12. milminwh Member

    Hey guys,

    Many Thanks to all for the help! I'm so frustrated with this Vista program. Microsoft "Picture It", which I probably paid $150 or so 5 years ago is not compatible with Microsoft Vista, which is forcing this added expense.

    I've been using my old computer to format the pictures in Picure It, saving them on SD card, then transferring files to my new computer. Thank you Microsoft!

    My wife has just realized for the first time why I visit PF, and why I would ask this question here. Its great having friends in this hobby community!

    Best regards to all,

  13. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    Hey John, PS Elements will allow for the compression of JPEG or GIF images throught it's "Save for Web" feature. It does allow for the precise adjustment of "quality" in that save mode to let you "tweak" the finished file size of those two formats. Once you have the image's physical size figured out, simply select "save for web" from the "file" menu and it allows you to adjust the compression (called "Quality" in this case) to get the image adjusted for your site. This is actually what I do for a living right now, I size (litterally) hundreds of images for web sites every week!!!!! I use Photoshop, but many others, even in my own department, use Elements. Good luck, PM me if you have any concerns.

    Jay H.
  14. Ernest A Fixture

    As a graphic designer I tell you, Photoshop is the best choise
  15. jasmils Active Member

    Free one

    This is the one I use for cropping, resizing, colour corections etc. Works fine for me. I also use it for the drawing in Photo Etching.

    Cheers Jason
  16. Ulrich A Fixture


    I work since years with various versions from Ulead PhotoImpact. It is part of the corel-family.

    There you can find all things you are searching for and it is not so expensive as Photoshop.

    I could do and have done with PhotoImpact all things you have mentioned.

  17. milminwh Member

    hi again,
    Thanks to all for the kind replies! I did download the Photoshop software since they are offering a 30 day free trial. Nice, because I do get to use it & can continue to procrastinate for another month on making decision. Since I do maintain my own web site, this software decision is important to me. I cant tell you all how much I appreciate the feedback!
    Best Regards

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