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WIP Phoenix Viking Chieftain

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by harrytheheid, Dec 3, 2022.

  1. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Found this guy at the bottom of a drawer last Sunday. He'd been in limbo for years as I didn't really have any use for him, but having found him, I decided he might make for a good addition to one of my fantasy displays.
    01. a. Viking Chieftan.jpg

    However, on chewing things over some more, I reckoned that by using that ruined scenic I could end up with a fairly interesting single-figure display. So, on having a rake through my stuff and finding a suitable wooden base, I made a start on Wednesday night by mounting the figure on a temporary base, cleaning the casting up and giving him a coat of primer.

    After allowing the primer to dry overnight, Thursday morning I began adding the initial blocks of color.
    02. b. Viking Chieftain WIP 01-Dec-2022.png

    Carried on with the job on Friday.
    03. c. Viking Chieftain WIP 02-Dec-2022.png

    Added an axe from my spares box.
    04. d. Viking Chieftain WIP 02-Dec-2022.png

    Fixed his sword in place, did his leggings and began the shading and highlighting process.
    05. e. Viking Chieftain WIP 02-Dec-2022.png

    06. f. Viking Chieftain WIP 02-Dec-2022.png

    Both the figure and the ruined scenic were looking good so far, but...
    07. g. Viking Chieftain WIP 02-Dec-2022.png

    ...it had become painfully obvious that my AVG Flying Tigers airfield would have to go somewhere else as I needed that table to revert back to its real job as a workbench.
    08. a. AVG Airfield 01-Dec-2022.png

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi H

    I remember this figure ...originally he was holding a female barely clothed hostage .....think I even painted them ....before I discovered busts !

    This is a nice little set piece , coming along nicely , although can't say I'm keen on the red .....the basework is going to compliment the figure thought

    Look forward to seeing more

    Happy benchtime

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  3. harrytheheid A Fixture

    So having got rid of the "AVG Mercenary Unit",..:whistle:...the ruined scenic got a bunch of moss added and fixed to the wooden base.
    09. h. Viking Chieftain WIP 03-Dec-2022.png

    I briefly considered adding a fancy border to the hem of the Viking's tunic, but it was a non-starter. I can kind-of do that if it's a flat surface I have to to work with, or if a pattern is cast into a figure, but not a tunic with so many folds in the casting. That would be a disaster just waiting to happen -- and I know my limits...:cool:
    10. i. Viking Chieftain WIP 03-Dec-2022.png

    Interesting how the color changes on the figure's armor plating? I've never seen that before, or at least not to this extent. Weird or what? Guess it all depends on the angle of light hitting the plates.
    11. j. Viking Chieftain WIP 03-Dec-2022.png

    And here's another example of the value in taking a bunch of WIP photos. I only noticed the missing paint on the axe shaft after looking at these images.
    12. k. Viking Chieftain WIP 03-Dec-2022.png

    So anyway, it was then back out to the conservatory and add the static grass to the base. I used some grass tufts along the bottom edges of the ruin, then mainly Games Workshop glade grass on the base itself and added a bit of longer winter grass for some variety.
    13. l. Viking Chieftain WIP 03-Dec-2022.png

    All that was left to do now was fix the Viking onto the wooden base, so I'll transfer this thread to the Completed Figure section of the forum.
    Reckon I might as well post a few shots of the other stuff I presently have on the go.
    There's this 54mm Medusa scenario. Really just need to make a small rise for the snake-haired horror to stand on and blend the figures into the vignette base.
    19. e. Medusa WIP 01-Dec-2022.png

    Also this 54mm Ancient Greek Patrol that I began on Tuesday.
    20. a. Greek Scouting Patrol 01-Dec-2022.png

    This next photo was just me playing around with figure locations...
    21. i. Greek Scouting Patrol 01-Dec-2022.png

    They've all come off again and the base is now sitting in our conservatory waiting for a whole series of paint washes to bring out the details of the groundwork. But that can wait until tomorrow cos it's Absolutely Baltic out there right now. After all, this is December in NE Asia...Brrr...:wacky:
    22. a. Greek Scouting Patrol 03-Dec-2022.png

    There's also this generic 54mm Ancient Greek scene which is almost finished.
    23. a. Ancient Greeks 04-Dec-2022.png

    And this 75mm Fantasy scene which will see Conan the Barbarian & some mates confronting a Shameless Hussy Sorceress and her Necromancer sidekick.
    24. a. Sorceress 03-Dec-2022.png

    I've also dug out two boxes containing 1:35 scale Tamiya tanks, plus my grey army of WW2 and Vietnam resin figure kits seeing I've got my scale modelling mojo back again. Dunno when I'll get around to these though. Probably within the next couple of weeks I guess.
    25. Shermans.png

    26. NAM & WW2.png

    Man, I'm loving being retired.
    Cheers the Noo
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  4. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Yeah, Josey Wales didn't like redlegs either...;)
    I originally used the barely clothed female hostage in my old Iphigenia diorama, and latterly in my newer Briseis effort.
    Gimme five Kev.
    I'm busy trying to upload and post the final set of photos in the Completed Figures section.
    ISP is playing up again, so it might take me a while...:(
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  5. harrytheheid A Fixture

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  6. Waterlooman Well-Known Member

    Excellent work - really interesting.

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  7. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Thanks mate.
    It was one of those quick & easy wee jobs that I really enjoy doing on occasion.
    If you like, you can find the completed scene on this link:

    I also added a huge treasure chest to the wooden base -- and it kind of explains his red legs, as the color of the treasure chest and his shield brings some balance to the overall look of things.

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