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  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all

    Following on from my review here: a release in "The Greatest men" series from Legion Miniatures we continue with another .

    This time possibly the most famous of all Russians ...Peter the Great


    lets have a little bit of background on him ...
    • At one time fighting in the ranks in the 1695 Turkish War
    • Over 2 meters in height some say 6' 8"...a very tall man and a brave fighter
    • He fathered children both in and out of wedlock , many dying in infancy
    • In 1718 he secretly executed his son Prince Alexei for high treason
    • Peter built the first Russian Navy
    • Peter died @ 45 after rescuing a drowning man
    • A great military reformer
    • His uniforms were practical and not overly lavish generally
    • He once executed his wife's lover and forced her to keep the head in a container in her bedroom
    Lets have some pictures of the man and references

    PPP.jpg l.jpg of Peter's uniforms

    Other clothing worn by him

    Waistcoat of Peter the Great, belonging to Guard officer's kit, 1710/20

    Uniform of Semenovsky Guards? belonging to Peter the Great, 1710/20

    Waistcoat of Peter the Great. It belongs to the 'Poltava' kit, 1709

    Misc items (click on for larger images)

    PPPPPPPPPPPP.jpg ppppppppppp.jpg pppppp.jpg
    lllll.jpg ll.jpg lll.jpg llll.jpg

    llllll.jpg l.jpg

    Books are obviously available not only on Peter but also his armies


    l.jpg ll.jpg LLL.jpg

    lllll.jpg LLLLLL.jpg 000000.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    On to the release

    Title: Peter the Great ( In Russian on the review box ) part of "The Greatest Men " series

    Reference: LMBT096

    Scale: 1/9th

    No of pieces: 4

    Material: Medium Gray resin

    Sculptor: Alexander Bodunov

    Casting: In house

    Box Art: N/A on Review box


    Legion have gained a extremely high reputaion with their releases in respect of the minimal prep needed has continued here with this release
    • 2 castings post to remove from undeneath torso
    • 2 Casting post from under neck to remove and fit head
    • Make up 2 part base if you choose to use this
    Again the parts were in a nice laser cut box with a unpainted picture of the piece on the lid , inside parts were sandwiched between foam layers and held in a resealable clear bag

    Legion Peter The Great 001.jpg

    Initial thoughts
    • Very smooth casting with no blemishes at all on the casting pieces
    • Very little prep
    • Quick and easy to get on with the painting
    • Not an ornate bust for as such but totally accurate
    Parts consist of just 4 parts ...torso, head and 2 parts to the base

    Legion Peter The Great 002.jpg

    General comment :

    Despite the simplicity of the uniform as much care has been taken in both the great sculpting and the casting

    Looking at the parts


    Peter is wearing the plain and practical uniform as seen in the main reference uniform picture which is the coat of the Preobrazhensky Guards that was worn by Tsar Peter during the battle of Poltava in 1709

    The bust is sculpted with the same style and angle of the lower arms as in others from the series and looks very neat indeed , again good folds and creases on the sleeves

    The surface is really high quality with no area's to deal with

    Across the chest we have the sash even in resin this looks totally right in respect the way it sits against the body with the folds being not overworked ...the challenge will be to paint the material effect

    Buttons and button holes are sharply worked with the actual button holes edging being cleanly done...making defining them easy

    On the chest there is the star pushing slightly into the uniform, this could well have been a hand woven star as well as a precious metal version, it has nicely done raised lines all the way round

    The gorget that he wear is good to look at , large as seen in pictures and in the original which shows on the main uniform picture ( on display in the hermitage in Russia ) , the shaping is spot on with the coat button pushing it slightly forward on the lower edge, no issues with the edging which follows the shape all the way

    In the gorget centre we have the crown again very well sculpted beneath we have a X shaped cross on which is a straddled male figure as in this picture


    The gorget is held in place by a ribbon that runs around the uniform

    A low collar with a neck scarf being worn around the neck

    Legion Peter The Great 006.jpg Legion Peter The Great 003.jpg Legion Peter The Great 004.jpg
    Legion Peter The Great 005.jpg Legion Peter The Great 016.jpg
    Legion Peter The Great 007.jpg Legion Peter The Great 008.jpg


    We all know the head and face of any bust is the focal point that is looked at first .....this will no doubt be athe same here with this release ...the sculptor has captured Peter's features well in his later life

    The eyes are well shaped as is the nasal area with the ear lobes peeking out from underneath the hair

    Peter's distinctive moustache is well shown with the correct shaping as well , the eyebrows are in place with the left being slightly less defined ..but painting will bring both out easily

    The hair is long and flowing in waves of twists and turns

    Fit of the head is as always simple to do and shows no filling needed on dry fitting

    Legion Peter The Great 014.jpg Legion Peter The Great 009.jpg Legion Peter The Great 010.jpg
    Legion Peter The Great 012.jpg Legion Peter The Great 011.jpg Legion Peter The Great 013.jpg

    Base Pieces

    The base consists 2 pieces , fitting together well , when in position the base is just under 20 mm in height I said you could replace this with a brass rod ...the choice is yours

    Legion Peter The Great 015.jpg

    The T piece fits onto the underside shaping :

    Making this base:

    ( this picture is from the previous review here: but the base fits the same !!

    The circular part fits against the curve .

    Final Thoughts

    It is good to see Peter released from a Russian company and right they should do so , the sculpting is excellent and painting the simple uniform will challenge the painter and produce a great display piece again

    There are others in "The Greatest Men" series .....all are well worth a look at .....not only Napoleonic

    I hope we see some more personalities from all periods of Russian history ...perhaps even a female subject

    As always I have enjoyed the review hope you have found it interesting and constructive:)


    Legion are members here ( user ID Andrey ) [IMG] ) you can order direct from him here on PF or via the website which is:

    They also have a FB page:

    Thanks to Legion for the review item and to you all for looking in(y)

    Enjoy your hobby time

  3. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    That's a beautiful sculpt, very detailed too. Great review Nap.
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  4. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Another great review. I am seriously considering this one
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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Cheers Bob it is a cracking sculpt

    Thank you certainly wouldn't be dissapointing

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  6. misfit151 A Fixture

    Another superb bust(y).....great review on both Kev.....;). Mike
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  7. Nap A Fixture


    Thanks Mike good quality always shows through

    Thanks for commenting

  8. clrsgt A Fixture

    An exceptional bust and very good review. This one is going on the list.
  9. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Thank you for another one of your super reviews Kevin.
    He looks like a fine figure too.
    All the very best Sir
  10. Nap A Fixture

    Thank you for the comment , the subject is a classic and as you can see very well done

    Thanks Keith appreciate your comment , Legion do a lot of great busts ...and figures of course

    Take it easy

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  11. red tom Active Member

    This looks like a direct copy of the bust over his grave in Peter & Paul cathedral. As such the details are as exact as they could be.

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